New Albums & Songs for June 3, 2022 Jun 3, 2022


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out June 3, 2022


  1. Al Stewart The Admiralty Lights (50 CD Box Set)

  2. Alan Vega Saturn Strip (Yellow Vinyl)

  3. Albare & Co Freedom

  4. Albert Bouchard Imaginos 2 - Bombs Over Germany (Minus Zero And Counting) (Vinyl)

  5. Alex Maas Levitation Sessions (Gold Vinyl)

  6. Alexander Flood The Space Between

  7. All Good Things Hope In Hell (Translucent Orange & Black Vinyl)

  8. All Things Fallen Shadow Way

  9. Alvaro Torres Heart Is The Most Important Ingredient

  10. Amy Winehouse Live At Glastonbury 2007 (Vinyl)

  11. Angel Olsen Big Time

  12. Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders (Color Vinyl)

  13. Astrel K Flickering i

  14. Astronoid Radiant Bloom

  15. Automatisme & Stefan Paulus Gap

  16. AWOLNATION My Echo My Shadow My Covers & Me (Vinyl)

  17. Battlelore The Return Of The Shadow

  18. Ben Zaidi Acre Of Salt (Vinyl)

  19. Bill Evans You Must Believe In Spring (Reissue)

  20. Bleed From Within Shrine

  21. Blue Oyster Cult Alive In America (Reissue)

  22. Bob Newhart Off The Record (Vinyl)

  23. Bobby Stoker Everglow

  24. Bright Light Bright Light Make Me Believe In Hope (10th Anniversary Edition)

  25. Brown Fang Sherwood Pines (Vinyl)

  26. Chris Rainbow The Best Of 1972-1980

  27. Chris Young Famous Friends

  28. Christian Death Deathwish (Red & Gold Splatter Vinyl)

  29. Chromeo Date Night: Chromeo Live! (Blue Vinyl)

  30. Chuck Armstrong Shackin’ Up (Red Vinyl)

  31. City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Greatest Harry Potter Film Music Collection (Vinyl)

  32. Clutch Robot Hive

  33. Coil Theme To Gay Man's Guide (Vinyl)

  34. Curlew Sounds Simmerdim: Curlew Sounds

  35. Dahl, Hagans, Aman & Uotila A Beautiful Blue Moment

  36. Dakhabrakha The Bedouin Reworks Of Dakhabrakha (Vinyl)

  37. Daniel Casimir Boxed In (Vinyl)

  38. Danny Barker Save The Bones (Color Vinyl)

  39. Darius Rucker #1's - Volume 1

  40. Days Of Wine Days Of Wine

  41. Dean Spunt, John Wiese The Echoing Shell (Vinyl)

  42. DHG (Dodheimsgard) 666 International (Vinyl)

  43. DKMA Boston Boy Vol. 2 (Vinyl)

  44. Dominik Hoyer Nachtblau - Jazz Thing Next Generation, Vol. 93

  45. Doris Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby (Blue Vinyl)

  46. Doug Webb The Message

  47. Druids Shadow Work

  48. East Coast East Coast (Color Vinyl)

  49. Eater Ant

  50. Egregore World Of His Law (Vinyl)

  51. El Perro Hair Of

  52. Eli Young Band Love Talking

  53. Emerald Four Tengoku Kara Hanarete (Vinyl)

  54. Eric Nam There And Back Again

  55. Eva Eastwood The Many Sides Of Eva Eastwood

  56. Findlay Last Of The 20th Century Girls

  57. Florian Hoefner Trio Desert Bloom

  58. Frank Sinatra Watertown (Deluxe Edition)

  59. Frank Zappa Zappa

  60. Fraternity Livestock (Reissue)

  61. Gamma Alive In America

  62. Gauntlet Rule The Plague Court (Vinyl)

  63. George Scott Find Someone To Love (Green Vinyl)

  64. Ghost Power Ghost Power

  65. Grand Couloir Stamina

  66. Grant Green Feelin' The Spirit (Vinyl Reissue)

  67. Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks Vol. 12 - Providence Civic Center 6

  68. Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks Vol. 3 - Pembroke Pines, Florida 5

  69. Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol. 1 No. 3 - Summer ’71 (Reissue)

