New Albums & Songs for May 12, 2023 May 12, 2023


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out May 12, 2023


  1. 2nd Face Ut0pium

  2. A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Pono (Blue & White Vinyl)

  3. Abe Partridge Love In The Dark

  4. Actually Predator Romantic

  5. Alan Bartus Born In Millennium

  6. Alchemy Fire Alchemy Fire

  7. Angie Stone Covered In Soul (Purple Vinyl)

  8. Animal Collective Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished (Deluxe Edition)

  9. Archie Shepp Kwanza (Vinyl Reissue)

  10. Art Blakey Art Blakey Big Band (Vinyl Reissue)

  11. As I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire (Vinyl)

  12. Ascended Dead Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

  13. Ascended Dead Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

  14. Asking Alexandria See What's On The Inside (Vinyl)

  15. Autobahn Ecstasy Of Ruin

  16. Avenged Sevenfold Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (Purple Vinyl)

  17. Bailey Zimmerman Religiously. The Album.

  18. Battle Born Blood, Fire, Magic And Steel

  19. BC Camplight Last Rotation Of Earth

  20. Benny Green Solo

  21. Billy Lockett Abington Grove

  22. Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints Bridge Of Love (Vinyl)

  23. Bokani Dyer Radio Sechaba

  24. Bonecarver Carnage Funeral (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  25. Booker Little Out Front (Vinyl Reissue)

  26. Bossk Audio Noir (Vinyl)

  27. Boston Manor Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures EP (Vinyl)

  28. Bryan Adams Pretty Woman – The Musical

  29. Bury Tomorrow Union Of Crowns (Vinyl)

  30. Canned Heat The Ties That Bind - The Lost ’74 Sessions (Metallic Gold Vinyl)

  31. Cathedral Bells Velvet Spirit (Color Vinyl)

  32. Cattle Decapitation Terrasite

  33. Céline Dion Love Again (Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)

  34. Charlotte Cornfield Could Have Done Anything

  35. Chat Pile Tenkiller

  36. Cheat Codes One Night In Nashville (Gold Vinyl)

  37. Circus Of Rock Lost Behind The Mask

  38. Claire Davis Get It Right (Vinyl)

  39. Cloud One Atmosphere Strut (Vinyl Reissue)

  40. Cohen & Rodriguez Jr Iroko

  41. Culture Club Live At Wembley: World Tour 2016 (Color Vinyl)

  42. Curren$Y Drive In Theatre Pt. 2

  43. Daft Punk Random Access Memories (10th anniversary Edition)

  44. Daisies Great Big Open Sky (Vinyl)

  45. Dante Fox Roots Of Great White 1978-1982 (Blue Vinyl)

  46. Danzig 6:66: Satan's Child (Red & Black Haze Vinyl)

  47. Darker Days The Burying Point

  48. Dave Mason Alone Together Again (Blue Vinyl)

  49. Deicide The Roadrunner Years 1990-2001 (Vinyl)

  50. Detective Detective (Reissue)

  51. DevilDriver Dealing With Demons Vol.II

  52. Dool Here Now There Then (Gold Vinyl)

  53. Dool Love Like Blood (Red & Black Vinyl)

  54. Dorian Holley & Nayanna Holley DNA

  55. Dorothy Ashby The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby (Vinyl Reissue)

  56. Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem The Electric Mayhem (Purple & Blue Swirl Vinyl)

  57. Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten Archives: When Dream And Day Unite Demos 1987-1989

