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Newest Garage Albums & Song Releases

Motobunny (Single) by Motobunny


Motobunny (Single)

Play & Info Play Motobunny (Single) Information about Motobunny (Single)

Rusty Knuckles

Released 11/11/14

Project 1950 (Expanded Edition) by Misfits


Project 1950
(Expanded Edition)

Play & Info Play Project 1950 (Expanded Edition) Information about Project 1950 (Expanded Edition)


Released 10/27/14

Rip This by Bass Drum Of Death

Bass Drum Of Death

Rip This

Play & Info Play Rip This Information about Rip This

Innovative Leisure

Released 10/7/14

Dangerous Game by The Cry!

The Cry!

Dangerous Game

Play & Info Play Dangerous Game Information about Dangerous Game

Top Shelf / Von Artists

Released 9/23/14

Tyranny by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Julian Casablancas
+ The Voidz


Play & Info Play Tyranny Information about Tyranny

Cult / Kobalt

Released 9/23/14

Just Enough Hip To Be Woman by BRONCHO


Just Enough Hip
To Be Woman

Play & Info Play Just Enough Hip To Be Woman Information about Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

Dine Alone

Released 9/16/14

Take The Fifth by The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate

Take The Fifth

Play & Info Play Take The Fifth Information about Take The Fifth


Released 8/12/14

Transylvanian Tapes by The 69 Cats

The 69 Cats

Transylvanian Tapes

Play & Info Play Transylvanian Tapes Information about Transylvanian Tapes


Released 8/5/14

How's Your Process? (Work) by Dot Hacker

Dot Hacker

How's Your Process?

Play & Info Play How's Your Process? (Work) Information about How's Your Process? (Work)

Org Music

Released 7/1/14

New Hound In Town by Jo Jo Clark

Jo Jo Clark

New Hound In Town

Play & Info Play New Hound In Town Information about New Hound In Town


Released 6/24/14

Shiver + Shake by My Goodness

My Goodness

Shiver + Shake

Play & Info Play Shiver + Shake Information about Shiver + Shake


Released 6/24/14

I'm Coming Home by Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon

I'm Coming Home

Play & Info Play I'm Coming Home Information about I'm Coming Home


Released 6/24/14

Disgraceland by The Orwells

The Orwells


Play & Info Play Disgraceland Information about Disgraceland


Released 6/3/14

Revelation by Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre


Play & Info Play Revelation Information about Revelation

A Records / Cargo

Released 5/19/14

Turn Blue by The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Turn Blue

Play & Info Play Turn Blue Information about Turn Blue


Released 5/13/14

Modern Creation by The Whigs

The Whigs

Modern Creation

Play & Info Play Modern Creation Information about Modern Creation

New West

Released 4/22/14

Prisoner by Birth Of Joy

Birth Of Joy


Play & Info Play Prisoner Information about Prisoner

Long Branch / SPV

Released 3/4/14

Kids Like You & Me (DVD) by Black Lips

Black Lips

Kids Like You & Me

Play & Info Play Kids Like You & Me (DVD) Information about Kids Like You & Me (DVD)

MVD Visual

Released 12/3/13

Blood Hot by Tess Parks

Tess Parks

Blood Hot

Play & Info Play Blood Hot Information about Blood Hot

359 Music / MVD

Released 12/3/13

Moistboyz V by Moistboyz


Moistboyz V

Play & Info Play Moistboyz V Information about Moistboyz V


Released 11/5/13

Unvarnished by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Play & Info Play Unvarnished Information about Unvarnished


Released 9/30/13

Blur The Line by Those Darlins

Those Darlins

Blur The Line

Play & Info Play Blur The Line Information about Blur The Line

Oh Wow Dang / Thirty Tigers

Released 9/30/13

Rock Them Back To Hell! by Left Lane Cruiser

Left Lane Cruiser

Rock Them Back To Hell!

Play & Info Play Rock Them Back To Hell! Information about Rock Them Back To Hell!

