New Albums & Songs for September 15, 2023 Sep 15, 2023


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out September 15, 2023


  1. $UICIDEBOY$ YIN YANG TAPES: Winter Season 1989-1990 (Cassette)

  2. Aaron Diehl Zodiac Suite

  3. Abby Johnson Abby Johnson (Vinyl)

  4. Adolescents Live At The House Of Blues (Blue

  5. Agnostic Front United Blood (Red Vinyl)

  6. Alan Palomo World Of Hassle (Vinyl)

  7. Alex Hall Side Effects Of The Heart (Vinyl)

  8. Alkaloid Numen (2CD Mediabook First Edition)

  9. Ana Patan Spice, Gold And Tales Untold

  10. Anette Von Eichel Belonging

  11. Anna Lundqvist Lisboa Cinco Sou Anna

  12. Antarctica 81:03 (White Vinyl)

  13. Archie Shepp Attica Blues (Vinyl Reissue)

  14. As Tall As Lions As Tall As Lions (Vinyl Reissue)

  15. Asake Work Of Art

  16. Atoll Human Extract

  17. Austin Wulliman The News From Utopia

  18. Azaghal Mustamaa

  19. Badfinger No Matter What - Revisiting The Hits (Color Vinyl)

  20. Bahamas BOOTCUT

  21. Bane Give Blood (20 Years Vinyl)

  22. Barcelona Clarinet Players Panamericano

  23. Barenaked Ladies In Flight

  24. Bayside Interrobang (Yellow Vinyl)

  25. Beck, Bogert & Appice Live 1973 & 1974

  26. Ben Winkelman Heartbeat

  27. Benjamin Boone Caught In The Rhythm

  28. Benjamin Schmid Jazz Violin Concertos

  29. Bert Jansch Avocet (Vinyl with Ltd Art Print Edition)

  30. Bill Evans From Left To Right (Vinyl Reissue)

  31. Blind Equation DEATH AWAITS

  32. Blues Traveler Live And Acoustic: Fall Of 1997 (Color Vinyl)

  33. Bob Marley & The Wailers Ultimate Wailers Box (Color Vinyl)

  34. Bombino Sahel

  35. Briscoe West Of It All

  36. Brujeria Esto Es Brujeria

  37. Buffalo Nichols The Fatalist

  38. Buxton A Family Light

  39. Caamp Boys (Vinyl Reissue)

  40. Caamp Caamp (Vinyl)

  41. CAKE Comfort Eagle (Vinyl)

  42. Carlos Niño & Friends I’m Just Chillin’, On Fire

  43. Carly Simon These Are The Good Old Days: The Carly Simon & Jac Holzman Story

  44. Chen Polaris

  45. Chet Baker Quartet Live At Nick's (Vinyl Reissue)

  46. Chilly Gonzales French Kiss

  47. Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD Dream EP (Vinyl)