  58. Duke Ellington Historically Speaking - The Duke (Vinyl Reissue)

  59. E-L-R Maenad (Color Vinyl)

  60. Ebi Soda Ugh: Bonus Edition (Yellow Vinyl)

  61. Elephant Gym Underwater (Clear & Blue Vinyl)

  62. Elkka DJ-Kicks: Elkka

  63. Eluvium (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality

  64. Endo Monk Gort

  65. Eric Silverman Stay In It

  66. Erik Sandqvist Bingo i lokalen

  67. FLETCHER Finding Fletcher (Blue Vinyl)

  68. FLETCHER THE S(EX) TAPES (Extended) (Emerald Vinyl)

  69. FLETCHER you ruined new york city for me (Apple Vinyl)

  70. Flight Facilities FOREVER (Vinyl)

  71. Fugitive Maniac EP

  72. Fun. Aim & Ignite (Blue Jay Vinyl)

  73. Gatuplan Valkommen Till Underjorden (Black & Blue Splatter Vinyl)

  74. Glass Triangle Blue And Sun-lights

  75. Godsnake Eye For An Eye

  76. Greg Spero The Chicago Experiment: Revisited

  77. Hanoi Rocks Oriental Beat - 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix (Vinyl)

  78. Heavens Edge Get It Right

  79. Helen Money And Will Thomas Trace

  80. Hideous Divinity Obeisance Rising (Alien Green Vinyl)

  81. Holy Fawn Death Spells (Color Vinyl)

  82. Hot Mulligan Why Would I Watch

  83. Iguana Death Cult Echo Palace

  84. Impetuous Ritual Iniquitous Barbarik Synthesis

  85. INVSN How Far Have We Fallen (Vinyl)

  86. Island Of Love Island Of Love

  87. Isolated Gate Universe In Reverse (Vinyl)

  88. Jacob Young, Mats Eilertsen, Audun Kleive Eventually

  89. Jacques Schwarz-Bart The Harlem Suite

  90. James Ellis Ford The Hum

  91. Jeff Carson 448

  92. Jeffrey Silverstein Western Sky Music (Vinyl)

  93. joan hi ep

  94. joan superglue (Clear Vinyl)

  95. Joanne Brackeen Snooze (Vinyl Reissue)

  96. Johnny Winter Live Bootleg Rarities Volume One (White Vinyl)

  97. Joji SMITHEREENS (Vinyl)

  98. Jonas Brothers The Album

  99. Jonny Polonsky Rise Of The Rebel Angels (Vinyl)

  100. Jude Brothers Render Tender

  101. Jussi Reijonen Three Seconds (Vinyl)

  102. Kabeaushe The Coming Of Gaze (Vinyl)

  103. Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour (Blue Vinyl)

  104. Kadavar Abra Kadavar (Glow In The Dark Vinyl)

  105. Kadavar Berlin (Gold Vinyl)

  106. Karen Dalton In My Own Time: 50th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl)

  107. Kenny Barron Lemuria-Seascape (Vinyl)

  108. Kevin Daniel he Life And Adventures Of Kevin Daniel

  109. Kitty Craft Beats & Breaks From The Flower Patch: Expanded Edition

  110. Kitty Craft Lost Tapes

  111. Klimt 1918 Dopoguerra (Vinyl Reissue)

  112. Klimt 1918 Sentimentale Jugend (Vinyl Reissue)

  113. Ky Power Is the Pharmacy

  114. Lainey Wilson Bell Bottom Country (Watermelon Scented Vinyl)

  115. Lauren Daigle Lauren Daigle

  116. Lee Konitz & Frank Wunsch And Evening With

  117. Leviathen Onward Thru The Fog (Deluxe Edition)

  118. Leviathen Tales Of Power (Deluxe Edition)

  119. Leviathen The Aggression Returns (Deluxe Edition)

  120. Lisa Decker Soliloquise (Vinyl)

  121. Lisa Marné & her combo Like Young!

  122. little image SELF TITLED (Red Vinyl)

