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Newest World Albums & Song Releases

Sentimentale by Richard Galliano

Richard Galliano


Play & Info Play Sentimentale Information about Sentimentale


Released 9/30/14

The Paris Session by The Toure-Raichel Collective

The Toure-Raichel Collective

The Paris Session

Play & Info Play The Paris Session Information about The Paris Session


Released 9/30/14

Havana Rocks by Cecilia No*euml*l

Cecilia Noël

Havana Rocks

Play & Info Play Havana Rocks Information about Havana Rocks


Released 9/9/14

Ma*ntilde*ana by Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez


Play & Info Play Ma*ntilde*ana Information about Ma*ntilde*ana

CEN / Sola Records

Released 4/29/14

9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

9 Dead Alive

Play & Info Play 9 Dead Alive Information about 9 Dead Alive


Released 4/29/14

Fly Rasta by Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley

Fly Rasta

Play & Info Play Fly Rasta Information about Fly Rasta

Tuff Gong

Released 4/15/14

Worlds Around The Sun (Reissue) by Bayete (Todd Cochran)

Bayete (Todd Cochran)

Worlds Around The Sun (Reissue)

Play & Info Play Worlds Around The Sun (Reissue) Information about Worlds Around The Sun (Reissue)


Released 3/11/14

globalFEST Selector by Various Artists

Various Artists

globalFEST Selector

Play & Info Play globalFEST Selector Information about globalFEST Selector


Released 3/4/14

Wenu Wenu by Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman

Wenu Wenu

Play & Info Play Wenu Wenu Information about Wenu Wenu


Released 10/22/13

Highly Sensitive by Mallu


Highly Sensitive

Play & Info Play Highly Sensitive Information about Highly Sensitive

Sony Music

Released 9/30/13

Symphony! by Sultans Of String

Sultans Of String


Play & Info Play Symphony! Information about Symphony!

McKhool / Red River

Released 9/17/13

Yo by Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca


Play & Info Play Yo Information about Yo

Concord Jazz

Released 8/27/13

One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das by Soundtrack


One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das

Play & Info Play One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das Information about One Track Heart: The Story Of Krishna Das

Varese Sarabande

Released 8/20/13

Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow by Various Artists

Various Artists

Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow

Play & Info Play Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow Information about Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow

Om Records

Released 8/20/13

The Sahara Sessions by Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa

The Sahara Sessions

Play & Info Play The Sahara Sessions Information about The Sahara Sessions


Released 7/30/13

Internal: Music For Dissolving by Jamie Catto & Alex Forster

Jamie Catto &
Alex Forster

Internal: Music For...

Play & Info Play Internal: Music For Dissolving Information about Internal: Music For Dissolving

Sounds True

Released 7/30/13

Full Circle by Lawson Rollins

Lawson Rollins

Full Circle

Play & Info Play Full Circle Information about Full Circle

Infinita / Baja/TSR

Released 7/16/13

Ay*oacute* by The Garifuna Collective

The Garifuna Collective


Play & Info Play Ay*oacute* Information about Ay*oacute*


Released 7/2/13

Quarter To Six by The Idan Raichel Project

The Idan Raichel Project

Quarter To Six

Play & Info Play Quarter To Six Information about Quarter To Six


Released 6/4/13

Sonic Travels by Star Edwards With KingBeat

Star Edwards With KingBeat

Sonic Travels

Play & Info Play Sonic Travels Information about Sonic Travels

Enoch Productions

Released 5/28/13

A Rough Guide To African Music For Children by Various Artists

Various Artists

Rough Guide To African Music For Children

Play & Info Play A Rough Guide To African Music For Children Information about A Rough Guide To African Music For Children

