New Albums & Songs for September 23, 2022 Sep 23, 2022


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out September 23, 2022


  1. 100% Clear Visions (Clear Teal Vinyl)

  2. 45 Grave Devil's Possessions - Demos & Live 1980-1983

  3. 4Te! City Jazz! (Sparkle Purple Vinyl)

  4. 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS5

  5. ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits (Gold Vinyl)

  6. Alain Zane Right Before Your Eyes (Vinyl)

  7. Alex G God Save The Animals

  8. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah World Spirituality Classics 3: The Muslim Highlife Of Alhaji Waziri Oshomah

  9. Alice In Chains Dirt (Vinyl Reissue)

  10. Alina Bzhezhinska Reflections

  11. Alphaville Eternally Yours

  12. Anathema The Best Of - Internal Landscapes

  13. Angelica Sanchez Sparkle Beings

  14. Ani DiFranco Living In Clip: 25th Anniversary (Natural Blue Swirl Vinyl)

  15. Anthony Gomes High Voltage Blues

  16. Aqua Aquarium (Vinyl)

  17. Arkells Blink Twice

  18. Autour de Lucie Immobile (Tan Vinyl)

  19. Autour de Lucie L’Échapée Belle (Red Vinyl)

  20. Bad Brains Quickness: Punk Note Edition (Vinyl)

  21. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso Orlando: Le Forme dell'Amore

  22. Barry Adamson Back To The Cat (Reissue)

  23. Barry Adamson Steal Away EP (Pearl Blue Vinyl)

  24. Barry Adamson Stranger On The Sofa (Reissue)

  25. Bart Plugers Blossom & Blasphemy - Jazz Thing Next Generation, Vol. 94

  26. Ben Fuller Who I Am

  27. Benjamin Tod Songs I Swore I'd Never Sing

  28. Black Paisley Rambler

  29. Blacklab In A Bizarre Dream

  30. Blanca The Heartbreak And The Healing

  31. Blind Channel Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous (Vinyl)

  32. Blur Bustin' + Dronin'

  33. Bob Mover One Soul (Duets With Tony Castellano)

  34. Bob Wayne Outlaw Carnie (Vinyl Reissue)

  35. Bobby Broom Keyed Up

  36. Boney James Detour

  37. Bruce Dickinson Accident Of Birth (Red & Yellow Splatter Vinyl)

  38. Bubble Tea And Cigarettes There's Nothing But Pleasure

  39. C.C. Catch The Best

  40. Candlemass The Door To Doom (Reissue)

  41. Cass McCombs Heartmind (Vinyl)

  42. CB3 Exploration

  43. Cecil Alexander Introducing

  44. Charles Lloyd Trios: Ocean

  45. Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupil Topical Dancer (Vinyl)

  46. Cherry St. Squeeze It Dry (Reissue)

  47. Chick Corea The Montreux Years

  48. Chris Canterbury Quaalude Lullabies

  49. Chris Christian 1976 (Reissue)

  50. Chris Christian 1981 (Reissue)

  51. Chris Christian Mirror Of Your Heart (Reissue)

  52. Chris Christian Pop Songs To Get A Record Dead (Reissue)

  53. Chris Christian Thinking Of You This Christmas (Reissue)

  54. Chris Renzema Get Out Of The Way Of Your Own Heart (Deluxe Vinyl)

  55. Cloven Hoof Dominator (Reissue)

  56. Concrete Prairie Concrete Prairie

  57. Connie Han Secrets Of Inanna

  58. Courting Guitar Music

  59. Crone Gotta Light?

  60. Curren$Y & The Alchemist Continuance (Vinyl)

  61. D.I. State Of Shock (Color Vinyl)

  62. Daddy Yankee LEGENDADDY

  63. Damien Jurado Waters Ave S. (Aqua Blue Vinyl)

  64. Dan Peek Doer Of The Word (Reissue)

  65. Danzig 6:66: Satan's Child (Reissue)

  66. Dark Meditation Polluted Temples (Vinyl)

  67. David Libert Rock And Roll Warrior (Book)

  68. Dazey And The Scouts Maggot (Vinyl)

  69. De Lux Do You Need A Release?

  70. Dead City Ruins Shockwave

  71. Deathprod Sow Your Gold In The White Foliated Earth

  72. Decoy Without Warning

  73. Deliverance Deliverance (Reissue)

  74. Deliverance What A Joke (Reissue)

  75. Destruct Best You Never Heard (Vinyl)

  76. Destruction Release From Agony (Bi-Color Vinyl)

  77. Destructor Maximum Destruction (Reissue)

  78. Diamanda Galas Broken Gargoyles

  79. Dio Dio At Donington ‘83

  80. Dio Dio At Donington ‘87

  81. Dio Killing The Dragon (Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl)

  82. Discordance Axis Jouhou (Reissue)

  83. Divino Nino Last Spa On Earth

  84. Doctor Bionic God State (Clearwater Blue Vinyl)

  85. Don Antonio Colorama

  86. Douglas Andrew McCombs VMAK<KOMBZ<<<DUGLAS<<6NDR7<<<

  87. Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Awake Demos 1994 (Vinyl)