  123. Los Palms Skeleton Ranch (Vinyl)

  124. LP Giobbi Light Places (Blue Vinyl)

  125. Lucy Liyou Dog Dreams (Vinyl)

  126. Mac DeMarco Five Easy Hot Dogs (Vinyl)

  127. Madison McFerrin I Hope You Can Forgive Me

  128. Malphino Sueno EP (Vinyl)

  129. Marcia Griffiths Essential Artist Collection

  130. Master Faith Is In Season (Vinyl Reissue)

  131. Mathilda Brink Glimmingen (Color Vinyl)

  132. Mayhem Grand Declaration Of War (Gold Vinyl)

  133. Mayhem Live In Zeitz (Vinyl Reissue)

  134. Melanie The Magic Bus Radio Broadcast

  135. Melting Mind At Grnd Zero

  136. Michael Martin Murphey Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (50th Anniversary)

  137. Michael Thompson Band The Love Goes On

  138. Michelle Malone Fan Favorites, Vol. 1 (Unplugged)

  139. Mike Gordon Flying Games

  140. Mike Miz Only Human

  141. Miles Davis Quintet Workin' With The Miles Davis Quintet (Vinyl Reissue)

  142. Moby Resound NYC

  143. Motörhead Kiss Of Death (Reissue)

  144. Motörhead Motörizer (Reissue)

  145. Mthunzi Mvubu The 1st Gospel

  146. Muslimgauze Emak Bakia (Gold Vinyl)

  147. Nektar Sunday Night At The Roundhouse (Color Vinyl)

  148. Niagara Niagara (Vinyl Reissue)

  149. Niagara S.U.B. (Vinyl Reissue)

  150. Nick Colionne Just Like That

  151. Nina Simone Great Women Of Song: Nina Simone (Vinyl)

  152. No Vacation Phasing (Clear Cloudy Vinyl)

  153. Obvurt Triumph Beyond Adversity (Red Vinyl)

  154. Ofege Try And Love (Vinyl Reissue)

  155. Oval Romantiq

  156. Overmono Good Lies (Vinyl)

  157. Panic Attack Don't Stop

  158. Parker McCollum Never Enough

  159. Photon Band Pure Photonic Matter, Vol. 2

  160. Pigface Gub (Color Vinyl)

  161. Pilc Moutin Hoenig You Are The Song

  162. Rahill Flowers At Your Feet (Green Vinyl)

  163. Rick Astley Hold Me In Your Arms (Deluxe Edition)

  164. Rick Springfield Springfield

  165. Ritual Howls Virtue Falters

  166. Robin McAuley Alive (Vinyl)

  167. Roxy Gordon Crazy Horse Never Died (Reissue)

  168. RP Boo Legacy Volume 2 (Red Vinyl)

  169. Rudy Royston Day

  170. Run-DMC Tougher Than Leather (Vinyl Reissue)

  171. Screamachine Church Of The Scream

  172. Seán Barna An Evening At Macri Park

  173. Sepultura SepulQuarta (Color Vinyl)

  174. Sherpa The Tiger Ithkuil (Pink Vinyl)

  175. Shirley Scott A Walkin' Thing (Vinyl)

  176. Slade Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply (Vinyl)

  177. Sly Stone Family Soul Sessions - The Rare 45 RPMs '63-'66 (Color Vinyl)

  178. Sniffany & The Nits The Unscratchable Itch (Khaki Vinyl)

  179. Softee Natural

  180. Solstafir Köld (Vinyl Reissue)

  181. Solstafir Svartir Sandar (Red, White & Black Marble Vinyl)

  182. Soundtrack KPOP (Original Broadway Cast)

  183. Soundtrack Star Trek Picard: Season 3 Volume 1 (Color Vinyl)

  184. Soundtrack Street Survivors (Vinyl)

  185. Soundtrack Summer Rental

  186. Southpaw Unhitched

  187. Special Consensus Great Blue North

  188. Suarasama Timeline (Vinyl)

  189. Sun Ra &His Arkestra Space Is The Place (2CD + DVD)

  190. Suzanne Ciani A Life In Waves (Blu-ray

  191. Sylvaine Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone (Red Vinyl)

  192. Sylvaine Wistful (Turquoise Vinyl)

  193. Tears For Fears The Hurting (Half-Speed Vinyl Reissue)

  194. The Acacia Strain Failure Will Follow

  195. The Acacia Strain Step Into The Light

  196. The Chantays A Dawning Sun

  197. The Cult The Cult (Vinyl Reissue)

  198. The Dark Side Of The Moon Metamorphosis

  199. The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis (Gold & Black Vinyl)

  200. The Format Dog Problems (Milky Clear Vinyl)

  201. The Format Interventions & Lullabies (Cyan Blue Vinyl)

  202. The KVB Artefact

  203. The Malpass Brothers Lonely Street

  204. The Mr. T Experience Road To Ruin (Reissue)

  205. The Pineapple Thief All The Wars (Vinyl)

  206. The Pretty Things Freeway Madness (Reissue)

  207. The Pretty Things Silk Torpedo (Reissue)

  208. The Rocket Summer Shadowkasters (Vinyl)

  209. The Salt Collective Life

  210. The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? (Yellow Vinyl)

  211. The Wilder Blue The Wilder Blue (Vinyl)

  212. They Are Gutting A Body Of Water & A Country Western An Insult To The Sport (Blue In Purple Vinyl)

  213. Tiny Ruins Ceremony

  214. Tony Jay Perfect Worlds

  215. Tracy Lawrence Live At Billy Bob's Texas

  216. Underground Lovers Staring At You Staring At Me (Reissue)

  217. Union Live In The Galaxy

  218. Vanity Mirror PUFF (Vinyl)

  219. Various A Night At The Family Dog + Go Ride The Music + Westpole (DVD)

  220. Various Hidden Waters: Strange And Sublime Sounds Of Rio De Janeiro

  221. Various Just Like Heaven - A Tribute To The Cure (Purple & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  222. Various Pickin' On Pearl Jam

  223. Veil Of Maya [m]other

  224. Vorna AAMUNKOI

  225. Waking Dreams Sliding Lines

  226. Wally Waller Kitchen Rock

  227. Waveform* Antarctica (Blue Vinyl)

  228. Wickerbird The Sea Weaver

  229. Wolfgang Schmidtke Orchestra Bird

  230. Yumi Ito Ysla

  231. Ziggy Alberts DANCING IN THE DARK (Color Vinyl)

  232. Zozobra Bird Of Prey (Vinyl)

  233. Zozobra Harmonic Tremors (Vinyl)
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