New Albums & Songs For March 24, 2017

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Also Out March 24, 2017
1000Dead / 1000Dead
Aaron Sprinkle / Real Life (Vinyl)
Adrianna Marie / Kingdom Of Swing
Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble / Songs & Dances from Africa
Akropolis Reed Quintet / The Space Between Us
Alice Gomez & Jessita Reyes / Spirit Prayer
Allman Brothers Band / Fox Box (8CD Set)
Alltta / The Upper Hand
America / An Introduction To
Amine & Hamza M'raihi / Fertile Paradoxes
Andy Scott / Ruby & All Things Purple
Andyfellaz / Beatbop Street
Angels & Airwaves / We Don't Need To Whisper (Clear Purple Vinyl)
Anjou / Epithymia
Anthony Braxton Quintet / Basel 1977
Anthrax / For All Kings (Deluxe Vinyl Box)
Arbouretum / Song Of The Rose
Arms Aloft / What A Time To Be Barely Alive (Vinyl)
Arnold Dreyblatt / Propellors In Love (Vinyl)
Ballyhoo! / girls
Bap Kennedy / Domestic Blues
Barb Jungr / Every Grain Of Sand (Reissue)
Bardo Pond / Under The Pines
Bargou 80 / Targ
Benchmarks / Our Undivided Attention
Betty Who / The Valley
Bonfire / Byte The Bullet
Booher / Funny Tears
Boondox / The Murder
Boss Hog / Brood X
Brassopera / Emotion On Stage
Braveyoung / Misery & Pride
Bridget Kearney / Won't Let You Down
Brother Firetribe / Sunbound
Bruno Cocset / Give Me Your Hand: Geminiani & The Celtic Earth
Bug vs Earth / Concrete Desert
Chad Valley / Equatorial Ultravox Addendum (Vinyl)
Chhau & Nagpuri Group / Folk Songs And Dances From India
Coco Montoya / Hard Truth
Cokegoat / Drugs And Animals (Vinyl)
Colalaila / Klezmer Fiesta
Colton Dixon / Identity
Columbia Nights / In All Things
Cornelius Dugallo / Journaling 2
Cotillon / The Afternoons (Vinyl)
Cousin Stizz / Suffolk Country (Color Vinyl)
Craig Duncan / Smoky Mountain Sixties
Craig Finn / We All Want The Same Things
Craving Strange / Careful Of The Landmines
Creeper / Eternity, In Your Arms
Crystal Mooncone / Listening Beam Five
Cut Up / Wherever They May Rot
Dahmers / In The Dead Of Night
Damnations Day / A World Awakens
Daniel Brandt / Eternal Something
Daniel Herskedal / The Roc
Danish Jazz Quartet / On The Road
Dario Calderone / James Tenney: Bass Works
Dark Model / Saga
Davey Suicide / Made From Fire
David Phelps / Hymnal
Deben Bhattacharya / Folk Songs & Sacred Music From Nepal
Devon Allman / Ride Or Die (Vinyl)
Dexter Gordon / Take The 'A' Train (Vinyl)
Diamanda Galás / All The Way
Diamanda Galás / At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem
Dickey, Maneri & Shipp / Vessel In Orbit
Die Todliche Doris / Die Todliche Doris (Clear Vinyl)
Dire Wolves / Excursions To Cloudland
Disco & Boogie / 200 Breaks & Drum Loops 4 (Vinyl)
Dollkraut / Holy Ghost People
Don Broco / Automatic
E-Life 7 / Michael Pennick / Miked Up
Earthists / Dreamscape
East Drive & Tamara Lukasheva / Savka i Griška: A Journey To An Eastern European Childhood
Eclipse / Momentum
Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band / Big Machine
Eric Gales / Middle Of The Road
Ethio Stars & Turkal Band / Addis 1988 (Vinyl)
Feral Ohms / Feral Ohms
FIN / Ice Pix
Fink / Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1
Frank Zappa / A Token Of His Extreme (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Buffalo (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Carnegie Hall (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Civilization Phase III (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Congress Shall Make No Law
Frank Zappa / Dance Me This (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Everything Is Healing Nicely (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / FZ:OZ (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Greasy Love Songs (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Hammersmith Odeon (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Imaginary Diseases (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Joe's Camouflage (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Joe's Corsage (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Joe's Domage (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Joe's Menage (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Joe's Xmasage (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / MOFO (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / One Shot Deal (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Philly '76 (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / Roxy By Proxy (Reissue)