Alive Naturalsound

Released 9/17/13

AM by Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys


Play & Info Play AM Information about AM


Released 9/10/13

Jacuzzi Boys by Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys

Play & Info Play Jacuzzi Boys Information about Jacuzzi Boys

Hardly Art

Released 9/10/13

Bed & Bugs by Obits


Bed & Bugs

Play & Info Play Bed & Bugs Information about Bed & Bugs

Sub Pop

Released 9/10/13

Solar Secrets by Capsula


Solar Secrets

Play & Info Play Solar Secrets Information about Solar Secrets

Krian Music Group

Released 8/27/13

Horns And Halos by Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

Horns And Halos

Play & Info Play Horns And Halos Information about Horns And Halos

Spinefarm US

Released 8/27/13

Adi*oacute*s I'm A Ghost by The Moondoggies

The Moondoggies

Adiós I'm A Ghost

Play & Info Play Adi*oacute*s I'm A Ghost Information about Adi*oacute*s I'm A Ghost

Hardly Art

Released 8/13/13

Hobo Rocket by Pond


Hobo Rocket

Play & Info Play Hobo Rocket Information about Hobo Rocket


Released 8/6/13

Dreams In The Rat House by Shannon And The Clams

Shannon And
The Clams

Dreams In The Rat...

Play & Info Play Dreams In The Rat House Information about Dreams In The Rat House

Hardly Art

Released 5/21/13

Desperate Ground by The Thermals

The Thermals

Desperate Ground

Play & Info Play Desperate Ground Information about Desperate Ground

Saddle Creek

Released 4/16/13

Indigo Meadow by The Black Angels

The Black Angels

Indigo Meadow

Play & Info Play Indigo Meadow Information about Indigo Meadow

Blue Horizon

Released 4/2/13

Afraid Of Heights by Wavves


Afraid Of Heights

Play & Info Play Afraid Of Heights Information about Afraid Of Heights

Mom + Pop / Warner Bros.

Released 3/26/13

Ronnie Dio And The Prophets by Ronnie Dio

Ronnie Dio

Ronnie Dio And
The Prophets

Play & Info Play Ronnie Dio And The Prophets Information about Ronnie Dio And The Prophets

Cat King Cole

Released 3/12/13

Ride On The Train by Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown

Ride On The Train

Play & Info Play Ride On The Train Information about Ride On The Train

Alive Naturalsound

Released 3/5/13

Coming Into Frame by Sirsy


Coming Into Frame

Play & Info Play Coming Into Frame Information about Coming Into Frame


Released 3/5/13

The Messenger by Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

The Messenger

Play & Info Play The Messenger Information about The Messenger

New Voodoo

Released 2/26/13

King Of Conflict by The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys

King Of Conflict

Play & Info Play King Of Conflict Information about King Of Conflict


Released 2/12/13

Sailors Of Neptune by Sailors Of Neptune

Sailors Of Neptune

Sailors Of Neptune

Play & Info Play Sailors Of Neptune Information about Sailors Of Neptune

Texas Jesus

Released 1/22/13

Alive At The Deep Blues Fest by Various Artists

Various Artists

Alive At The Deep
Blues Fest

Play & Info Play Alive At The Deep Blues Fest Information about Alive At The Deep Blues Fest

Alive Naturalsound

Released 11/27/12

Free Reign by Clinic


Free Reign

Play & Info Play Free Reign Information about Free Reign


Released 11/13/12

Thirst by Waves Of Fury

Waves Of Fury


Play & Info Play Thirst Information about Thirst

Alive Naturalsound

Released 10/30/12

John The Conqueror by John The Conqueror

John The Conqueror

John The Conqueror

Play & Info Play John The Conqueror Information about John The Conqueror

Alive Naturalsound

Released 10/16/12

Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue by Danko Jones

Danko Jones

Rock And Roll
Is Black And Blue

Play & Info Play Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue Information about Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue

Bad Taste

Released 10/9/12

Sunday Run Me Over by Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly And
The Brokeoffs

Sunday Run Me Over

Play & Info Play Sunday Run Me Over Information about Sunday Run Me Over


Released 10/9/12

Please Remain Calm by Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm

Please Remain Calm

Play & Info Play Please Remain Calm Information about Please Remain Calm

Run For Cover

Released 10/9/12

119 by Trash Talk

Trash Talk


Play & Info Play 119 Information about 119

Odd Future

Released 10/9/12

Life by Andre Williams

Andre Williams


Play & Info Play Life Information about Life

Alive Naturalsound

Released 10/2/12

Gutter Gaunt Gangster by The Weeks

The Weeks

Gutter Gaunt Gangster

Play & Info Play Gutter Gaunt Gangster Information about Gutter Gaunt Gangster

Serpents & Snakes

Released 9/25/12

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