  88. Duster Together

  89. Duwayne Burnside Acoustic Burnside

  90. Editors EBM

  91. Eerie Wanda Internal Radio

  92. Elephant Sessions For The Night

  93. Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden I get along without you very well

  94. Ensanguinate Eldritch Anatomy

  95. Enuff Z'Nuff Welcome To Blue Island (Reissue)

  96. Eric Copeland & Josh Diamond Riders On The Storm (Vinyl)

  97. Extol Synergy (Reissue)

  98. F5 Drug For All Seasons (White Vinyl)

  99. Fallujah Empyrean (Gold & Black Galaxy Vinyl)

  100. Ferris & Sylvester Superhuman (Vinyl)

  101. Fireboy DML Playboy

  102. Firefall Alive In America

  103. Fredrik Saroea With BIT20 Ensemble Rona Diaries: The Chamber Versions

  104. Gaerea Mirage

  105. Gazpacho When Earth Lets Go (Vinyl Reissue)

  106. Grateful Dead Fillmore East 2-11-69 (Vinyl Reissue)

  107. Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 3

  108. Ground Mourn Innocence EP (Vinyl)

  109. Have Mercy The Earth Pushed Back

  110. Heart Of Gold Tom (Jade Green Vinyl)

  111. Helloween Metal Jukebox (Orange & Red Splatter Vinyl)

  112. Hermon Hitson Let The Gods Sing

  113. Herva Seez (Vinyl)

  114. Highway Sniper The Great Satan EP (Vinyl)

  115. Ian William Craig Music For Magnesium 173 (Vinyl)

  116. Iceage Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Rarities 2015–2021

  117. Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun (Vinyl Reissue)

  118. Instant Funk Instant Funk (Red Vinyl)

  119. Jackie Cohen Pratfall

  120. Jake Chisholm Hands Held High

  121. Jean-Paul Estievenart & Marcel Ponseele Triptyque

  122. Jennifer Hartswick Something In The Water (Purple Vinyl)

  123. Jerry Lee Lewis The Killer Keys Of Jerry Lee Lewis (Vinyl)

  124. Jessie Baylin Jersey Girl (Color Vinyl)

  125. Joe Jackson Summer In The City: Live In New York (SACD)

  126. Joni Mitchell The Asylum Albums 1972–1975 (4CD Set)

  127. Josh Groban Josh Groban (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

  128. Kabeaushe The Coming Of Gaze (Vinyl)

  129. Kaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign - Chapter VII: Evil Awakens

  130. Kelsea Ballerini SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  131. Kid Kapichi Here's What You Could Have Won (Vinyl)

  132. Killing Joke Lord Of Chaos (Vinyl)

  133. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Omnium Gatherum (Vinyl)

  134. King Von What It Means To Be King

  135. Krystian Shek Love

  136. L.A. Guns Covered In Guns

  137. Lande Hekt House Without A View

  138. LastWorld Escape The Eclipse

  139. Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' In New York (Vinyl Reissue)

  140. Lilim Weighted Ghosts (Vinyl)

  141. Living Wreckage Living Wreckage

  142. LMD Flying High

  143. Love Hate

  144. Luke Daniel Rock 'n' Roll Americana

  145. Lyin Rampant Up & Cumin' (Reissue)

  146. Mac Dre Genie Of The Lamp (Marble Purple & Teal Vinyl)

  147. Maik Krahl Quartet In-Between Flow

  148. Makaya McCraven In These Times

  149. Mal Waldron Searching In Grenoble: The 1978 Solo Piano Concert

  150. Manifest The Sinking

  151. MARINA Electra Heart (Platinum Blonde Vinyl)

  152. Marisa Anderson Still, Here

  153. Mark Owen Land Of Dreams

  154. Mark Tuan the other side

  155. Master An Epiphany Of Hate (Reissue)

  156. Master The Witch Hunt

  157. Matt Heckler This Town Is Killing Me

  158. Mcguinn, Clark & Hillman Alive In America

  159. Mechanical Canine Walls Covered In Mildew

  160. Meridian The 4th Dimension

  161. Midtown Forget What You Know (Orange & Black Swirl Vinyl)

  162. Mind Against fabric presents Mind Against

  163. Minus The Bear Lost Loves (Gold & White Swirl Vinyl)

  164. Mobley Cry Havoc! (Vinyl)

  165. Modern Nomad There It Is, There You Are (Vinyl)

  166. Monster Magnet 4 Way Diablo (Vinyl)

  167. Moritz von Oswald Trio & Heinrich Köbberling Dissent Remixes Featuring Laurel Halo (Vinyl)

  168. Motörhead Hammered (Gold & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  169. Motörhead Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