Frank Zappa / The Dub Room Special
Frank Zappa / WAZOO (Reissue)
Fruit Bats / Live At Pickathon (Vinyl)
Fucked Up / Year Of The Snake EP
Funky DL / Marauding At Midnight: Tribute To Sounds Of A Tribe Called Quest (Vinyl)
FYPM / Dumbed Down (Vinyl)
Galaktlan / Constance (Vinyl)
Gin Blossoms / Congratulations I'm Sorry (Vinyl)
Gin Blossoms / New Miserable Experience (Clear Vinyl)
Gino Vannelli / Absolutely The Best
Gloam / Hex Of Nine Heads (Vinyl)
Gold Star / Big Blue
GoldLink / At What Cost
Gorgoroth / Destroyer
GRID / GRID (Cassette)
Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi / Sonny & Brownie's Last Train
Haar & Snijders / Morton Feldman: For John Cage
Hiccup / Imaginary Enemies
Highlights Of Vortex / Various (Clear Vinyl)
Hite / Light Of A Strange Day
Honest John / Sailor (Vinyl)
House Of Lords / Saint Of The Lost Souls
Hypnos / The Whitecrow
I Ced / All In My Mind
Imaginary Tricks / Skommel
Internazionale / The Pale And The Colourful (Vinyl)
J-Bella / All For Nothin
Jackson Harrison Trio / Sintering
Jacques Greene / Feel Infinite
Jacqui Naylor & Art Khu / Q&A
Jakuzi / Fantezi Muzik
James Ilgenfritz / Origami Cosmos
Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang / Build Music
Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra / The Music Of John Lewis
Jean-Michel Jarre / Oxygene 3 (Vinyl)
Jean-Michel Jarre / Oxygene Trilogy (3CD)
Jeff Lorber Fusion / Prototype
Jennifer Paige / Starflower
Jesse Dayton /The Revealer (Vinyl)
Jessi Colter / The Psalms
Jethro Tull / The String Quartets
Joe Jones / In Performance (Clear Vinyl)
John Zorn / There Is No More Firmament
Justin Hayward / Moving Mountains (Reissue)
Karsten Vogel & Per Aage Brandt / Cry
Keith & Tex / Same Old Story
Kelly Lee Owens / Kelly Lee Owens
Kelly Moran / Bloodroot
Kepi Ghoulie / Lost And Lovin' It!
Ketvector / Fig.23
Khamoro Budapest Band / Hungarian Gypsy Music
Kissing Is A Crime / Kissing Is A Crime (Vinyl)
Kristin Hersh / Wyatt At The Coyote Palace (Vinyl)
Kyo / I Musik (Vinyl)
La Vida Boheme / La Lucha
Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble / Find Me Finding You
Le Forte Four / Bikini Tennis Shoes (Clear Vinyl)
Lea Bertucci / All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (Cassette)
Liam Gerner & The Sunset Pushers / Liam Gerner & The Sunset Pushers
Lord Buckley / Bad Rapping Of The Marquis De Sade (Reissue)
Madlib / Bad Neighbor Instrumentals (Vinyl)
MANdolinMAN / Unfolding The Roots
Mark Murphy / Wild And Free
Massive Ego / Beautiful Suicide
Mast / Love & War (Vinyl)
Memoriam / For The Fallen
Michael Schenker / Fest: Live Tokyo International Forum (CD+DVD)
Mick Jenkins / The Healing Component (Vinyl)
Mickey Thomas / Over The Edge
Miles Okazaki / Trickster
Mind Rays / Nerve Endings
Mindless Self Indulgence / You'll Rebel To Anything (Vinyl)
Moonlandingz / Interplanetary Class Classics
Mutilation Rites / Harbinger (Vinyl)
Nadia Reid / Preservation
Nails / You Will Never Be One Of Us (Cassette)
Neal Morse / Morsefest 2015 And Sola Scriptural Live
Nicolas Kummert / la diversité
Night Ranger / Don't Let Up
Niilo Smeds / Once You Were A Baby (Vinyl)
Nine Pound Hammer / The Barn's On Fire (Lve In Kentucky)
Noam Pikelny / Universal Favorite (Vinyl)
O.C. / Same Moon Same Sun: Phase 1
Oddisee / The Iceberg
Omeri / Day Dream'N
Ominous Circle / Appalling Ascension (Vinyl)
On Fillmore / Happiness Of Living
One Desire / One Desire
Opin / Opin (Vinyl)
Osunlade / Pyrography (Vinyl)
Pallbearer / Heartless
Paris Combo / Tako Tsubo
Passion / Worthy Of Your Name
Patria / Magna Adversia
Patti Cudd / EOS
Paul McCartney / Flowers In The Dirt (Deluxe Reissue)
Philthy Rich / Seminary
Pink Floyd / The Early Years: 1965-1967 Cambridge Station
Plan Three / Wish I Was Stormborne
Pontiak / Dialectic Of Ignorance
Power / Electric Glitter Boogie
Psyclon Nine / Divine Infekt
Putumayo Kids Presents / Italian Playground
Putumayo Presents / Vintage Italia
Raekwon / The Wild
RaeLynn / WildHorse
Renée Reznek / From My Beloved Country
Residents / The Ghost Of Hope
Rotten Mind / Rotten Mind
Saille / Gnosis
Samantha Crain / You Had Me At Goodbye
Sammy Berell / Passion Dreams
Saram & Schroeder / Morton Feldman: Pattterns In A Chromatic Field
Sawthis / Babhell
Seasurfer / Under The Milkyway Who Cares?
