New Albums & Songs for September 29, 2023 Sep 29, 2023


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out September 29, 2023


  1. 3 Inches Of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom (Reissue)

  2. 3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal (Reissue)

  3. Adrian Underhill After This

  4. Akira Miyazawa Iwana (Vinyl)

  5. Andy Hall Squareneck Soul

  6. Angelika Niescier Beyond Dragons

  7. Animal Collective Isn’t It Now?

  8. Ann Hampton Callaway Finding Beauty: Originals Vol. 1

  9. Anti-God Hand Blight Year (Vinyl)

  10. Armand Hammer We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

  11. Asinhell Impii Hora

  12. B. Cool-Aid Leather Blvd. (Vinyl)

  13. Bad History Month God Is Luck (Black Smoke Vinyl)

  14. Bambara Dreamviolence (Vinyl)

  15. Bang Another Me (Red Vinyl)

  16. Barry Manilow Even Now (Turquoise Vinyl)

  17. Bathouse Helping Bats Helping People (Vinyl)

  18. Billie Holiday Great Women Of Song: Billie Holiday

  19. Black Stone Cherry Screamin' At The Sky

  20. Blackbriar Dark Euphony

  21. Blasphemous Commander Bestial War Of Fallen Angels

  22. Blonde Redhead Sit Down For Dinner

  23. Blue October Spinning The Truth Around (Part II)

  24. Bob Corritore & Friends Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me

  25. Bob James Jazz Hands

  26. Bob Marley The Soul Of A Rebel (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  27. Boy Named Banjo Dusk

  28. Bride Are You Awake (Reissue)

  29. Bride Eyes Wide Open (Reissue)

  30. BVDLVD Absence

  31. Carcass Despicable EP (Blue Vinyl)

  32. Celtic Frost Emperor’s Return (Color Vinyl)

  33. Charles Mingus Pre-Bird (Vinyl Reissue)

  34. Charlie Rich I Hear Those Blues: Rich In Stereo (Vinyl)

  35. Cheat Code One Night In Nashville (Silver Vinyl)

  36. Cherry Glazerr I Don't Want You Anymore

  37. Chick Corea Sardinia

  38. Chip Wickham Love & Life (Vinyl)

  39. Christopher Tignor The Art Of Surrender (Vinyl)

  40. Chrome Ghost Machine (Reissue)

  41. Cimarron 615 Brand New Distance (Vinyl)

  42. Coco Montoya Writing On The Wall (Blue Vinyl)

  43. Common Kings CELEBRATION

  44. Count Basie Orchestra Basie Swings The Blues

  45. Crimson Thorn Dissection (Vinyl Reissue)

  46. Crimson Thorn Plagued (Vinyl Reissue)

  47. Crimson Thorn Purification (Vinyl Reissue)

  48. Crispy Ambulance Fin + Frozen Blood

  49. Crosby, Stills & Nash Greatest Hits (Clear Vinyl)

  50. Dale Hollow Hack Of The Year

  51. Dan Auerbach Keep It Hid (Reissue)

  52. Dangerous Toys Vitamins & Crash Helmets Live (Blue Vinyl)

  53. Danny Ward & Reality Danny Ward & Reality (Vinyl Reissue)

  54. Darius Jones fLuXkit Vancouver (its suite but sacred)

  55. David Eugene Edwards Hyacinth

  56. Dawgss Inori (Vinyl)

  57. Deadlands Evilution

  58. Del Water Gap I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet (Vinyl)

  59. Deliverance Deliverance (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  60. Descartes A Kant Afer Destruction

  61. Dessa Bury The Lede

  62. Destruction Eternal Devastation (Silver Vinyl)

  63. Destruction Infernal Overkill (Golden Vinyl)

  64. Destruction Mad Butcher (Mixed Splatter Vinyl)

  65. Destruction Release From Agony (Mixed Splatter Vinyl)

  66. Die Selektion Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt (Vinyl Reissue)

  67. Die Selektion Die Selektion (Vinyl Reissue)

  68. Die Selektion Zeuge Aus Licht (Vinyl)

  69. Disguised Malignance Entering The Gateways

  70. Dismember Death Metal (Reissue)

  71. Dismember Hate Campaign (Reissue)

  72. Dismember Massive Killing Capacity (Reissue)

  73. Djo DECIDE

  74. Djo Twenty Twenty (Vinyl)

  75. DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya

  76. Don Letts Outta Sync

  77. Doomslide As The World Burns (Vinyl)

  78. Dora Morelenbaum Vento De Beirada EP (Vinyl)

  79. Dorotheo Nada Escrito (Vinyl)

  80. Duran Duran Pop Trash (Vinyl Reissue)

  81. Duster Stratosphere - 25th Anniversary Edition

  82. Dustin Lynch Killed The Cowboy

  83. Ed Sheeran Autumn Variations

  84. Eden ICYMI (Vinyl)

  85. Electronic Get The Message - The Best Of Electronic

  86. Elvin Jones Genesis (Vinyl Reissue)

  87. Enuff Z'Nuff Animals With Human Intelligence (Blue

  88. Eri Yamamoto Colors Of The Night (Vinyl)

  89. Escape The Fate This War Is Ours - Anniversary Editioin (Splatter Vinyl)

  90. Fat Freddy’s Drop Blackbird Returns Remix (Vinyl)

  91. Fearing Destroyer

  92. Feid MOR, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad

  93. Filth Is Eternal Find Out

  94. Finbar Furey Moments In Time

  95. Floki Sessions Boots In Place

  96. Frightwig We Need To Talk

  97. Gene Loves Jezebel Dance Underwater (Reissue)

  98. George Lynch Orchestral Mayhem (Reissue)

  99. Ghost IMPERA (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  100. Girl Live In London (Red Splatter Vinyl)

  101. Gracie Abrams Good Riddence

  102. Grateful Dead Wake Of The Flood (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

  103. Graveyard 6

  104. Gravity Kills Gravity Kills (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

  105. Green Day Dookie (Blue Vinyl)

  106. Greenslade Live In Stockholm (Green Splatter Vinyl)

  107. GUNSHIP Unicorn

  108. Gypsy In The Garden (Reissue)

  109. HAIM Days Are Gone (10th Anniversary Green Vinyl w

  110. Harms Way Common Suffering

  111. Hartle Road Maxx II (Vinyl)

  112. Haunt The Woods Ubiquity

  113. Hawklords Space

  114. Heavy Water Dreams Of Yesterday

  115. Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. I (Splatter Vinyl)

  116. Horrace Tapscott & Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra Live At Iucc (Vinyl)

  117. Hurricane Reconnected (Vinyl)

  118. Iggy & The Stooges Jesus Loves The Stooges (Black & Gold Splatter Vinyl)

  119. Imogen Ryall Sings The Charles Mingus

  120. Imprecation In Nomine Diaboli

  121. Ingrid Laubrock Monochromes

  122. Islet Soft Fascination

  123. Jag Panzer The Age Of Mastery (Gold Vinyl)

  124. Jason Ricci And The Bad Kind Behind The Veil

  125. Jeff Loomis Plains Of Oblivion (Aqua Vinyl)

  126. Jeff Loomis Zero Order Phase (Teal Vinyl)

  127. Jeff Plankenhorn Alone At Sea

  128. Jelusick Follow The Blind Man

  129. Jerry David DeCicca New Shadows

  130. Jlin Perspective

  131. Jobs Soft Sounds (Cassette)

  132. Joe Sumner Sunshine In The Night

  133. Joey Cavaseno Jazz Gangstas 1993

  134. John P. Strohm Something To Look Forward To

  135. Jonas Brothers The Family Business: Greatest Hits

  136. Joni Mitchell Court And Spark (Vinyl Reissue)

  137. Joni Mitchell Ladies Of The Canyon (Vinyl Reissue)

  138. Joni Mitchell Miles Of Aisles (Vinyl Reissue)

  139. Joni Mitchell The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (Vinyl Reissue)

  140. Jorja Smith falling or flying

  141. Kabaka Pyramid The Kalling

  142. Karras We Poison Their Young

  143. Kei Miho And Jazz Eleven Kokezaru Suite (Vinyl)

  144. Kenny Cox Multidirection (Vinyl Reissue)

  145. Kilometre Club How To Unravel (Vinyl)

  146. King Nun Lamb

  147. King Von Grandson

  148. KK's Priest The Sinner Rides Again

  149. Koyo Would You Miss It?

  150. Kreator Bonecrushing Rehearsals 1985 (Bone Vinyl)

  151. Kreator Pleasure To Kill (Splatter Vinyl)

  152. Kurt Baker Rock 'N' Roll Club

  153. La Force XO SKELETON (Vinyl)

  154. Ladaniva Ladaniva (Vinyl)

  155. Larkin Poe Kindred Spirits (Vinyl Reissue)

  156. Larkin Poe Peach (Vinyl Reissue)

  157. Larkin Poe Self Made Man (Vinyl Reissue)

  158. Larkin Poe Venom & Faith (Vinyl Reissue)

  159. Larry June & The Alchemist The Great Escape (Vinyl)

  160. Lazarus A.D. The Onslaught (Reissue)

  161. Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters Return Of The Super Ape (Reissue)

  162. Little Texas Young For A Long Time (Red Marble Vinyl)

  163. Liv.e Girl In The Half Pearl (Vinyl)

  164. Lol Tolhurst Los Angeles

  165. London Music Works Stranger Things (Vinyl)


  167. Love And Death Between Here & Lost (10th Anniversary Edition)

  168. LP Love Lines

  169. Lucia & The Best Boys Burning Castles

  170. Maggot Heart Hunger

  171. Main Line Riders Worldshaker (Reissue)

  172. Mantra Of Morta Et Tu, Brute?

  173. Mari Boine Amame

  174. Mark G. Meadows Only Time

  175. Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz Nothing But Green Willow : The Songs Of Mary Sands And Jane Gentry

  176. Martin Simson's Destroyer Of Death Eternal Reign

  177. MASS Voices In The Night (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  178. Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Five: In The Garden…

  179. Maura Weaver I Was Due For A Heartbreak (Blue Vinyl)

  180. MDC War Is A Racket

  181. Melenas Ahora

  182. Messer Chups Church Of Reverb (Bone Vinyl)

  183. Miho Hazama m_unit: Beyond Orbits

  184. Mike Moreno Quartet Standards From Film (Vinyl)

  185. Miles Davis Milestones (SACD)

  186. Miley Cyrus Bangerz (10th Anniversary Vinyl w

  187. Modern Nature No Fixed Point in Space

  188. Molly Burch Daydreamer

  189. Momus Krambambuli

  190. Mondo Drag Through The Hourglass

  191. Mu Ichizoku Mu (Vinyl Reissue)

  192. Municipal Waste Waste 'Em All (Reissue)

  193. Nate Smith Nate Smith (Deluxe)

  194. NCT 2023 4th Album 'Golden Age' (Archiving Ver.)

  195. Nevermore In Memory + 5 (Reissue)

  196. Nihiloxica Source Of Denial

  197. Nimbus Collective Live In Lotusland (Vinyl)

  198. Nite Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (Reissue)

  199. ODESZA Flaws in Our Design (Blue Vinyl)

  200. Ogre You Asshole Outside Of The House EP (Vinyl)

  201. Ogre You Asshole Workshop 2

  202. Ogre You Asshole Workshop 3

  203. Oliver Tree Alone In A Crowd

  204. Oneohtrix Point Never Again

  205. Oneus La Dolce Vita - US Basic

  206. Ostrogoth Ecstasy And Danger (Reissue)

  207. Ostrogoth Feelings Of Fury (Reissue)

  208. Ostrogoth Full Moon's Eyes (Reissue)

  209. Ostrogoth Too Hot (Reissue)

  210. Pachyman Switched-O (Vinyl)

  211. Paris Break The Grip Of Shame (Vinyl Reissue)

  212. Paris Fnb

  213. Paris Freedom (Vinyl Reissue)

  214. Patio Collection

  215. Pere Ubu Architecture Of Language: 1979-1982

  216. Pere Ubu Elitism For The People: 1975-1978

  217. Perpetual Paranoia The Wave

  218. Phil Upchurch Tell The Truth (Vinyl)

  219. Pia Fraus Evening Colours (Vinyl)

  220. Pink Fairies Screwed Up

  221. Prep Prep (Clear Vinyl)

  222. Primordial How It Ends

  223. Psing Psong Psung Only Fan (Vinyl)

  224. Public Enemy Can't Hold Us Back (Vinyl Reissue)

  225. Rat King Psychotic Reality (Splatter Vinyl)

  226. Reagan Youth Poss Tapes (Cassette)

  227. Rex Omar Rex Omar (Vinyl)

  228. Richard Wright Wet Dream (Reissue)

  229. Ricky Montgomery Rick

  230. Robert Glasper Black Radio III (Supreme Edition Tri-Color Vinyl)

  231. Roborob Mega Remix Man (2).Exe (Vinyl)

  232. Royal Republic Club Majesty (Neon Magenta Vinyl)

  233. Rozz Williams Every King A Bastard Son (Vinyl)

  234. Ruin Lust Dissimulant

  235. Run-DMC King Of Rock (SACD)

  236. Ruthie Foster Healing Time (Vinyl)

  237. Ryo Fukui Scenery (Vinyl)

  238. Ryo Rukui Mellow Dream (Vinyl Reissue)

  239. Sacred Dawn Dismal Swamp

  240. Sarah Vaughan Great Women Of Song: Sarah Vaughan

