New Albums & Songs for August 13, 2021 Aug 13, 2021


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out August 13, 2021


  1. $uicideboy$ Long Term Effects Of Suffering

  2. 7seconds The Crew - Deluxe Edition (Vinyl)

  3. A Certain Ratio ACR:EPR (Grey Vinyl)

  4. Acid Dad Take It From The Dead (Color Vinyl)

  5. Act Of Denial Negative

  6. Afterlife Part Of Me

  7. Alexalone Alexaloneworld

  8. Anna Tivel Blue World

  9. Astral Doors Requiem Of Time (White Vinyl)


  11. Ben Platt Reverie

  12. Bendingo Fletcher Fits Of Laughter

  13. Blutengel Erlösung – The Victory Of Light

  14. Boogie Belgique Nightwalker Vol. 1

  15. Brandee Younger Somewhere Different

  16. Brodka Brut (Vinyl)

  17. C-Murder Give Me Freedom Or Give Me Death

  18. Caskets Lost Souls

  19. Charli Adams Bullseye (Vinyl)

  20. Chorusing Half Mirror

  21. Christian Death The Scriptures (Clear Vinyl)

  22. Chrome Scaropy

  23. Chuck Wagon Gang Radio Days

  24. Corinne Bailey Rae Corinne Bailey Rae (Vinyl Reissue)

  25. D’Eon Rhododendron

  26. Dan & Shay Good Things

  27. Dawes Nothing Is Wrong Deluxe Edition (Clear Vinyl)

  28. Destruction Live Attack (2CD+DVD)

  29. Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson Refuge

  30. Diskord Degenerations

  31. Dissection Live In Stockholm 2004

  32. DOA Hardcore '81 (Color Vinyl)

  33. Doug Brons Pull

  34. Eckart Runge & Jacques Ammon Revolutionary Icons

  35. Eje Thelin Quintet German Jazz Festival 1964 (Reissue)

  36. El Michels Affair Meets Liam Bailey Ekundayo Inversions

  37. Elephant Wrecking Ball Joy Front (Vinyl)

  38. Elvis Presley His Hand In Mine (White Vinyl)

  39. Enhypen Border: Hakanai

  40. Fleshbore Embers Gathering

  41. Francesco Ciniglio The Locomotive Suite

  42. GOST Rites Of Love And Reverence (Vinyl+CD)

  43. Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 2: Carousel 2-14-68

  44. Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Live (Vinyl Reissue)

  45. Hookers & Blow Hookers & Blow

  46. Iggy Pop & The Stooges Death Trip (Yellow Vinyl)

  47. Imperial Slaughter Vile Slobs

  48. Jack Russell's Great White Great Zeppelin II: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin

  49. Jade Bird Different Kinds Of Light

  50. