New Albums & Songs For April 21, 2017

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Also Out April 21, 2017
AAIIE / Folly
Actress / AZD
Adrenaline Rush / Soul Survivor
Al Atkins / Heavy Thoughts (Reissue)
Amelia Curran / Watershed (Vinyl)
Anbaric / Illusion Of The Holy
Andrea Balducci / Spooky Hurt So Bad (Vinyl)
Angaleena Presley / Wrangled
Anna Friederike / Edge Of Time
Arthur King & The Night Sea / Palmetto (Vinyl)
Artificial Brain / Infrared Horizon
Arto Lindsay / Cuidado Madame
Asobi Seksu / Citrus (Vinyl)
Atomic Rooster / Devils Answer (Reissue)
Avery Sunshine / Twenty Sixty Four
Axel Rudi Pell / The Ballads V
Barry Manilow / This Is My Town: Songs Of New York
Beegie Adair / By Request
Beyond Creation / Earthborn Evolution (Beer Yellow Vinyl)
Billy McKenzie / Beyond The Sun (Vinyl)
Blink-182 / Neighborhoods (Color Vinyl)
Blood Feast / The Future State Of Wicked
Bloodloss / Bloodloss (Vinyl)
Bobby Kimball / We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Bobby Watson / Made In America
BoDeans / Thirteen
Borealis / Fall From Grace (Expanded Edition)
Born Of Osiris / The Eternal Reign (Color Vinyl)
Boss Hog / Brood X
Bottle Tree / Bottle Tree (Cassette)
Brad Paisley / Love & War
Brian Marsella / Buer: The Book Of Angels Volume 31
Broken Teeth / Four On The Floor
Bunny Berigan / 1931-1937: Selected Sides-classic Jazz
Calvin Love / Ecdysis (Vinyl, Digital)
Camp Lo / On The Way Uptown
Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon / It's About Time
Cas One Vs Figure / So Our Egos Don't Kill Us
Charlie Worsham / Beginning Of Things
Charly Bliss / Guppy
Christoph Beck Quartet / Reflections
Chrome / Techromancy
Chuck Roberson / For Real This Time & Deep South Southern Soul
Cindy Lee / Malenkost (Vinyl)
City Of Enoch / Sweet Redeemer
Close Talker / Lens
Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio / Dreamsville
Cotillon / The Afternoons (Vinyl)
Crazy Lixx / Ruff Justice
Cryonic Temple / Into The Glorious Battle
Cult Of Luna / Live At La Gaite Lyrique: Paris
Cyberaktif / Tenebrae Vision (Yellow Vinyl)
D.R.A.M. / Big Baby D.R.A.M. (Yellow Vinyl)
Damon & Naomi / Within These Walls (Vinyl)
Daniel Humair Trio / Seasoning
David Bowie / No Plan EP (Vinyl)
David Pritchard / Nocturnal Earthworm Stew (Reissue)
Daye Jack / No Data
Dead Moon / What A Way To See The Old Girl Go
Death Angel / Fall From Grace (White Vinyl)
Devil / To The Gallows
Diana Ross / Diana: The Original Chic Mix (Color Vinyl)
Digmata / Digmata The Life
Doubting Thomas / The Infidel (Green Vinyl)
Drobka Weller Duo / Blues Town
Drugdealer / The End Of Comedy
Duff Breaks / Over 40 Breaks & Drops Can't Get Enough of That (Vinyl)
Durutti Column / Short Stories For Pauline (Vinyl)
Elephant Tree / Elephant Tree
Ella Fitzgerald / Ella Fitzgerald: 100 Songs For A Centennial (4CD)
Erdling / Supernova
Eric Church / Mr. Misunderstood On The Rocks: Live & Mostly
Eric Roberson / Earth
Eric Slick / Palisades
Erra / Impulse
Farsot / Fail Lure
Fink / Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
Fiver / Audible Songs From Rockwood (Vinyl)
Flashback / Foxhounds And Fiddles
Flying Saucer Attack / Distance (Vinyl)
Flying Saucer Attack / Flying Saucer Attack (Vinyl)
Foreseen Hki / Grave Danger
Forgjord / Uhripuu
Forró In The Dark / Sandcastle
Frank Zappa / Roxy By Proxy
Fred Frith & Hans Koch / You Are Here
Game Over / Blessed Are The Heretics
Gerald Clayton / Tributary Tales
Gerardo Frisina / Blue Latin
Ghittoni & Rocca / Atemporal Space Tests
Ghost Bath / Starmourner
Giacomo Gates / What Time Is It?
Gianluigi Trovesi & Umberto Petrin / Twelve Colours & Synesthetic Cells
Gino Conte / Nell'anno Della Luna
Gino Sitson / Body & Voice
Great Cynics / POSI (Vinyl)
Greta Van Fleet / Black Smoke Rising
Guitar Slim Jr. / The Story Of My Life
Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi / Sonny & Brownie's Last Train (Vinyl)
Harlott / Extinction
Harriet Brown / Contact (Vinyl)
Have Mercy / Make The Best Of It
Hayseed Dixie / Free Your Mind And Your Grass Will Follow
Horoscope / Misogyny Stone (Vinyl)
Horse Jumper Of Love / Horse Jumper Of Love (Vinyl)
Hydrogyn / Redemption
I Draw Slow / Turn Your Face To The Sun
Ide / Force Fed (Color Vinyl)
Imelda May / Life Love Flesh Blood
Incubus / 8 
Ingurgitating Oblivion / Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
J Dilla / Motor City
Jadea Kelly / Love And Lust (Vinyl)
James Gang / James Gang Rides Again (SA-CD)
James The Fang & Serious Sam Barrett / The Dime Horse Show (Vinyl)
Jared Mees / Life is Long
Jason Eady / Jason Eady
Jasper Somsen Trio / V1: New Episode In Life
Jerry Donahue / Telecasting (Reissue)
Jessi Colter / The Psalms (Vinyl)
Jimmy Fortune / Sings The Classics
Jirí Bárta / Blue Shadows
Jiri Slavik / Materstina
Joe Goddard / Electric Lines
John Primer & Bob Corritore / Ain't Nothing You Can Do
Johnny "Guitar" Watson / Listen (Reissue)
Junkyard / High Water
Jürg Wickihalder, Barry Guy & Lucas Niggl / Beyond
Justin Walter / Unseen Forces
Katatonia / Live In Bulgaria With The Plovdiv Orchestra (Vinyl)
Kathryn Williams / Little Black Numbers (Vinyl)
Kayo Dot / Hubardo (Reissue)
Kenny Warren Quartet / Thank You For Coming To Life
Kilborn Alley Blues Band / The Tolono Tapes
Kim Walker-Smith / On My Side
Kitchen Dwellers / Ghost In The Bottle
Kitchens Of Distinction / Watch Our Planet Circle (6CD Box)
Labyrinth / Architecture Of A God
Les Discrets / Predateurs
Lionel Beuvens / Earthsong
Liquid Bloom / Re.Generations
Lords Of Acid / Lust (Special Remastered Band Edition)
Luca Mannutza Quintet / Remembering
Lustmord / Dark Matter (Vinyl)
Maeve Gilchrist & Viktor Krauss / Vignette
Maggie Rogers / Now That The Light Is Fading (Vinyl)
Maldives / Mad Lives
Marc Jonson / Years (Expanded Edition)
Marillion / Marbles In The Park
Marvin Parks / Marvin Parks
Masao / Esewe
Matt Mason / The Writer's Collection: Volume One
Matthew Logan Vasquez / Does What He Wants
Maximo Park / Risk To Exist
Michael Bolton / Songs Of Cinema
Michael McGear / Woman: Remastered Edition
Michel Godard & Ihab Radwan / Doux Desirs
Mike Dillon / Life Is Not A Football
Mike McGinnis / Recurring Dream
Mina Alali / Something About Her
Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter / Right Place Right Time
Moonbow / War Bear
Mortiis / The Great Corrupter (Vinyl)
Mr. Mitch / Devout
Neal Morse / Testimony (Vinyl)
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally / Baby Let's Take The Long Way Home
Nick Schnebelen / Live In Kansas City
Nine Shrines / Misery
Northbound / The Flaws In Everything
Northern Cree / Niyo Kekisepa - Stand Up
Nothing Left / Destroy And Rebuild
Numb / Wasted Sky (Vinyl)
OSI / Blood (Vinyl)
Overcoats / Young
Pale King / Monolith Of The Malign
Party Tyme Karaoke / Country Hits 19
Philthy Rich / Loyalty B4 Royalty 4
Piero Umiliani / Discomusic
Piero Umiliani / Produzione (Vinyl)
Porcupine Tree / Stars Die (Reissue)
Porta Daemonium / Serpent Of Chaos (Vinyl)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band / So It Is
Profanatica / Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (Reissue)
Profanatica / Profanatitas De Domonatia (Reissue)
Psychic Teens / Hex (Vinyl)
Q Lazzarus / Goodbye Horses (Vinyl)
Quiet Riot / Road Rage
Randy Ingram / The Wandering
Ray Davies / Americana
Ray Mantilla / High Voltage
Reflection / Bleed Babylon Bleed
Regina Carter / Ella: Accentuate The Positive
REO Speedwagon / You Get What You Play For (Blue Vinyl)
Rhino Bucket / The Last Real Rock N' Roll
Richard Barbieri / Things Buried & Stranger Inside (Reissue)
Rick Wakeman / Simply Accoustic
Roger Lord / Chinese Treasures
Ron Sexsmith / The Last Rider