  70. Greenslade Live In Stockholm - March 10th, 1975 (Reissue)

  71. Hagathorn Bjvrndansen

  72. Headless Square One (Vinyl)

  73. Holly Montgomery Sorry For Nothing

  74. Horsegirl Versions of Modern Performance

  75. Hot Club Of Cowtown Wild Kingdom

  76. INVSN Let The Night Love You (Vinyl)

  77. Ivo Perelman, Tim Berne, James Carter, Tony Malaby (D)IVO

  78. Jens Lekman Cherry Trees Are Still In Blossom

  79. Jens Lekman Linden Trees Are Still In Blossom

  80. Joe Bouchard American Rocker

  81. Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren State Theater New Jersey 2005 (Color Vinyl)

  82. Johannes Wallmann Precarious Towers

  83. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers Yonkers Demo + Live 1975

  84. Joona Toivanen Trio Both Only (Vinyl)

  85. Journey Alive In America

  86. Kadavar Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light (Vinyl)

  87. Ken Yates Cerulean

  88. Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell (Vinyl Reissue)

  89. Kerion Cloudriders: Age Of Cyborgs

  90. Killswitch Engage Live At The Palladium (CD+DVD)

  91. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live At LEVITATION '14 & '16 (Color Vinyl)

  92. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In Asheville '19 (Green Vinyl)

  93. King Zebra Survivors

  94. Kingston Trio Greatest Hits (Vinyl Reissue)

  95. Knight Area D-Day II: The Final Chapter

  96. Kuumba-Toudie Heath (aka Albert Heath) Kawaida (Reissue)

  97. Last Temptation Fuel For My Soul

  98. Lettuce Unify

  99. Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand (Gold Vinyl)

  100. Little Feat Alive In America

  101. Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Opalescent

  102. Low Roar Maybe Tomorrow... (Vinyl)

  103. Mabu’s Madness M-Square (Orange & Black Vinyl)

  104. Machine Gun Kelly mainstream sellout (Vinyl)

  105. Magnolia Park Halloween Mixtape (Vinyl)

  106. Mason Jennings Real Heart (Vinyl)

  107. Mathias Eick When We Leave (Vinyl)

  108. Matsunaga Was Right Born In Wire

  109. Matt Andersen House To House (Vinyl)

  110. Max Roach Members, Don’t Git Weary (Vinyl Reissue)

  111. Memphis May Fire Remade In Misery

  112. Merzbow & Lawrence English Eternal Stalker

  113. Milk Jennings Sleep Talker (Milky Clear Vinyl)

  114. Mint Green All Girls Go To Heaven (Vinyl)

  115. mlehst Female Female Female

  116. mlehst There Are No Rules Only Lies

  117. Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers Get Loose

  118. Money Man Blockchain (Blue Vinyl)

  119. Mr Little Jeans Better Days

  120. My Dying Bride For Darkest Eyes (Vinyl)

  121. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Nancy & Lee (Reissue)

  122. Neil Young Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971 (Vinyl)

  123. Neil Young Royce Hall 1971 (Vinyl)

  124. Nektar Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (Reissue)

  125. Nicky Egan This Life (Vinyl)

  126. Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc Ritual (Red Vinyl)

  127. NOAHFINNCE Stuff From My Brain

  128. Northlane Obsidian (Color Vinyl)

  129. Nothing,Nowhere. Bummer

  130. Nothing,Nowhere. Nothing,Nowhere (Pink Vinyl)

  131. Nothing,Nowhere. Singles (White Vinyl)

  132. Nova Luna Nova Luna

  133. Occumancy Augurium Senarius Umbrae

  134. Omar Sosa & Marialy Pacheco Manos

  135. Origami Angel Quiet Hours (Vinyl)

  136. Origin Chaosmos

  137. Os Mutantes World Psychedelic Classics 1: Everything Is Possible - The Best Of Os Mutantes (Orange Vinyl)

  138. Out To Dinner Episodes Of Grace

  139. Paige King Johnson Honky Tonk Heart

  140. Paradise Lost Gothic EP (Vinyl)

  141. Pestilence Consuming Impulse (Reissue)

  142. Pestilence Malleus Maleficarum (Reissue)

  143. Pestilence Spheres (Reissue)

  144. Pestilence Testimony Of The Ancients (Reissue)

  145. Queen The Platinum Collection (6 LP Vinyl Set)

  146. Rahsaan Roland Kirk Blacknuss (Vinyl Reissue)

  147. Reb Fountain Iris (Color Vinyl)

  148. Robert Fripp Washington Square Church

  149. Robin Jones Quintet Denga (Vinyl)

  150. Roland Kirk Here Comes The Whistleman (Orange Vinyl)

  151. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Endless Rooms

  152. Rubber Oh Strange Craft

  153. Rupaul Supermodel Of The World (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  154. Ry Cooder Alive In America