  48. Chrome Ghost Machine (Reissue)

  49. Circus Underwater Circus Underwater (Deluxe Vinyl Reissue)

  50. Clark Sommers Feast Ephemera

  51. Claude Diallo Situation 11:11 (Vinyl)

  52. Cody Carnes Firm Foundation (Yellow & Blue Vinyl)

  53. Cody Fry Flying (Vinyl)

  54. Cody Fry Symphony Sessions (Vinyl)

  55. Cody Fry The End

  56. Cody Fry The End (Vinyl)

  57. Colin Hay Now and the Evermore (More) - Deluxe Edition

  58. Corey Taylor CMF2

  59. Cory Asbury Pioneer

  60. Counting Crows August And Everything After - Live At Town Hall (DVD)

  61. Damnation's Hammer Into The Silent Nebula

  62. Dan + Shay Bigger Houses

  63. Dangerous Toys Vitamins & Crash Helmets Live

  64. Darden Purcell Love's Got Me In A Lazy Mood

  65. David Whitman Ode To Joe

  66. Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Purple

  67. Debu Cornelius Ex Your Of Jamaica (Vinyl)

  68. Demi Lovato Revamped

  69. Distention Nothing Comes From Death

  70. Donald Lawrence Power: A Tribute To Twinkie Clark

  71. Dylan Owen Take Care Of Yourself (Deluxe "Ruby Moon" Vinyl)

  72. Eddie Henderson Witness To History

  73. Electric Boys Grand Explosivos

  74. Eric Johanson The Deep & The Dirty (Vinyl)

  75. Erica Campbell I Love You

  76. Escape The Hive This Is Gonna Sting

  77. Explosions In The Sky End

  78. Fabricant Drudge To The Thicket

  79. Fear Cult Visionary Complex (Purple Vinyl)

  80. Fieh III

  81. Filter The Algorithm

  82. Fireworks Gospel (Vinyl)

  83. Flamin' Groovies Sneakers (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)

  84. Folke Rabe Thanks For Lending Me The Music

  85. Foreigner Records (Vinyl Reissue)

  86. Forever Twelve Neighborhood Of Spirits

  87. Gary Brewer Gary Brewer's House Of Axes (Autographed Color Vinyl)

  88. Godtet Strings (Vinyl)

  89. Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl (25th Anniversary Silver Vinyl)

  90. GOTHBOICLIQUE feat. Horse Head, Lil Tracy, Nedarb Under Your Spell (Clear Vinyl)

  91. Gridlink Coronet Juniper

  92. Gridlink Coronet Juniper (Color Vinyl)

  93. Gum Saturnia (Vinyl)

  94. Hank Williams Hank 100: Greatest Radio Hits

  95. HeadCat Dreamcatcher (Live In Alpine)

  96. HeadCat Live In Berlin

  97. HeadCat Walk The Walk... Talk The Talk (Reissue)

  98. Herb Alpert Wish Upon a Star

  99. High Fidelity Music In My Soul

  100. Horace Silver Blowin' The Blues Away (Vinyl Reissue)

  101. Huey Lewis & The News Sports (40th Anniversary Vinyl)

  102. Human Drama Ten Small Fractures (Vinyl)

  103. Hyro The Hero Bound For Glory

  104. Iggy Pop Rare Trax (Red

  105. Into It. Over It. Intersections (Cloudy Gold Clear Vinyl)

  106. Ivan Lins My Heart Speaks

  107. Jad Fair And Samuel Locke Ward Destroy All Monsters (Orange Vinyl)

  108. Jaga Jazzist The Stix (Orange & Red Vinyl)

  109. Jeff Beck Beck-Ola (Vinyl Reissue)

  110. Jeff Beck Blow By Blow (Vinyl Reissue)

  111. Jeff Beck Truth (Vinyl Reissue)

  112. Jeff Beck Wired (Vinyl Reissue)

  113. Jennifer Warnes The Well (Reissue)

  114. Jermoe Sabbagh Vintage

  115. Jimmy Smith Midnight Special (Vinyl Reissue)

  116. Joey Cavaseno Spangalang Sessions 1991

  117. John Lee Hooker It Serves You Right To Suffer (Vinyl Reissue)

  118. John Stein No Goodbyes

  119. John Zorn Homenaje A Remedios Varo

  120. Jonas Hellborg, Ginger Baker, Bernie Worrell The Concert Of Europe

  121. Jonathan Cilia Faro Romantico

  122. Joseph I'm Alone, No You're Not (Moon Phase Vinyl)

  123. Joshua Redman Where Are We

  124. K. Leimer Spall

  125. K.Flay Mono

  126. Karate Complete Studio Recordings

  127. Kassa Overall ANIMALS (Vinyl)

  128. Kid Cudi Insane (Red Vinyl)

  129. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists Rantings From The Book Of Swamp (Vinyl)