Second Coming Of Heavy / Chapter 5: Desert Suns & Chiefs (Vinyl)
Selah / Unbreakable
Sera Cahoone / From Where I Started
Shelby Earl / The Man Who Made Himself A Name (Vinyl)
Sleepmakeswaves / Made Of Breath Only
Slugdge / The Cosmic Cornucopia
Small Axe / Comedy Vol II (Cassette)
Snakehole / Interludes Of Insanity
Soaked / Don't Wanna Wake Up Today
Sorority Noise / Forgettable (Vinyl)
Soul Jazz Records Presents / Hustle! Reggae Disco
Soundsci / My Boosey Weighs A Ton (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Final Fantasy XV
Soundtrack / Kids (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Legion
Soundtrack / Space Between Us (Gold Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Reissue)
Soundtrack / The Lego Batman Movie
Soundtrack / The Lion King (Vinyl Picture Disc)
Spiral Stairs / Doris & the Daggers
Stan Whitmire / We Give You Praise
Steve Hackett / The Night Siren
Steve Nelson / Brothers Under The Sun
Strawberry Girls / Italian Ghosts
Sun Araw / The Saddle Of The Increate
Sundressed / A Little Less Put Together
Talaboman / The Night Land (Vinyl)
Teengirl Fantasy / 8AM
Tenorio Jr. / Embalo (Reissue)
The Black Crowes / Into The Fog
The Cairo Gang / Untouchable
The Dollyrots / Whiplash Splash
The Dove & The Wolf / I Don't Know What To Feel (Vinyl)
The Godfathers / A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (Vinyl)
The Jesus & Mary Chain / Damage And Joy
The Present / Break The Dawn (Vinyl)
The Skatalites / Foundation Ska (Reissue)
The Spirit Of The Beehive / Pleasure Suck
Thelma / Thelma (Purple Vinyl)
Titi Winterstein / The Best Of
Tod Dockstader / Eight Electronic Pieces (Clear Vinyl)
Today Is The Day / Temple Of The Morning Star: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Tonstartssbandht / Sorcerer
Torgeir Waldemar / No Offending Borders
Trementina / 810
Trey Songz / Tremaine The Album
Tubby Hayes Quintet / Modes And Blues (Vinyl)
Tuxedo / II
Urban Dance Squad / Planet Ultra (Vinyl)
Various / Classic Piedmont Blues From Smithsonian Folkways
Various / Funkinjazz 2
Various / Hair Metal Live (3-CD Set)
Various / Hospital: We Are 21
Various / Jazzanova The Remixes 2006-2016
Various / Unseen: A Detroit Beat Tape
Vile Creature / A Steady Descent Into The Soil (Vinyl)
Vital / Pieces Of Time (Vinyl)
Wasteland With Rage Thormbones / Katharina Rosenberger: Shift
Wayne Snow / Freedom TV (Vinyl)
Western Daughter / Driftwood Songs 
Wild Pink / Wild Pink (Color Vinyl)
William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio / Bass Duo
Wolf Eyes / Undertow
Xinobi / On The Quiet (Vinyl)
Release dates subject to change without notice
Coming March 31st, 2017
Arch Enemy / As The Stages Burn! (CD+DVD)
Body Count / Bloodlust
Dengue Fever / Dengue Fever (Deluxe Edition)
Dengue Fever / Escape From Dragon House (Deluxe Edition)
The Good Brothers / Wide Awake Dreamin'
Heavy Tiger / Glitter
Invidia / As The Sun Sleeps
Jean-Jacques Perrey / Moog Indigo (Vinyl Reissue) 
John Lee Hooker / Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker's Finest
Kathryn Caine / The Gospel According To Kathryn Caine
The Mavericks / Brand New Day
Rodney Crowell / Close Ties
Travis Linville / Up Ahead (Vinyl)
Uriah Heep / Demons And Wizards (Expanded Reissue)
Voivod / Build Your Weapons: Very Best Of The Noise Years 1986-1988
Warbringer / Woe To The Vanquished
White Violet / Ages (Vinyl)