New Albums & Songs for August 20, 2021 Aug 20, 2021


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out August 20, 2021


  1. Aaliyah One In A Million (Reissue)

  2. After 7 Unfinished Business

  3. AJR Ok Orchestra (Vinyl)

  4. Alabama 3 Step 13

  5. Alien Boy Don’t Know What I Am

  6. All Good Things Hope In Hell

  7. Alustrium A Monument To Silence (Vinyl)

  8. Anderson East Maybe We Never Die

  9. Anti-Flag 17 Song Demo


  11. Bad Luck Summer Of Pain

  12. Between The Buried And Me Colors II

  13. Billy Law Alone Somehwere

  14. Black Swamp Water Awakening

  15. Blackthorne Afterlife (Vinyl)

  16. Blasphemous Creation Forsaken Dynasty

  17. Body Count Murder 4 Hire (Reissue)

  18. Book Of Numbers Magick

  19. Brainstorm Wall Of Skulls

  20. Brenda Taylor Buggy Ride

  21. BRNDA Do You Like Salt? (Silver Vinyl)

  22. C-Murder Give Me Freedom Or Give Me Death

  23. Caloé Saisons

  24. Caravan Who Do You Think We Are? (37CD Box Set)

  25. Cas Haley All The Right People (Vinyl)

  26. Chris Acker Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise

  27. Chris J Norwood I Am Not Cool

  28. Chrissie Hynde Standing In The Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan

  29. Chronotope Project Gnosis

  30. Connie Smith The Cry Of The Heart

  31. Cornelius Claudio Kreusch Transformer

  32. Danielle Sciaky Quelques Pas Avec Toi

  33. Danny Gokey Jesus People

  34. Danny Krivit Salsoul Re-Edits Series Two (Vinyl)

  35. Dare Against All Odds

  36. Darkfall & Mortal Strike Thrashing Death Squad Split

  37. Dawes Nothing Is Wrong: Deluxe Edition (Clear Vinyl)

  38. Deafheaven Infinite Granite

  39. Dimitri From Paris Salsoul Re-Edits Series One (Vinyl)

  40. Dimitri From Paris Salsoul Re-Edits Series Three (Vinyl)

  41. Distant Aeons Of Oblivion (Vinyl)

  42. DJ Manny Signals In My Head (Pink Vinyl)

  43. Django Allstars New York Sessions

  44. Django Reinhardt Electrified Django (1947)

  45. Django Reinhardt Le Dernier Django (1951-1953)

  46. Django Reinhardt Le Nouveau Quintette - Les Annees De Guerre 40-43

  47. Django Reinhardt & StephaneGrappelli Le Quintette A Cordes - Integrale

  48. Django Reinhardt & StephaneGrappelli Rome (1949)

  49. Elder Jack Ward Already Made

  50. Eli & Fur Found In The Wild (Vinyl)

  51. Emma-Jean Thackray Yellow

  52. Eric Bibb Dear America

  53. Eric Clapton Eric Clapton: Deluxe Reissue (4CD Box Set)

  54. Eric Hilton Ceremony

  55. Explosions In The Sky Big Bend (Soundtrack For Public TV)

  56. Fana Hues Hues

  57. Fear Factory Aggression Continuum (Color Vinyl)

  58. Felix Cartal Expensive Sounds For Nice People (Pink Vinyl)

  59. Fink IIUII

  60. Force M.D.'s. Let Me Love You: Greatest Hits (Blue Vinyl)

  61. GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor

  62. George Lynch Seamless

  63. Gouzes Andre Messes

  64. Grant Green Idle Moments (Vinyl Reissue)

  65. Haeun Joo We Will Find

  66. Heavy Feather Mountain Of Sugar

  67. Hikaru Utada One Last Kiss (Clear Vinyl)

  68. Hot Breath Rubbery Lips

  69. Ian Isiah Auntie (Emerald Vinyl)

  70. Ike & TIna Turner Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On (Color Vinyl)

  71. Imandra, Pekko Kappi, Masa Orpana Leppanen: Kanteletar

  72. Jake Bugg Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

  73. Jakob Mind The One That Got Away (Vinyl)

  74. Jean Humenry Les Croquemitaines

  75. Jesse Harris & Vinicius Cantuaria Surpresa

  76. Joe Bonamassa Now Serving: Royal Tea Live From The Ryman (Vinyl)

  77. Joe Troop Borrowed Time

  78. John Coltrane Another Side Of John Coltrane

  79. John Hurlbut & Jorma Kaukonen River Flows Vol. 1 & 2

  80. Justus Proffit Speedstar (Vinyl)

  81. Kelsey Waldon The Goldmine (Vinyl)

  82. Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue (Vinyl Reissue)

  83. Kero Kero Bonito Civilisation

  84. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Butterfly 3000 (Vinyl)

