New Albums & Songs for July 29, 2022 Jul 29, 2022


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out July 29, 2022


  1. 40 Watt Sun A Perfect Light (Yellow Vinyl)

  2. 700 Bliss Nothing To Declare

  3. A Giant Dog Bone (Pink Vinyl)

  4. A Giant Dog Fight (Green Vinyl)

  5. Acid King Live At Roadburn 2011 (Vinyl)

  6. Aespa Girls - The 2nd Mini Album

  7. Alien Sex Fiend Acid Bath (Yello & Orange Splatter Vinyl)

  8. Alien Sex Fiend Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  9. Alkaline Trio & Hot Water Music Split (Silver Vinyl)

  10. Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf Nearness

  11. Ani DiFranco Living In Clip (25th Anniversary)

  12. Anvil Impact Is Imminent (Color Vinyl)

  13. Apocalyptica 7th Symphony (Reissue)

  14. Art d'Ecco After The Head Rush (Vinyl)

  15. Art Hirahara Verdant Valley

  16. Atoll Prepuce EP (Vinyl)

  17. Authentic Unlimited Authentic Unlimited

  18. Authentic Unlimited Gospel Sessions, Vol. 1

  19. Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus (White Vinyl)

  20. Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip, Jerry Kalaf New Dreams

  21. Basement Jaxx Remedy (Gold Vinyl)

  22. Basement Jaxx Rooty (Pink & Blue Vinyl)

  23. Be Positives Everything About (Vinyl)

  24. Beach Rats Rat Beat

  25. Belphegor The Devils

  26. Big Bad Wulvs & ODB Dare Enter

  27. Billy Howerdel What Normal Was

  28. Blitzen Trapper VII (Orange Vinyl)

  29. Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears 3 (Vinyl Reissue)

  30. Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh (Reissue)

  31. Bobby Kimball Mysterious Sessions (Blue Vinyl)

  32. Bozzio Levin Stevens Black Light Syndrome (Reissue)

  33. Buttering Trio & Amir Bresler Foursome (Vinyl)

  34. Caracara New Preoccupations (Pink Vinyl)

  35. Castrator Defiled In Oblivion

  36. Charlie Gabriel 89 (Vinyl)

  37. Chastain The Voice Of The Cult (Vinyl Reissue)

  38. Chat Pile God's Country

  39. Clube Tormenta O Som Do Labirinto (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

  40. Colin James Fuse (Reissue)

  41. Compass Theory Of Tides

  42. Confidence & J Ferra Dese Unreleased (Fifteen Years Later)

  43. D Smoke War & Wonders (Patina Rust Splash Vinyl)

  44. Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer

  45. Dave Hause Blood Harmony (White Vinyl)

  46. David Arkenstone Native Heart

  47. David Gastine From Either Side

  48. DC Gore All These Things

  49. Deap Vally Marriage (Red Vinyl)

  50. death insurance i’m in your walls (Black & Yellow Vinyl)