  170. Motorhead & Lemmy Live To Win

  171. Mr Big Lean Into It - 30th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl Reissue)

  172. Mr. Sam & The People People People People People People!

  173. Municipal Waste Electrified Brain (Color Vinyl)

  174. Neu! 50!

  175. Newsboys STAND (Deluxe Version)

  176. Nez You Wanna? (Vinyl)

  177. Nils Frahm Music For Animals

  178. Orphaned Land All Is One (Vinyl Reissue)

  179. Otoboke Beaver Super Champon

  180. Oz Noy Schizophrenic (Reissue)

  181. Patrick Kavanagh Almost Everything...

  182. Peezy Only Built 4 Diamond Links

  183. Pere Ubu 390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo V2.1 (Vinyl Reissue)

  184. Pere Ubu Dub Housing (Vinyl Reissue)

  185. Peter Murphy Wild Birds Live Tour

  186. Philip Catherine 75 (Live At Flagey)

  187. Pink Trash Can What Are They Saying Is The PTC? (Cassette)

  188. Queen A Night At The Opera (Vinyl Reissue)

  189. Ray Charles Ray Sings, Basie Swings (Reissue)

  190. Rebel Wizard The Warning Of Three (Purple Vinyl)

  191. Rick Wakeman Two Sides Of Yes (Silver Vinyl)

  192. Sacred Warrior Master's Command (Reissue)

  193. Sacred Warrior Waiting In Darkness (Vinyl)

  194. Sai Galaxy Get It As You Move (Vinyl)

  195. Satan's Pilgrims Go Action!! (Metallic Gold Swirl Vinyl)

  196. Say Sue Me The Last Thing Left

  197. Scream Taker Kill The Beautiful

  198. Shape Of Despair Shades Of Despair (Vinyl)

  199. Silencer Death Pierce Me (Crystal Clear Vinyl)

  200. Siloam Sweet Destiny (Reissue)

  201. Solitude Aeturnus Downfall (Vinyl Reissue)

  202. Solitude Aeturnus Through The Darkest Hour (Vinyl Reissue)

  203. Soundtrack Frost (White Vinyl)

  204. Soundtrack Let The Right One In

  205. Soundtrack The Omen (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  206. Space Of Variations IMAGO

  207. Stabbing Westward Save Yourself EP (Blue & White Haze Vinyl)

  208. Status Non-Status

  209. Steelover Stainless

  210. Steve Bates All The Things That Happen

  211. Stratovarius Survive

  212. Sunny Sweeney Married Alone

  213. Supershine Supershine (Reissue)

  214. Swedish House Mafia Paradise Again

  215. Swell Maps International Rescue (Blue Vinyl)

  216. Talas 1985

  217. Tangerine Dream Booster III

  218. Tango Down This Is Gonna Hurt

  219. The Association Greatest Hits (Color Vinyl)

  220. The Bevis Frond Little Eden (Silver Vinyl)

  221. The Blood Total Megalomania (Vinyl Reissue)

  222. The Casualties Written In Blood (White Vinyl)

  223. The Cradle Radio Wars (Vinyl)

  224. The Greg Foat Group Blue Lotus (Vinyl)

  225. The Groundhogs Hogwash (Blue Vinyl)

  226. The Hollywood Allstars Field Of Grace

  227. The Human League The Virgin Years (5LP Vinyl Box)

  228. The Lars Erstrand Quartet Dream Dancing (Vinyl)

  229. The Moirai Blood Treasure, Woven Fates

  230. The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari Grounation

  231. The Orchestra No Rewind (Reissue)

  232. The Soft Moon Exister

  233. The Tubes Alive In America

  234. The Warlocks Songs From The Pale Eclipse (Red Vinyl)

  235. The Wonder Years Hum Goes On Forever

  236. This Ending Garden Of Death

  237. Tim Burgess Typical Music

  238. Tirzah Highgrade (Vinyl)

  239. Titan Force Titan Force (Reissue)

  240. Titan Force Winner

  241. Tobi Lou Non-Perishable (Milky Clear Vinyl)

  242. Toledo How It Ends

  243. Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double March (Vinyl)

  244. Train AM Gold (Vinyl)

  245. Trouble Live In Stockholm (Vinyl)

  246. Trytan Blood Of Kings (Vinyl)

  247. Unloved The Pink Album

  248. Unsane Unsane (Reissue)

  249. Various Another Hair Of The Dog - Tribute To Nazareth

  250. Various With Love Volume 1: Compiled By Miche

  251. Venom In Nomine Satanas (6CD+DVD Box)

  252. Venom Inc. There's Only Black

  253. Vieux Farka Toure & Khruangbin Ali

  254. Virgil & Steve Howe Lunar Mist

  255. Wanda Jackson I Remember Elvis (Pink Vinyl)

  256. Whiteheart Hotline (Reissue)

  257. Whiteheart Vital Signs (Reissue)

  258. Whiteheart Whiteheart (Reissue)

  259. William Doyle Lightnesses I & II (Vinyl)

  260. William Doyle Near Future Residence (Vinyl)

  261. William Doyle The Dream Derealised (Vinyl)

  262. Yamaoka Small Theater
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