  155. S.G. Goodman Teeth Marks

  156. Saajtak For The Makers (Vinyl)

  157. Saffire Taming The Hurricane

  158. Saigon Kick Saigon Kick (Purple Vinyl)

  159. Sarah Brown Sings Mahalia Jackson

  160. Scald Will Of The Gods Is Great Power (Vinyl Reissue)

  161. Seventeen 4th Album ‘Face The Sun’ (Ep.1 Control)

  162. Shameless So Good You Should

  163. Sister Cookie In The Blue Corner

  164. Skull Fist Paid In Full (White & Black Marble Vinyl)

  165. Sly Johnson 55.4

  166. SNAP! Rhythm Is A Dancer (Yellow Vinyl)

  167. Soulbound Addicted To Hell (Reissue)

  168. Soundtrack BNA: Brand New Animal Deluxe Edition

  169. Soundtrack Danger 5: Original Series (Vinyl)

  170. Soundtrack Doom (5th Anniversary Standard Edition Vinyl)

  171. Soundtrack Sea Of Thieves (Color Vinyl)

  172. Soundtrack The Matrix: The Complete Score (Vinyl)

  173. Spaceface Anemoia

  174. Spy Habitual Offender (Vinyl)

  175. Stephen Pearcy Overdrive

  176. Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane The Majic Mijits (Remastered)

  177. Steven Malcolm Tree

  178. Stick In The Wheel Presents Perspectives On Tradition

  179. Stray Fossa Closer Than We'll Ever Know (Vinyl)

  180. Sugaray Rayford In Too Deep (Vinyl)

  181. Sugarloaf Alive In America (Reissue)

  182. Supercrush Melody Maker (Vinyl)

  183. Supertramp Alive In England

  184. Sweet Inspirations Sweet Inspirations (Reissue)

  185. Sweet Trip Alura (Expanded Edition)

  186. Sylvia Brooks Signature

  187. T. Gowdy Miracles

  188. Tank Filth Hounds Of Hades (Reissue)

  189. Tank Power Of The Hunter (Reissue)

  190. Temple Of Void Summoning The Slayer

  191. Tenebra Moongazer

  192. Tenille Arts Girl To Girl (Vinyl)

  193. The Beths Auckland, New Zealand, 2020 (Teal Vinyl)

  194. The Blue Stones Hidden Gems (Vinyl)

  195. The Crows Beware Believers

  196. The Damned Phantasmagoria (Vinyl Reissue)

  197. The Get Up Kids Guilt Show (Coke Bottle Clear with Red Splatter Vinyl)

  198. The Kills No Wow (The Tchad Blake Mix 2022)

  199. The Oklahoma Kid Tangerine Tragic

  200. The Threshold Houseboys Choir Form Grows Rampant

  201. The Varukers Damned And Defiant

  202. The Vernon Spring What's Going On (Vinyl)

  203. They Hate Change Finally, New

  204. Thornhill Heroine

  205. Three 6 Mafia Live By Yo Rep (Color Vinyl)

  206. Toni Mora Space Folklore

  207. Tony Lavorgna & the St. Thomas Quartet Chameleon (Vinyl Reissue)

  208. Tord Gustavsen Trio Opening

  209. Twelve Foot Ninja Vengeance (Vinyl)

  210. Twiztid Mutant, Vol. 2 (Twiztid 25th Anniversary)

  211. Valleyheart Heal My Head

  212. Various A Psych Tribute To The Doors (Purple Haze Vinyl)

  213. Various DJ Athome Presents Spaced Out (Vinyl)

  214. Various From Graceful Fields: Classical Works For Native American Flute

  215. Various Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica

  216. Various Mr. Bongo Record Club, Vol. 5

  217. Various New Tangents In Kampala, London & Nairobi (Vinyl)

  218. Various NOW Country Classics: '80s

  219. Various NOW Country Volume 15

  220. Various The Whole Enchilada: The History Of Desert Rock - Tucson, AZ 1978-1994 (Vinyl + Book)

  221. Volojza Sore Wa Nari Tsudzukeru (Vinyl)

  222. Wehrmacht Biermacht (Reissue)

  223. Wehrmacht Shark Attack (Reissue)

  224. Weird Nightmare Weird Nightmare (Vinyl)

  225. Wilson Pickett The Original Soul Shaker

  226. Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose (Reissue)
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