  130. Kurt Elling SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree

  131. Lage Lund Quartet Terrible Animals (Vinyl)

  132. Lee Oskar She Said Mahalo

  133. Lewis Brice Product Of

  134. Lucy Thomas Timeless

  135. Lusine Long Light

  136. Mad Myth Science Mad Myth Science

  137. Maddie Vogler While We Have Time

  138. Madison Beer Silence Between Songs

  139. Mae Muller Sorry I'm Late

  140. Marduk Memento Mori (Vinyl Reissue)

  141. Margo Cilker Valley Of Heart's Delight

  142. Marion Brown Vista (Vinyl Reissue)

  143. Mason Jennings Underneath The Roses (Green Vinyl)

  144. Matthew Shipp The Intrinsic Nature Of Shipp

  145. Maurice Louca Moonshine

  146. Mayhem Daemonic Rites

  147. Micah Thomas Reveal

  148. Michael Seyer Michael Seyer (Blue Vinyl)

  149. Michael White Pneuma (Vinyl Reissue)

  150. Mike Mains & The Branches Memory Unfixed

  151. Mike Tramp Remembering White Lion (Reissue)

  152. Mild High Club Timeline (Splatter Vinyl)

  153. Mitski The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We

  154. Model Actriz


  156. Momus Krambambuli

  157. Mondo Drag Through The Hourglass

  158. Mortem Ravnsvart (Reissue)

  159. Motorhead & Larry Wallis Boys Of Ladbroke Grove (Clear Vinyl)

  160. Nation Of Language Strange Disciple

  161. Nazz Nazz (Vinyl Reissue)


  163. Nick Wade Feeling Good Is Good Enough

  164. Nik Bartsch Quartet Randori

  165. Nisse Sandstrom Group Oppet Ett (Vinyl)

  166. Northstar Pollyanna (Vinyl)

  167. Ogre You Asshole Outside Of The House EP (Vinyl)

  168. Ogre You Asshole Workshop 2

  169. Ogre You Asshole Workshop 3

  170. Otep The God Slayer

  171. Pathos Trio Polarity

  172. Paul Hardcastle Nineteen & Beyond: Paul Hardcastle 1984-1988

  173. PCM Dreamland (Yellow Vinyl)

  174. Pete Escovedo Lifetime Anthology

  175. Peter Brotzmann, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark Only the Devil Has No Dreams

  176. Petr Nohavica Glance

  177. Pharoah Sanders Pharoah (Reissue)

  178. Pia Fraus Evening Colours

  179. Polypores Multizonal Mindscramble

  180. Psygnosis Mercury

  181. Queensryche Frequency Unknown (Deluxe Edition)

  182. Rachel Sermanni Dreamer Awake

  183. Ram Dass The Unimaginable

  184. Renaissance Live At The Capitol Theater - June 18, 1978

  185. Rick Wakeman She (Original Soundtrack)

  186. Rival Consoles Night Melody (Blue Vinyl)

  187. Robert Rex Waller Jr. See The Big Man Cry

  188. Ronnie Romero Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

  189. Roots Of The Old Oak The Devil And His Wicked Ways

  190. Roy Haynes Out Of The Afternoon (Vinyl Reissue)

  191. S. Carey & John Raymond Shadowlands

  192. Sarah Mary Chadwick Messages To God

  193. Sarah Webster Fabio Jujus

  194. Sarah Webster Fabio Together To The Tune Of Coltrane's Equinox (Vinyl Reissue)

  195. Sass Jordan Live In New York Ninety-Four (Vinyl)

  196. Saul Williams Saul Williams (Vinyl)

  197. Scardust Strangers (White Vinyl)

  198. Set It Off Elsewhere (Neon Green Vinyl)

  199. Seventh Wonder Mercy Falls

  200. Sextile Push

  201. Shade Empire Sunholy

  202. Shakey Graves Movie Of The Week

  203. Shakira Dónde Están Los Ladrones (Vinyl)

  204. Shelly Manne & His Friends My Fair Lady (Vinyl Reissue)

  205. Shining Shining

  206. Shuteen Eredenebaatar Rising Sun

  207. Skull & Crossbones Sungazer

