New Albums & Songs for July 14, 2023 Jul 14, 2023


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out July 14, 2023


  1. 5 Seconds Of Summer The Feeling Of Falling Upwards (Live From The Royal Albert Hall)

  2. Achim Kaufmann & Yorgos Dimitriadis Nowhere One Goes

  3. Active Surplus Mirroring (Vinyl)

  4. Adrianne Lenker And Buck Meek a-sides and b-sides (Maroon Vinyl)

  5. Aerosmith Aerosmith (Reissue)

  6. Aerosmith Draw The Line (Reissue)

  7. Aerosmith Get Your Wings (Reissue)

  8. Aerosmith Honkin' On Bobo (Reissue)

  9. Aerosmith Just Push Play (Reissue)

  10. Aerosmith Live! Bootleg (Reissue)

  11. Aerosmith Music From Another Dimension! (Reissue)

  12. Aerosmith Night In The Ruts (Reissue)

  13. Aerosmith Nine Lives (Reissue)

  14. Aerosmith Rock In A Hard Place (Reissue)

  15. Aerosmith Rocks (Reissue)

  16. Aerosmith Toys In The Attic (Reissue)

  17. Aetherian At Storm’s Edge

  18. Agression Greatest (Splatter Vinyl)

  19. Alaska Reid Disenchanter (Vinyl)

  20. Apollo Brown & Stalley Blacklight (Color Vinyl)

  21. Ash Walker Astronaut (Vinyl)

  22. Atheist Piece Of Time (Reissue)

  23. Atheist Unquestionable Presence (Reissue)

  24. Aware Requiem For A Dying Animal

  25. Aylish Kerrigan Sings Kurt Weill

  26. Beat Farmers Loud, Plowed And ...Live (Vinyl Reissue)

  27. Beat Farmers Poor & Famous (Vinyl Reissue)

  28. Being Dead When Horses Would Run

  29. Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution (White Vinyl)

  30. Birdy Portraits (Vinyl)

  31. Blake Mills Jelly Road

  32. Booker Little Out Front (Vinyl Reissue)

  33. Brighten Early Love (Color Vinyl)

  34. Broadside Into The Raging Sea (Color Vinyl)

  35. Bruce Cockburn O Sun O Moon (Vinyl)

  36. Bruce Springsteen Greetings From Asbury Park N.J. (SACD Reissue)

  37. Bush Live In Tampa (Red Vinyl)

  38. Cafuné Running (Vinyl)

  39. Calligram Position | Momentum

  40. Carnifex Slow Death (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  41. Cavalera Bestial Devastation

  42. Cavalera Morbid Visions

  43. Chamber A Love To Kill For

  44. Charli XCX Pop 2 (5 Year Anniversary Vinyl)

  45. Cher It's A Man's World (Deluxe Edition)

  46. Chrome Blood On The Moon (Blue Vinyl)

  47. Claire Rosinkranz Just Because

  48. Claud Supermodels

  49. Cmon Cmon The Crack And The Light

  50. Conway The Machine Won't He Do It

  51. Conway The Machine, Jae Skeese Pain Provided Profit (Vinyl)

  52. Corduroy Men Of The Cloth (Vinyl)

  53. Crown Magnetar Everything Bleeds

  54. Dan Campbell & Ace Enders Clear Eyes Fanzine (Gold Vinyl)

  55. Daniel Figgis Engine Detail, Digressions 1 – 4

  56. Daphne Loves Derby Good Night Witness Light (Color Vinyl)

  57. Dave Mason Alone Together (Gold Vinyl)

  58. Dead Lakes Daydreamer (Blue Vinyl)

  59. Death Cab For Cutie Narrow Stairs (Vinyl Reissue)

  60. Death Cab For Cutie The Open Door EP (Vinyl Reissue)

  61. Deftones Deftones (Red Vinyl)

  62. Deitus Irreversible

  63. DOGS The Melodies Massacre Years (Vinyl)

  64. Don Toliver Love Sick (Deluxe Vinyl)

  65. Dream The Electric Sleep American Mystic

  66. Duane Betts Wild & Precious Life

  67. dust et cetera (Green Vinyl)

