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New Albums & Songs For October 27, 2014

So Long, Eric! - Homage To Eric Dolphy by Alexander von Schlippenbach And Aki Takase

A. von Schlippenbach and Aki Takase

So Long, Eric!

Play & Info Play So Long, Eric! - Homage To Eric Dolphy Information about So Long, Eric! - Homage To Eric Dolphy

Heads Up

At War With Reality by At The Gates

At The Gates

At War With Reality

Play & Info Play At War With Reality Information about At War With Reality

Century Media

Rumours of Glory by Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn

Rumours of Glory

Play & Info Play Rumours of Glory Information about Rumours of Glory

True North

Helium Tears by Charlie Haden

Charlie Haden

Helium Tears

Play & Info Play Helium Tears Information about Helium Tears


Z-2 by Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project


Play & Info Play Z-2 Information about Z-2

Century Media

Good For Sumthin' by Eric Gales

Eric Gales

Good For Sumthin'

Play & Info Play Good For Sumthin' Information about Good For Sumthin'


Eclectic by Eric Johnson & Mike Stern

Eric Johnson
& Mike Stern


Play & Info Play Eclectic Information about Eclectic

Heads Up

Down To Earth by Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities

Down To Earth

Play & Info Play Down To Earth Information about Down To Earth

Future Classic / Glassnote

The First Waltz by Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans

The First Waltz

Play & Info Play The First Waltz Information about The First Waltz


Rock & Roll Time by Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis

Rock & Roll Time

Play & Info Play Rock & Roll Time Information about Rock & Roll Time


When I Was His Wife by Kathryn Caine

Kathryn Caine

When I Was His Wife

Play & Info Play When I Was His Wife Information about When I Was His Wife

Raisin Caine

Led Zeppelin IV (Reissue) by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin IV

Play & Info Play Led Zeppelin IV (Reissue) Information about Led Zeppelin IV (Reissue)

Atlantic/Swan Song

Houses Of The Holy (Reissue) by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Houses Of The Holy

Play & Info Play Houses Of The Holy (Reissue) Information about Houses Of The Holy (Reissue)

Atlantic/Swan Song

Remastered by Maria Callas

Maria Callas


Play & Info Play Remastered Information about Remastered

Warner Classics

Horror Xmas EP (Reissue) by Misfits


Horror Xmas EP

Play & Info Play Horror Xmas EP (Reissue) Information about Horror Xmas EP (Reissue)


Project 1950 (Expanded Edition) by Misfits


Project 1950
(Expanded Edition)

Play & Info Play Project 1950 (Expanded Edition) Information about Project 1950 (Expanded Edition)


Hopping Ghosts (Single) by Osaka Popstar

Osaka Popstar

Hopping Ghosts

Play & Info Play Hopping Ghosts (Single) Information about Hopping Ghosts (Single)

Caf Muzeck / Misfits

Purple Reggae by Radio Riddler

Radio Riddler

Purple Reggae

Play & Info Play Purple Reggae Information about Purple Reggae


A New Place To Begin by Ray Price

Ray Price

A New Place To Begin

Play & Info Play A New Place To Begin Information about A New Place To Begin

Varese Sarabande

Unleash The Fire by Riot V

Riot V

Unleash The Fire

Play & Info Play Unleash The Fire Information about Unleash The Fire


Roger Taylor: best by Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor: best

Play & Info Play Roger Taylor: best Information about Roger Taylor: best


Run The Jewels 2 by Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels 2

Play & Info Play Run The Jewels 2 Information about Run The Jewels 2

Mass Appeal

The Way Around It by Saville Row

Saville Row

The Way Around It

Play & Info Play The Way Around It Information about The Way Around It

Varese Sarabande

Black Lotus by Sister Sin

Sister Sin

Black Lotus

Play & Info Play Black Lotus Information about Black Lotus


The Hero Of Color City by Soundtrack


The Hero Of Color City

Play & Info Play The Hero Of Color City Information about The Hero Of Color City

Varese Sarabande

Live In L.A. by Trevor Rabin

Trevor Rabin

Live In L.A.

Play & Info Play Live In L.A. Information about Live In L.A.

Varese Sarabande

It's Christmas On Mack Avenue by Various Artists

Various Artists

It's Christmas
On Mack Avenue

Play & Info Play It's Christmas On Mack Avenue Information about It's Christmas On Mack Avenue

Mack Avenue

Wade Bowen by Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen

Play & Info Play Wade Bowen Information about Wade Bowen

Good Time

Pre-Order Upcoming Releases

  Also Out October 27, 2014
   Black Veil Brides / Black Veil Brides
   Branford Marsalis / In My Solitude: Live
   Crobot / Something Supernatural
   Daniel Lanois / Flesh And Machine
   Danity Kane / DK3
   Dave Davies / Rippin' Up Time
   Dionne Warwick / Feels So Good
   Flaming Lips & Fwends / With A Little Help From My Fwends
   Goo Goo Dolls / Otis Midnight Sessions
   Gretchen Wilson / STILL Here For The Party
   Jars Of Clay / 20
   Lagwagon / Hang
   Leann Rimes / One Christmas: Chapter One
   Pegi Young & The Survivors / Lonely In A Crowded Room
   Taylor Swift / 1989
   Theophilus London / Vibes
   The Who / The Who Hits 50
   Yusuf (Cat Stevens) / Tell 'Em I'm Gone
  Coming November 4, 2014
   Ani DiFranco / Allergic To Water
   Big Star / Live In Memphis
   Deptford Goth / Songs
   Eric Clapton / Planes, Trains & Eric (DVD)
   Genesis / Three Sides Live (DVD)
   Inspiral Carpets / Inspiral Carpets
   The Legal Matters / The Legal Matters
   Moon Safari / Live In Mexico
   Paul McCartney And Wings / At The Speed Of Sound (Reissue)
   Paul McCartney And Wings / Venus And Mars (Reissue)
   Rolling Stones / From The Vault: Hampton Coliseum (Live In 1981)
   Ronnie Fauss / Built To Break
   Streets Of Laredo / Volumes 1 & 2
   William Close / Holidays

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