  208. Slade Alive! At Reading (Reissue)

  209. Slade Beginnings (Reissue)

  210. Snow Patrol Final Straw (Reissue)

  211. Soundtrack Air (Vinyl)

  212. Soundtrack FAST X (Drift Smoke Vinyl)

  213. Soundtrack Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Pt. 1

  214. Soundtrack New York, New York Original Broadway Cast Recording

  215. Spillage Phase Four

  216. Stepanka Balcarova Emotions

  217. Steppenwolf Steppenwolf (Orange Vinyl)

  218. Steve Hackett Foxtrot At Fifty + Hackett Highlights: Live In Brighton

  219. Steve Lehman Ex Machina

  220. Steve Miller Band J50: The Evolution Of The Joker

  221. Steven Bamidele Summing Up (Vinyl)

  222. Stud Count Stud Count (Hot Pink & White Marble Vinyl)

  223. Subsonic Eye All Around You

  224. Sydney Sprague somebody in hell loves you (Magenta Vinyl)

  225. Taper's Choice History Of Taper's Choice Vol. 1

  226. Tar Pond Petrol

  227. Tar Pond Protocol Of Constant Sadness (Reissue)

  228. Tatsuya Nakamura Locus (Reissue)

  229. Techno Animal Re-Entry (Reissue)

  230. Ted Nugent Fred Bear: 35th Anniversary EP(Color Vinyl)

  231. Teddy Swims I've Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1)

  232. The Beths Expert In A Dying Field (Blue Vinyl)

  233. The Coffinshakers Graves, Release Your Dead

  234. The Easybeats The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl

  235. The Hoosiers Confidence

  236. The Loving Paupers Ladders (Vinyl)

  237. The McCharmlys The McCharmlys (Magenta Vinyl)

  238. The Pink Spiders Freakazoid

  239. The Plot In You DISPOSE (Gold Vinyl)

  240. The Receiving End Of Sirens Between The Heart And The Synapse (Vinyl)

  241. The Record Company The 4th Album

  242. The Strangers The Strangers

  243. The Sugar Hill Records Story Rapper’s Delight: A Taste Of Sugar Hill Records (1979-1986) (Vinyl)

  244. The Who Who's Next (50th Anniversary)

  245. Thorn Evergloom

  246. To The Grave Director's Cuts (Offcuts Edition)

  247. Tobin Sprout Demos & Outtakes Two

  248. Tom Hambridge Blu Ja Vu

  249. Tony Alonso Song Of The Spirit Mass

  250. Tony Jay Perfect Worlds (White Vinyl)

  251. Travis Tritt Country Chapel

  252. UK Subs Quintessentials (Yellow

  253. Vagabon Sorry I Haven't Called

  254. Various Bié Records Meets Shika Shika (Red Vinyl)

  255. Various Punk Rock Halloween - Loud, Fast & Scary (Reissue)

  256. Various Tales From Yesterday - A Tribute To Yes (Reissue)

  257. Various The Secret Museum Of Mankind - Atlas Of Instruments (Vinyl)

  258. Various TREASURE ISLE: Solid Gold (Vinyl)

  259. Vemod Venter Pa Stormene (Color Vinyl)

  260. Veronica Swift Veronica Swift

  261. Viv & Riley Imaginary People

  262. War Of Ages Dominion

  263. Wayne & Alyssa A&W Sing George & Tammy

  264. Wayne Phoenix Soaring Wayne Phoenix Story The Earth And Sky (Vinyl)

  265. Wilderado Wilderado (Clear Vinyl)

  266. Will Johnson No Ordinary Crown

  267. Willie Nelson Milk Cow Blues (Vinyl)

  268. Woods Perennial

  269. Woody Shaw Blackstone Legacy (Vinyl Reissue)

  270. Worriers Trust Your Gut (Vinyl)

  271. Yann Tiersen Kerber Complete

  272. Yob Clearing The Path To Ascend (Golden Nugget Vinyl)

  273. Yob Elaborations Of Carbon (Reissue)

  274. Yob The Great Cessation (Blue w

  275. Ziur Eyeroll (Vinyl)
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