  85. KK's Priest Sermons Of The Sinner

  86. Kolezanka Place Is (Vinyl)

  87. Komrads The Wolf

  88. Langan, Frost & Wane Langan, Frost & Wane

  89. Laura Veirs Carbon Glacier (Clear & Black Vinyl)

  90. Laura Veirs July Flame (Clear Vinyl)

  91. Laura Veirs My Echo (Gold Vinyl)

  92. Laura Veirs Year Of Meteors (Glow In The Dark Vinyl)

  93. Lavender Diamond Now Is The Time

  94. Liar Thief Bandit Deadlights

  95. Lily Gonzalez Sink Or Swim

  96. Lissie Catching A Tiger (Anniversary Edition)

  97. Lorde Solar Power

  98. Ludwik Sarski Orchestra The Kid

  99. Maggie Rose Have A Seat

  100. Malcolm Holcombe Tricks Of The Trade

  101. Mannick Best of

  102. Martin Gore The Third Chimpanzee Remixed

  103. Mary Simon Krystal Mundi

  104. Matt Berry Kill The Wolf (Bottle Green Vinyl)

  105. Matt Berry Witchazel (Caramel Vinyl)

  106. Matthew Whitaker Connections

  107. Megadeth Unplugged In Boston

  108. Mentalist A Journey Into The Unknown

  109. Merz Trio Ink

  110. Mildreda I Was Never Really There

  111. Mitchum Yacoub Cumbia Divina (Red Vinyl)

  112. Nathan Salsburg Psalms

  113. Necronautical Slain In The Spirit

  114. Nephila Nephila

  115. Nicky Egan This Life (Vinyl)

  116. Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus (White Vinyl)

  117. Olivia Rodrigo SOUR (Vinyl)

  118. On-Ly On-Ly (Vinyl)

  119. Orla Gartland Woman On The Internet

  120. Parry Gripp For Kids About To Rock (Vinyl)

  121. Peppa Pig Peppa's Adventures: The Album

  122. Pile Songs Known Together, Alone (Blue Vinyl)

  123. Quickly Quickly Long & Short of It

  124. Razika Program 91: 10 Year Anniversary Edition (Vinyl)

  125. Resistance Revival Chorus This Joy (Red Vinyl)

  126. Richard Patrick La Belle Aventure

  127. Richard Spaven & Sandunes Spaven x Sandunes (Vinyl)

  128. Rose Tattoo Blood Brothers (Red Vinyl)

  129. Sa-Roc The Sharecropper's Daughter: Bonus (Vinyl)

  130. Saeko Holy Are We Alone

  131. Samael Ceremony Of Opposites

  132. Samael Passage

  133. Savatage Sirens (Vinyl Reissue)

  134. Sealand Airlines Sealand Airlines

  135. Seth Glier The Coronation

  136. Settle Your Scores Retrofit

  137. Shire T Tomorrow’s People

  138. Shotgun Sawyer Thunderchief Anniversary Edition

  139. Slowey And The Boats Set Sail (Color Vinyl)

  140. Snapped Ankles Forest Of Your Problems

  141. Sodom Bombenhagel

  142. Soundtrack Almost Famous: Super Deluxe (5CD Box Set)

  143. Soundtrack Butt Boy

  144. Soundtrack Euphoria Season 1 (Purple Vinyl)

  145. Soundtrack Fried Barry

  146. Soundtrack Girl From The North Country

  147. Soundtrack The Bob’s Burgers Music Album Vol. 2

  148. Soundtrack The Proposal (Vinyl)

  149. Statues Holocene

  150. Stephane Grappelli Grappelli With Strings

  151. Sufjan Stevens Convocations (Vinyl)

  152. Sun Of The Suns Tiit

  153. Synergetic Voice Orchestra Mios (Reissue)

  154. The Allman Brothers Band Shades Of Two Worlds (Orange & Red Vinyl)

  155. The Angelus Why We Never Die

  156. The Bangles Ladies And Gentlemen... The Bangles! (Vinyl)

  157. The Dead Deads Tell Your Girls It's Alright

  158. The Hawkins Live In The Woods (Vinyl)

  159. The Joy Formidable Into The Blue (White Vinyl)

  160. The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton, The Saxsquatch Tri-Magi (Vinyl)

  161. The Luvmenauts In Space (Vinyl)

  162. Times Of Grace Songs Of Loss And Separation (White Vinyl)

  163. TobyMac Live In Denver

  164. Toe For Long Tomorrow (Green Vinyl)

  165. Toe The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety (Blue Vinyl)

  166. Trey Anastasio Burn It Down Live (Orange Vinyl)

  167. Trifecta Fragments

  168. Tropical Fuck Storm Deep States

  169. Tropical Fuck Storm Deep States

  170. Type O Negative Slow Deep And Hard 30th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl)

  171. Various Smithsonian Anthology Of Hip-Hop & Rap

  172. Villagers Fever Dreams

  173. Vokonis Odyssey

  174. Vory Vory (Color Vinyl)

  175. Wanda Jackson Encore

  176. Warkings Revolution

  177. Whitehorse Modern Love

  178. Wilburt Lee Reliford Seems Like A Dream (Vinyl)

  179. Windisch Trio Pros And Cons: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 89

  180. Witchcryer When Their Gods Come For You

  181. Wolves In The Throne Room Primordial Arcana

  182. Woman Is The Earth Dust Of Forever
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