World Music Network

Released 5/28/13

Beyond The Ragasphere by Debashish Bhattacharya And Friends

Debashish Bhattacharya

Beyond The Ragasphere

Play & Info Play Beyond The Ragasphere Information about Beyond The Ragasphere


Released 4/30/13

Fool Metal Jack by Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes

Fool Metal Jack

Play & Info Play Fool Metal Jack Information about Fool Metal Jack

Krian Music Group

Released 4/30/13

Mu Pt 1 & 2 / Orient by Don Cherry

Don Cherry

Mu Pt 1 & 2 / Orient

Play & Info Play Mu Pt 1 & 2 / Orient Information about Mu Pt 1 & 2 / Orient


Released 4/9/13

Transmigration Macabre by Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar

Transmigration Macabre

Play & Info Play Transmigration Macabre Information about Transmigration Macabre

Varese Sarabande

Released 4/9/13

Desfado by Ana Moura

Ana Moura


Play & Info Play Desfado Information about Desfado


Released 2/26/13

Exile by Nuru Kane

Nuru Kane


Play & Info Play Exile Information about Exile


Released 2/26/13

New Flame by Bowfire


New Flame

Play & Info Play New Flame Information about New Flame

Frostbyte Media

Released 2/12/13

At Peace by Ballak*eacute* Sissoko

Ballaké Sissoko

At Peace

Play & Info Play At Peace Information about At Peace

Six Degrees

Released 2/5/13

A Lovely Cruise: The Steel Drum Music Of Jimmy Buffett by Robert Greenidge

Robert Greenidge

The Steel Drum Music
Of Jimmy Buffett

Play & Info Play A Lovely Cruise: The Steel Drum Music Of Jimmy Buffett Information about A Lovely Cruise: The Steel Drum Music Of Jimmy Buffett


Released 2/5/13

Ela by Dom La Nena

Dom La Nena


Play & Info Play Ela Information about Ela

Six Degrees

Released 1/15/13

Migrations by Cristina Pato

Cristina Pato


Play & Info Play Migrations Information about Migrations


Released 1/15/13

Smoke, No Fire by Leni Stern

Leni Stern

Smoke, No Fire

Play & Info Play Smoke, No Fire Information about Smoke, No Fire

Leni Stern Recordings

Released 11/19/12

Ya Amar by Egyptian Project

Egyptian Project

Ya Amar

Play & Info Play Ya Amar Information about Ya Amar

Six Degrees

Released 10/30/12

Tales Of A Gypsy by Johannes Linstead

Johannes Linstead

Tales Of A Gypsy

Play & Info Play Tales Of A Gypsy Information about Tales Of A Gypsy

Earthscape Media

Released 10/22/12

Reflections by Armik



Play & Info Play Reflections Information about Reflections


Released 9/25/12

Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Soundtrack



Play & Info Play Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Information about Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Varese Sarabande

Released 9/11/12

Bouger Le Monde by Staff Benda Bilili

Staff Benda Bilili

Bouger Le Monde

Play & Info Play Bouger Le Monde Information about Bouger Le Monde

Crammed Discs

Released 9/4/12

MTMTMK by The Very Best

The Very Best


Play & Info Play MTMTMK Information about MTMTMK

Moshi Moshi / Cooperative

Released 7/17/12

40*ordm* Of Sunshine by Bibi Tanga And The Selenites

Bibi Tanga And
The Selenites

40º Of Sunshine

Play & Info Play 40*ordm* Of Sunshine Information about 40*ordm* Of Sunshine

Nat Geo

Released 7/10/12

Khoom Loy by Annbj*oslash*rg Lien

Annbjørg Lien

Khoom Loy

Play & Info Play Khoom Loy Information about Khoom Loy


Released 6/26/12

Nimissa by Ba Cissoko

Ba Cissoko


Play & Info Play Nimissa Information about Nimissa


Released 6/26/12

Pilgrimage by MC Yogi

MC Yogi


Play & Info Play Pilgrimage Information about Pilgrimage


Released 6/19/12

Arrocha by Curumin



Play & Info Play Arrocha Information about Arrocha

Six Degrees

Released 6/5/12

Sumud by Niyaz



Play & Info Play Sumud Information about Sumud

Six Degrees

Released 5/22/12

Canibalismo by Chicha Libre

Chicha Libre


Play & Info Play Canibalismo Information about Canibalismo


Released 5/8/12

Arcana by Jef Stott

Jef Stott


Play & Info Play Arcana Information about Arcana

Six Degrees

Released 4/24/12

Radio Salone by Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Radio Salone

Play & Info Play Radio Salone Information about Radio Salone


Released 4/24/12

Dust And Dirt by The Black Seeds

The Black Seeds

Dust And Dirt

Play & Info Play Dust And Dirt Information about Dust And Dirt

Easy Star

Released 4/10/12

Caravana Sereia Bloom by C*eacute*u


Caravana Sereia Bloom

Play & Info Play Caravana Sereia Bloom Information about Caravana Sereia Bloom

Six Degrees

Released 4/3/12

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