  68. Edge Of Paradise Hologram

  69. Eiafuawn Birds In The Ground (Vinyl)

  70. Eleine We Shall Remain

  71. End Reign The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay

  72. Eric Clapton Unplugged (Vinyl Reissue)

  73. Evile The Unknown

  74. Exumer Rising From The Sea (Splatter Vinyl)

  75. Fallstar Sacred Mirrors

  76. Fana Hues Flora + Fana (Clear Vinyl)

  77. Far Caspian The Last Remaining Light (Vinyl)

  78. Foreigner Farewell - The Very Best Of Foreigner (Gold Vinyl)

  79. Gene Loves Jezebel VII (Reissue)

  80. George Benson Live At Montreux 1986 (CD + DVD)

  81. George Lynch The Lost Anthology

  82. Giovanni Di Domenico Succo Di Formiche (Vinyl)

  83. glaive i care so much that i dont care at all

  84. Gotti Mob Don't Be Stupid (Vinyl)

  85. Gravediggaz 6 Feet Under (Yellow & Red Splatter Vinyl)

  86. Great White Stage (Clear Vinyl)

  87. grentperez When We Were Younger (Vinyl)

  88. Have Mercy The Earth Pushed Back

  89. Hellwitch Annihilational Intercention

  90. Honeybus Under The Silent Tree: Gentle Sounds With Strings

  91. Horna & Behexen Split (Reissue)

  92. Houston Re-Launch III

  93. Ian Person Autoimmune

  94. Idris Muhammad Black Rhythm Revolution! (Vinyl Reissue)

  95. Ikon The Complete Recordings 1992-1996

  96. Jack DeJohnette Sorcery (Vinyl Reissue)

  97. Jack Jones ArtWork

  98. Jackie Wilson Higher & Higher (Blue Vinyl)

  99. Jasper Blom Quartet & Pablo Held Polyphony 3 (Vinyl)

  100. John Coltrane Evenings At The Village Gate: John Coltrane With Eric Dolphy

  101. Joni Mitchell Clouds (Vinyl Reissue)

  102. Joni Mitchell Song To A Seagull (Vinyl Reissue)

  103. Judas Iscariot Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten (Reissue)

  104. Kelly Finnigan From Me to You (Cassette)

  105. KIDZ BOP Kids KIDZ BOP 2023 Vol. 2

  106. Kings Go Forth The Outsiders Are Back (Gold Vinyl)

  107. Kordhell PSYCHX (Vinyl)

  108. L.A. Guns Black Diamonds (Vinyl)

  109. Lance Lopez Trouble Is Good

  110. Lauren Spencer Smith Mirror

  111. Leo Genovese Estrellero

  112. Leon Spencer Where I'm Coming From (Vinyl Reissue)

  113. Lindstrom Everyone Else Is A Stranger (Vinyl)

  114. Little Richard The Complete Atlantic & Reprise Singles (Red Vinyl)

  115. Mackjunt Mac Elements

  116. Maggie Lindemann PARANOIA (Vinyl)

  117. Mahalia IRL

  118. Marc Ribot & Ceramic Dog Connection

  119. Marillion Seasons End: 2023 Remix (Vinyl Reissue)

  120. Marshall Crenshaw Field Day (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

  121. Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw (Vinyl Reissue)

