New Albums & Songs For May 26, 2017

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Also Out May 26, 2017
14 Iced Bears / 14 Iced Bears (Color Vinyl)
14 Iced Bears / Wonder (Color Vinyl)
Abuse / Nothing Is Safe
Aquaserge / Let It Be
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke / Let It Roll Live 1971 (Reissue)
Bad Company / Burnin' Sky (Reissue)
Bad Company / Run With The Pack (Reissue)
Becca Stevens / Regina (Vinyl)
Below The Sun / Alien World
Ben Frost / Threshold Of Faith (EP 1)
Big French / Stone Fish (Vinyl)
Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan / Small Town
Billion Dollar Babies / The Game
Blue Cheer / Vincebus Eruptum (SA-CD)
Bob Moses / Days Gone By (Never Enough Edition)
Bobby Bare / Things Change
Bram De Looze / Piano E forte
Broomfield / Broomfield (Expanded Reissue)
Bubblemath / Edit Peptide
Carnivore / Carnivore (Expanded Reissue)
Catin Bonsoir / L'Aurore
Cende / #1 Hit Single (Color Vinyl)
Chanson / Chanson (Expanded Reissue)
Charles Earland / Earland's Street Themes (Expanded Reissue)
Chevelle / Wonder What's Next (White Vinyl)
Chris Potter Quartet / The Dreamer Is The Dream (Vinyl)
Chris Ronald / Fragments
Clayton English / All The Same
Comity / A Long, Eternal Fall
Cooltime Kids / Patriotic Kids' Songs
Crescent / Resin Pockets
Crimson Glory / Transcendence (Reissue)
Dandy Livingstone / The Best Of Dandy Livingstone
Danzig / Black Laden Crown
Dave Catching / Shared Hallucinations Pt.1 (Vinyl)
David Fanshawe / Pacific Chants
Divanhana / Live In Mostar
Double Crush Syndrome / Die For Rock 'N' Roll
Doug Stanhope / No Place Like Home (Vinyl)
Drew McDowall / Unnatural Channel (Vinyl)
Duncan Browne & Sebastian Graham-Jones / Travelling Man (Reissue)
Durutti Column / Domo Arigato (3CD+DVD Deluxe Edition)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Love Beach
Endemic Emerald & Skanks / Rapsploitation
Engler, Schlappi & Arroyo / Tres Mil Uno
ESG / Step Off (Pink Vinyl)
Evo / Warfare
Ferndal / Ferndal
Free Throw / Bear Your Mind
Frenzal Rhomb / Hi Vis High Tea
Gavin Harrison / Cheating The Polygraph (Reissue)
Gladys Knight & The Pips / Visions (Deluxe Edition)
Gorilla Zoe / Don't Feed Da Animals 2
Grayscale / Adornment (Color Vinyl)
Harry Taussig & Max Ochs / The Music Of (Vinyl)
Hellsingland Underground / Hellsingland Underground (Vinyl)
Holy Shroud / Ghost Repeaters (White Vinyl)
Incantation / Primordial Domination (Vinyl)
Jake La Botz / Sunnyside
Jason Allen / Here's To You
Jason Cassidy / Jason Cassidy
Jing Yang / A Traveler's Chant
Joey Coco Diaz / Sociably Unacceptable (Vinyl)
John Mayer / The Search For Everything (Vinyl)
Joost Lijbaart / Under The Surface
Kash'd Out / The Hookup
Kathryn Williams & Anthony Kerr / Resonator (Vinyl)
Kenneth Meyer / Draw The Strings Tight
King / We Are King (Vinyl)
Klone / Unplugged
Kraftwerk / 3-D: The Catalogue (Box Set)
Kreator / Endless Pain (Reissue)
Kreator / Extreme Aggression (Reissue)
Kreator / Pleasure To Kill (Reissue)
Kreator / Terrible Certainty (Reissue)
Labirinto / Gehenna
Lil Yachty / Teenage Emotions
Lionhearts / Lionhearts
Louis Hayes / Serenade For Horace
Mark Slaughter / Halfway There
Martin Rev / Demolition 9
Martin Stephenson & The Daintees / Live In The 21st Century
Massel Klezmorim / Jewish Travels: A Historical Voyage In Music
Maysa / Love Is A Battlefield
Michael Henderson / Slingshot
Mishka Shubaly / How To Make A Bad Situation Worse (Expanded Edition)
Moonchild / Voyager
Mortician / Darkest Day Of Horror (Vinyl)
Mortification / Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Reissue)
Nad Sylvan / The Bride Said No
Ndugu / Do I Make You Feel Better (Expanded Reissue)
Night In Gales / Thunderbeast (Reissue)
Nightbringer / Ego Dominus Tuus (Clear Vinyl)