  51. Depressed Afterlife In Darkness

  52. Diakron Spectre At The Feast

  53. DJ Stress & Tone Benjaminz Illside (Story Of Ill Shorty)

  54. doubleVee Treat Her Strangely

  55. DPR IAN Moodswings In To Order

  56. Dreezy Hitgirl

  57. Ed Wynne Tumbling Through The Floativerse

  58. Eddie Vedder Earthling (Deluxe Hardcover CD)

  59. Eleanor Buckland You Don't Have To Know (Vinyl)

  60. Ellevator The Words You Spoke Still Move Me (Vinyl)

  61. Elvis Presley Promised Land (Gold Vinyl)

  62. Emily Yacina All The Things: Decade Of Songs (White Vinyl)

  63. Empyrium Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields (Orange Vinyl)

  64. Empyrium Turn Of The Tides (Gold Vinyl)


  66. Entombed To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak The Truth (Vinyl Reissue)

  67. Eric Clapton Nothing But The Blues (Vinyl)

  68. Eric Johnson The Book Of Making

  69. Eric Johnson Yesterday Meets Today

  70. Fear Factory Soul Of A New Machine (Deluxe Vinyl)

  71. Fireside Collective Across The Divide

  72. Florist Florist

  73. Foxes The Kick (Vinyl)

  74. Friendship Love The Stranger

  75. Front Line Assembly Nerve War (Reissue)

  76. Fucked Up Year Of The Ox (Vinyl)

  77. Funeral Chic Roman Candle

  78. Gemini Five Babylon Rockets (Vinyl)

  79. Genesis Owusu Smiling With No Teeth (Vinyl)

  80. George Is Lord My Sweet George

  81. Gerry Beckley Aurora

  82. Gerry Mulligan Quartet '63 Live In Las Vegas

  83. Ghosts Of Atlantis (Turquoise Vinyl)

  84. Godslave Positive Aggressive (Green Vinyl)

  85. Gordon Lightfoot Summertime Dream (Color Vinyl)

  86. Grateful Dead Europe '72 (50th Anniversary Edition)

  87. Grateful Dead Lyceum Theatre, London, England 5

  88. Gypsy Gypsy (Reissue)

  89. Harish Raghavan In Tense

  90. Harrison Whitford Afraid Of Nothing

  91. Haunt Burst Into Flame (Fireball Color Vinyl)

  92. Hayley Kiyoko PANORAMA

  93. Head First Head First (Color Vinyl)


  95. Heart Of The Ghost Summons (Vinyl)

  96. Holding Absence The Greatest Mistake Of My Life (Color Vinyl)

  97. Hooveriii A Round Of Applause (Orange Vinyl)

  98. Hunter Noack In A Landscape

  99. Hunter S. Thompson Kentucky Derby Is Decadent & Depraved (Brown Vinyl)

  100. Isak Danielson King Of Tragedy (Vinyl)

  101. Isengard Spectres Over Gorgoroth (Vinyl)

  102. Isengard Vandreren (Vinyl)

  103. Ithaca They Fear Us

  104. Jackie Leven The Mystery Of Love (Is Greater Than The Mystery Of Death) (Vinyl)

  105. Jag Panzer Age Of Mastery (Red Marble Vinyl)

  106. James Righton Jim, I'm Still Here

  107. Janel Leppin Ensemble Volcanic Ash

  108. Jazzberry Patch Jazzberry Patch (Vinyl)

  109. Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi, Paul Bryan A Better Ghost (Bullion Vinyl)

  110. Jim James Regions Of Light And Sound Of God (Clear with Purple Blob Vinyl)

  111. Joel Jerome Super Flower Blood Moon (Vinyl)

  112. John Mayall The Sun Is Shining Down (Vinyl)

  113. Jordan Rudess The Road Home (Reissue)

  114. Jungle Rot A Call To Arms (Color Vinyl)

  115. Katalyst, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad Katalyst JID013

  116. Keller Williams Laugh (Vinyl)

  117. Kelly Stoltz Stylist

  118. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live At Levitation '14 (Green Vinyl)

  119. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live At Levitation '16 (Red Vinyl)

  120. King Of Heck Kingo (Blue with Black Swirl Vinyl)

  121. Kode9 Escapology

  122. Kowloon Walled City Piecework (Blue & White Vinyl)

  123. Krisiun Mortem Solis

  124. Kuedo Infinite Window

  125. Kuolemanlaakso Kuusumu (Vinyl)

  126. Kvaen The Funeral Pyre

  127. LÉON Circles (Vinyl)

  128. Leon & Mary Russell Wedding Album: Anniversary Edition (Color Vinyl)

  129. Linda Ronstadt Mad Love (Pink Vinyl)

  130. Little Caesar This Time It's Different (Reissue)

  131. Little Feat Waiting For Columbus (Super Deluxe Edition)

  132. Love The Best Of Love (Vinyl Reissue)

  133. M. Geddes Gengras Expressed, I Noticed Silence

  134. Mark Duda Bodega Flowers

  135. Mefisto Phosphorus

  136. Memphis Minnie Rough Guide To Memphis Minnie - Queen Of The Country Blues

  137. Michael Harris Chemical Compositions

  138. Mid-Air Thief Crumbling (Green & Orange Vinyl)

  139. Miki Matsubara Mayonaka No Door - Stay With Me (Vinyl Reissue)

  140. Minus The Bear Infinity Overhead (Vinyl)

  141. Minus The Bear Lost Loves (Vinyl)

  142. Misantropic Catharsis

  143. Moby Ambient (Clear Vinyl)

  144. Moby Early Underground (Vinyl Reissue)

  145. Moby Moby (Black & White Marble Effect On A Blue Base Vinyl)

  146. Moor Mother Jazz Codes (Vinyl)

  147. Mullmuzzler Keep It To Yourself (Blue Vinyl)

  148. My Sleeping Karma Atma

  149. Nas Magic (Vinyl)

  150. Nate Wooley Ancient Songs Of Burlap Heroes

  151. Nebala Lustuz Laþu Wōþuz Alu

  152. Nemesium Continua (Gold Vinyl)

  153. Nick Lowe The Convincer (Vinyl Reissue)

  154. Night Cobra Dawn Of The Serpent (Black & White Marble Vinyl)

  155. Night Crickets A Free Society (Vinyl)

  156. Ohio Players Tenderness (Expanded Edition)

  157. Opal Canyon Tomorrow To The Sea

  158. Paper Route Empire Long Live Young Dolph (Vinyl)

  159. Pat Leach Redd Eye Method

  160. Patrick Holland You're The Boss

  161. Penelope Scott Hazards (Color Vinyl)

  162. Pierre Kwenders José Louis And The Paradox Of Love (Vinyl)

  163. Pist.on Cold World +

  164. Pouya Blood Was Never Thick As Water (Vinyl)

  165. Pre-Human Vaults Allegiance Divine

  166. Rare Americans Jamesy Boy & The Screw Loose Zoo (Blue Vinyl)

  167. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather (Smoke Vinyl)