  122. Masego Lady Lady (Color Vinyl)

  123. Merrimack Of Entropy And Life Denial (Reissue)

  124. Meta_ XIV- A Integração (Yellow Vinyl)

  125. Mick Chillage A Distant Reflection

  126. Middle Of The Road Black Gold (Reissue)

  127. Middle Of The Road Flying High (Reissue)

  128. Mike Cooper Life And Death In Paradise - Milan Live Acoustin 2018

  129. Mike Tramp Songs Of White Lion (Vinyl)

  130. Mission To The Sun Sophia Oscillations (Vinyl)

  131. MisterWives Nosebleeds (Red Vinyl)

  132. Naglfar Diabolical (Reissue)

  133. Natural Wonder Beauty Concept Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Vinyl)

  134. Nazareth The Fool Circle Tour 1981 (Blue Vinyl)

  135. Neil Young Official Release Series Discs 22, 23+, 24 & 25

  136. Nik Turner's Sphynx XITINTODAY (Blue Vinyl)

  137. Ningen Isu Kaijin Nijyumensou (Vinyl Reissue)

  138. Ningen Isu Shurabayashi (Vinyl Reissue)

  139. No Vacation Intermission (Pink & Yellow Vinyl)

  140. No Vacation Phasing (Clear Cloudy Vinyl)

  141. Ole Lonesome Tejas Motel

  142. Ornette Coleman Something Else!!!! (Vinyl Reissue)

  143. Oscar Peterson A Time for Love: Live In Helsinki, 1987 (Vinyl)

  144. Palehound Eye On The Bat

  145. Peace Flag Ensemble Astral Plains (Vinyl)

  146. Peter Ehwald & Stefan Schultze Stamp

  147. Pharoah Sanders Black Unity (Vinyl Reissue)

  148. Photon Band Pure Photonic Matter, Vol. 2

  149. Posture & The Grizzly I Am Satan (Color Vinyl)

  150. Pressing Strings And I For You

  151. Professor Creepshow Cyber Eclipse

  152. Puma Blue In Praise Of Shadows (Vinyl)

  153. Puscifer V Is For Viagra - The Remixes (Vinyl)

  154. PVRIS Evergreen

  155. R.E.M. Around The Sun (Vinyl Reissue)

  156. R.E.M. Collapse Into Now (Vinyl Reissue)

  157. Rammstein Sehnsucht (Anniversary Edition)

  158. Ramona Lisa Arcadia (Vinyl)

  159. Raveena Asha’s Awakening (Vinyl)

  160. Ravi Shankar Shankar Family & Friends (Reissue)

  161. Revolution Saints Eagle Flight (Vinyl)

  162. RM (BTS) Indigo (Vinyl)

  163. Robledo Broken Soul

  164. Roos Meijer Stories Of Change

  165. Rotting Christ The Apocryphal Spells

  166. Royston Langdon President Alien

  167. Russian Circles Station (15th Anniversary Blue Vinyl)

  168. Ryan Curtis Ain't Ever Easy

  169. Sam Burton Dear Departed

  170. Sass Jordan Live In New York Ninety-Four

  171. SBT (Sarabeth Tucek) Joan Of All

  172. Scream Maker Land Of Fire

  173. Shadows Fall The Art Balance (Green Vinyl + Black 7")

  174. Shinyribs Transit Damage

  175. Silke Eberhard Wild Knots

  176. Sleater-Kinney Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers Album (Vinyl)

  177. Soul Jazz Records Presents Delta Swamp Rock - Sounds From The South: At The Crossroads Of Rock, Country And Soul (Vinyl)

  178. Sound Of Animals Fighting Tiger And The Duke (Vinyl)

  179. Soundtrack Horizon Forbidden West (Vinyl)

  180. Survivor The Best Of Survivor (Black & Blue Swirl Vinyl)

  181. Swing Cats A Special Tribute To Elvis (Reissue)

  182. Temple Of Angels Endless Pursuit (Vinyl)

  183. The Banishment Machine And Bone (Vinyl)

  184. The Devil's Trade Vidékek Vannak Idebenn

  185. The Dirty Nil Free Rein To Passions (Pink Vinyl)

  186. The Guess Who Plein D'Amour

  187. The Kinks Preservation Act 1 (Vinyl Reissue)

  188. The Kinks Preservation Act 2 (Vinyl Reissue)

  189. The Kinks Schoolboys In Disgrace (Vinyl Reissue)

  190. The Kinks Soap Opera (Vinyl Reissue)

  191. The Men Fuzz Club Session (Milky Clear Vinyl)

  192. The Neal Morse Band An Evening Of Innocence & Danger: Live In Hamburg

  193. The Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling Get Your Back Into It

  194. The Rationals The Rationals (Magenta Vinyl)

  195. The Rolling Stones Metamorphosis (Vinyl Reissue)

  196. The Smashing Pumpkins Monuments To An Elegy (Vinyl Reissue)

  197. The Sound Of Animals Fighting Lover, The Lord Has Left Us... (Vinyl)

  198. The Teskey Brothers The Winding Way

  199. Tito Ramirez El Prince (Vinyl)

  200. Tommy Bolin Whirlwind (Purple Vinyl)

  201. Tristitia Crucidiction (Reissue)

  202. Tristitia The Last Grief (Reissue)

  203. Ubiquitous Meh! Songs Wrought Wrong

  204. Undeath Live...From The Grave

  205. Various Heroes Of The Night Vol.2 (Vinyl)

  206. Various High Voltage Punk - A Tribute To AC

  207. Various Please, Please, Please: A Tribute To The Smiths (Vinyl)

  208. Various The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2022 : Live From The Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle

  209. Vendetta Black As Coal

  210. Voyager Fearless In Love

  211. Warlord Live In Athens (Splatter Vinyl)

  212. Weakened Friends Common Blah (Cream Vinyl)

  213. Wheel The Path - The Divide EP (Vinyl)

  214. Wickerbird The Sea Weaver

  215. Wiz Khalifa Multiverse (Vinyl)

  216. Yoruba Singers Ojinga’s Own (Vinyl Reissue)

  217. Yusef Lateef Psychicemotus (Vinyl Reissue)
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