Noor Shimaal / Where Africa Meets The Orient
Norska / Too Many Winters
Ochilbek Matchonov / Music From Central Asia: Uzbekistan
Old Season / Beyond The Black
Orthodox / Sounds Of Loss
Pale Fountains / Something On My Mind (Vinyl+CD)
Panphage / Storm
Panphage & Thul / Ginnheilagr
Paper Tiger / In Other Words
Patent Pending / Other People's Greatest Hits
Pet Symmetry / Vision
Peter Dominguez / Groove Dreams
Pieces Of A Dream / Just Funkin'Around
Plush / Plush (Expanded Reissue)
Quercus / Nightfall
Quicksand / Manic Compression (Color Vinyl)
Rafael / Enamorarse En La Playa
Ray Parker Jr. / A Woman Needs Love (Expanded Reissue)
Revenge / Behold Total Rejection (Vinyl)
Ron Thal / Hermit
Ron Thal / The Adventures Of Bumblefoot (Vinyl)
Roy Ayers / In The Dark (Expanded Reissue)
Roy Ayers / You Might Be Surprised (Expanded Reissue)
s a r a s a r a / a m o r f a t i
Sam Amidon / The Following Mountain
Shaggy 2 Dope / F.T.F.O.M.F.
Sherwin Gardner / Greater
Sia / Some People Have Real Problems (Vinyl)
Skinny Hightower / Emotions
Soft Swells / Be Young (Vinyl)
Sophia Subbayya Vastek / Histories
Soundtrack / Alien: Covenant
Soundtrack / Broadchurch - The Final Chapter (Vinyl)
Soundtrack / Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn
Soundtrack / Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Spirit / Spirit (SA-CD)
Splinter / Splinter (Reissue)
Stacy Lattisaw / Take Me All The Way (Expanded Reissue)
Steve Davis / Think Ahead
Strollers / Tough Hits (Vinyl)
Suffering Hour / In Passing Ascension
Swarming Branch / Surreal Number
Tankard / One Foot In The Grave
Ten Foot Pole / Setlist
The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: 50th Anniversary
The Chainsmokers / Memories...Do Not Open (Vinyl)
The Charlatans UK / Different Days
The Great Harry Hillman / Tilt
The Heliocentrics / A World Of Masks
The Letter Black / Pain
The Pioneers / The Best Of The Pioneers
The Techniques & Friends / Winston Riley's Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969
Thrillers / Break Free
Thunder Dreamer / Capture
Tibble Transsibiriska / Duj (Vinyl)
Todd Agnew / From Grace To Glory
Tom Segura / Mostly Stories
Urban Turban & Shamim Naghedi / Paradise
Vandoliers / The Native
Various / Afrosonique Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
Various / Best Of Gaucho Music
Various / Gentle Giants: The Songs of Don Williams
Various / King Jammys Dancehall 4: Hard Dancehall Lover (Vinyl)
Various / Rough Guide To Cuban Rare Groove (Vinyl)
Various / Rough Guide To Jug Band Blues
Various / World Of Gypsies
Violence To Fade / Unstoppable Force
Volker / Dead Doll
Watsonian Institute / Master Funk (Red Vinyl)
WhiteNails / First Trip
Wind Rose / Stonehymn
Wizz Jones, Pete Berryman & Simeon Jones / Come What May
Zohreh Jooya & Majid Derakhshani / Music Of The Persian Mystics
Zyklon / Aeon (Reissue)
Zyklon / Disintegrate (Reissue)
Zyklon / World Ov Worms (Reissue)
Release dates subject to change without notice
Coming June 2nd, 2017
'68 / Two Parts Viper
Adrenaline Mob / We The People
Celebration / Wounded Healer
Dave Liebman & Joe Lovano / Compassion - The Music Of John Coltrane
David Byrne / Live From Austin TX (Vinyl)
DBFC / Jenks
Fats Domino / Live From Austin TX (Vinyl)
Flogging Molly / Life Is Good
Gina Sicilia / Tug of War 
Jerry Lee Lewis / Live From Austin TX (Vinyl)
My Darling Clementine / Still Testifying
My Dynamite / Otherside
My Goodness / Scavengers
Noga Erez / Off The Radar
Robert Lamm / Time Chill: A Retrospective
Saint Etienne / Home Counties
SikTh / The Future In Whose Eyes?
Sticky Boys / Calling The Devil
Vallenfyre / Fear Those Who Fear Him
Vic Chesnutt / Silver Lake (Vinyl)
The Who / Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 2004