  168. Revelators Sound System Revelators

  169. Ron Trent Presents Warm What Do The Stars Say To You

  170. Ryo Okumoto The Myth Of The Mostrophus

  171. Sam Sanders Mirror, Mirror (Vinyl)

  172. Samara Joy Samara Joy (Vinyl Reissue)

  173. Seven Kingdoms Zenith

  174. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Soul Time! (Pink Vinyl)

  175. Shawn Phillips Live In The Seventies

  176. Shearwater Great Awakening (Vinyl)

  177. Simon Phillips Protocol (Reissue)

  178. Soul Jazz Records Presents Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-83

  179. Soundtrack Euphoria Season 2 (Orange Vinyl)

  180. Soundtrack Hyper Light Drifter (Vinyl)

  181. Soundtrack Power Stone (Splatter Vinyl)

  182. Soundtrack Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Pink Vinyl)

  183. Soundtrack The Witcher: Season 2 (Vinyl)

  184. Steve Tibbetts Hellbound Train: An Anthology

  185. Stick To Your Guns Spectre

  186. Suicideboys Sing Me A Lullaby My Sweet Temptation

  187. T-Rock Conspiracy Theory

  188. Tallies Patina (Green & Orange Vinyl)

  189. Teethgrinder Dystopia

  190. The Babys Anthology (Clear Vinyl)

  191. The Black Seeds Love & Fire (Vinyl)

  192. The Catatonics Hunted Down (Green Vinyl)

  193. The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole (Reissue)

  194. The Cribs Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever - Definitive Edition

  195. The Cribs New Fellas - Definitive Edition

  196. The Cribs The Cribs - Definitive Edition

  197. The Dead South Easy Listening For Jerks, Pt. 1 EP (Vinyl)

  198. The Dead South Easy Listening For Jerks, Pt. 2 EP (Vinyl)

  199. The Finn Brothers Finn (Vinyl)

  200. The Lord Forest Nocturne (Vinyl)

  201. The Moody Blues A Question Of Balance (Vinyl Reissue)

  202. The Nightingales In The Good Old Country Way (Reissue)

  203. The O'Reillys & The Paddyhats Green Blood (Green Vinyl)

  204. The Offspring Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

  205. The Po' Ramblin' Boys Never Slow Down (Vinyl)

  206. The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet (Vinyl Reissue)

  207. The Sons Of Adam Saturday’s Sons - The Complete Recordings: 1964-1966 (Deluxe Edition)

  208. The Volcanics Concrete Carver (Vinyl)

  209. This Ending Needles Of Rust (Vinyl)

  210. Tom Paxton, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer All New

  211. Torch Live Fire

  212. Trouble Plastic Green Head (Vinyl Reissue)

  213. u-Ziq Lunatic Harness: 25th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl)

  214. Unwritten Law The Hum

  215. Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby

  216. Various Afro Cubano

  217. Various Chicago

  218. Various Chillhop: Essentials Winter 2021 (Vinyl)

  219. Various Earl's Closet: Lost Archive Of Earl McGrath (Vinyl)

  220. Various Rough Guide To The Music Of Yunna

  221. Various Satan In Love - Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979-1992 (Vinyl)

  222. Various Wajazz: Japanese Jazz Spectacle Vol. I (Vinyl)

  223. Vatican Ultra (Color Vinyl)

  224. Veil Of Maya Matriarch (Purple & Baby Blue w

  225. Viagra Boys Cave World (Vinyl)

  226. Vindland Hanter Savet (Vinyl)

  227. Voivod Forgotten In Space (5CD + DVD Box Set)

  228. Weatherday Come in (Butterfly Splatter Vinyl)

  229. Webb Pierce A Country Boy Singing His Heart Out

  230. Whitechapel Whitechapel (Flame Marbled Vinyl)

  231. Will Sessions Electromagnetic Reality

  232. Woody Guthrie This Machine Kills Facists (Color Vinyl)

  233. Worm Shepherd Ritual Hymns (Color Vinyl)

  234. Yo La Tengo I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One: 25th Anniversary Edition (Yellow Vinyl)

  235. Young Prisms Drifter (Vinyl)

  236. Zenizen P.O.C (Proof Of Concept)
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