Seabuckthorn / Turns
Sean Price / Jesus Price Superstar (Vinyl)
Sean Price / Mic Tyson (Vinyl)
Sean Price / Monkey Barz (Vinyl)
Selffish / He She Them Us (Vinyl)
Shelleyan Orphan / Boxset
Sherwin Gardner / Greater
Sheryl Crow / Be Myself
Sixo / The Odds Of Free Will
Skulldrain / Hatred Rising
Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) / The Classics (Vinyl)
Soundtrack (Nino Rota) / Fellini Satyricon (Deluxe Box)
Soundtrack / Barbablu (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Ciao! Manhattan
Soundtrack / Deadtime Stories (Color Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Far Cry Primal: Original Game Soundtrack (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Fifty Shades Darker (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Fight Songs: The Music Of Team Fortress 2
Sraw / Beat Weeks (Vinyl)
Stephen Caudel & Tim Panting / Scaramouche
Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper / Walking In The Shadows (Vinyl)
Stiff Little Fingers / No Going Back (Reissue)
Strawbs / Live In Gettysburg
Stu Garrard / Beatitudes
Suuns / Hold/Still Remixes (Red Vinyl)
Sweet Crude / Creatures
Sykosis / Drowning In Silence
Talisman / Life (Special Edition)
Talisman / Truth (Special Edition)
Tara Jane O'Neil / Tara Jane O'Neil
Tehom / The Merciless Light
Texas / Jump On Board
The Black Angels / Death Song
The Bucking Mules / Smoke Behind The Clouds
The City And Horses / Ruins
The Gin Pennies / The Gin Pennies
The Harmed Brothers / The Harmed Brothers
The Knack / Get The Knack (SA-CD)
The Legends / Nightshift
The London Elektricity Live Band / Live In The Park
The Poison Arrows / No Known Note (Vinyl)
The Prize Fighter Inferno / My Brother's Blood Machine (Vinyl)
The Quadrajets / WFO (Vinyl)
The Relationship / Clara Obscura
The Spookfish / Black Hole
The Statler Brothers / The Best Of The TV Shows Season One (DVD)
The Suitcase Junket / Pile Driver
The Supremes / Supremes A Go Go (Deluxe Reissue)
Thrupence / Ideas Of Aesthetics (Vinyl)
Thunder / Rip It Up
Tobin Sprout / Carnival Boy (Reissue)
Tobin Sprout / Moonflower Plastic (Reissue)
Toby Driver / Madonnawhore
Tod Dockstader / Eight Electronic Pieces (Clear Vinyl)
Treat / The Road More Or Less Travelled (Deluxe Edition)
Triumphant / Thankful
Ukandanz / Awo
Unruly Child / Reigning Frogs - The Box Set Collection (5CD+DVD)
US Weekly / US Weekly
Vacant Lots / Endless Night
Vaiya / Remnant Light
Various / BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017
Various / Defected In The House Miami 2017
Various / Max's Kansas City 1976: Extended Version (Vinyl)
Various / SQUIDHAT '77: A Las Vegas Punk Rock Tribute To 1977
Various / The Brain Box - Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records 1972-1979
Vomit Remnants / Hyper Groove Brutality
Warm Soda / I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Warp Transmission / Tamam Shud
Warzone / The Victory Years (Color Vinyl)
Weedeater / God Luck And Good Speed (Clear Vinyl)
While She Sleeps / You Are We
Wiggles / Dance Dance!
Will Sessions / Deluxe (Vinyl)
WV White / House Of Spiritual Athletes (Vinyl)
Wynn Williams / Words Fly
Your Chance To Die / Ex Nihilo
Yowie / Synchromysticism
Zhrine / Unortheta (Green Vinyl)
Release dates subject to change without notice
Coming April 28th, 2017
All That Remains / Madness
Astral Doors / Black Eyed Children
Chris Mata / El Padrino
Cuong Vu 4-tet / Ballet: The Music Of Michael Gibbs
Garland Jeffreys / 14 Steps To Harlem
Jimmy Greene / Flowers: A Beautiful Life - Volume 2
Jimmy Urine / The Secret Cinematic Sounds of Jimmy Urine
Mark Lanegan Band / Gargoyle
Mew / Visuals
Mike + The Mechanics / The Road
Old Crow Medicine Show / 50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde
Pyramaze / Contingent  
Ross Jack / Self Medicated
Sean Whyte / Love Affairs
The Sneetches / Form Of Play: A Retrospective
Soundtrack / On Golden Pond
Stu Phillips / Presents: The Monkees Songbook Played By The Golden Gate (Reissue)
Sylvan Esso / What Now
The Whistles & The Bells / Modern Plagues
Wilsen / I Go Missing In My Sleep