  241. Say She She Silver


  243. Setting Shone A Rainbow Light On


  245. Shadow's Symphony The House In The Mist (Vinyl)

  246. Silence In The Snow Ghost Eyes

  247. Silverstein Discovering The Waterfront (Vinyl Reissue)

  248. Skam No Name (Vinyl)

  249. Sleep Token Sundowning (Black Ice Vinyl)

  250. Soundtrack Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story - Covers From The Netflix Series (Vinyl)

  251. Soundtrack Renfield (Vinyl)

  252. Soundtrack She Came To Me

  253. Soundtrack The Nightmare Before Christmas (Zoetrope Vinyl Picture Disc)

  254. Steely Dan Aja (Vinyl Reissue)

  255. Stepmother Planet Brutalicon (Green Vinyl)

  256. Supernaive Dordogne Soundtrack (Vinyl)

  257. SUSS High Line (Green Vinyl)

  258. Sven Wunder Late Again (Vinyl)

  259. Taproot SC\SSRS

  260. TENGGER TENGGER (Vinyl)

  261. Terra Builder Solar Temple

  262. Thank You, I'm Sorry Growing In Strange Places (Orange Crush Vinyl)

  263. The Ataris & Useless Id Let It Burn (Red & Blue Vinyl)

  264. The Business Keep The Faith (Reissue)

  265. The Chats High Risk Behaviour (Maroon & White Vinyl)

  266. The Evening Sons Tracks (Vinyl)

  267. The Gestures The Gestures (Reissu)

  268. The Glorious Sons Glory (Bone Color Vinyl)

  269. The Inspirations Reunion Live (DVD+CD)

  270. The Jesus Lizard Goat (White Vinyl)

  271. The New Order The New Order (Reissue)

  272. The Ophelias Bare Bodkin (Vinyl)

  273. The Orb And David Gilmour Metallic Spheres In Color

  274. The Red Rated R

  275. The Rolling Stones More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) (Japan SHM Reissue)

  276. The Skids Days In Europa (Vinyl Reissue)

  277. The Skids Destination Dusseldorf (Vinyl)

  278. The Sweet Lillies Equality

  279. The Taxpayers God, Forgive These Bastards Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner (Yellow Vinyl)

  280. Thomas Rhett 20 Number Ones

  281. Thurnin Utiseta

  282. Todd Rundgren Ultrasonic Studio 1972

  283. Tony Jackson I've Got Songs To Sing

  284. Tormentor Blitzkrieg Demo '84 (Clear Vinyl)

  285. Tormentor End Of The World Demo '84 (Clear Vinyl)

  286. Trans-Siberian Orchestra The Christmas Attic (Vinyl)

  287. TV On The Radio Return To Cookie Mountain (Orange Vinyl)

  288. Uay Kukulkan (Vinyl)

  289. UK Subs Reverse Engineering (Yellow

  290. Ulver Blood Inside

  291. Unholy From The Shadows (Reissue)

  292. Usher My Way (Vinyl Reissue)

  293. Various ...Still Sad (Seafoam Swirl Vinyl)

  294. Various Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute (Reissue)

  295. Various Meddle Reimgained - A Tribute To Pink Floyd (Blue Vinyl)

  296. Various Sad About The Times (Pink Vinyl)

  297. Various Stax Christmas

  298. Various Surfin’ The Great Lakes: Kay Bank Studio Surf Sides Of The 1960s

  299. Various The NID Tapes: Electronic Music From India

  300. Various Ultimate Zydeco

  301. Various Waga Yoki Tomoyo (My Good Friend): Takuro Yoshida

  302. Voivod Dimension Hatross (Splatter Vinyl)

  303. Weeed Green Roses Vol. I (Green Vinyl)

  304. Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Yomo Toro Asalto Navideño Vol. II (50th Anniversary Vinyl)

  305. Willie Nelson Bluegrass (Vinyl)

  306. Witchery In His Infernal Majesty's Service (Reissue)

  307. X-Cops You Have The Right To Remain Silent (Reissue)

  308. Yellowcard Ocean Avenue (Vinyl Reissue)

  309. Yusef Lateef Eastern Sounds (Vinyl Reissue)
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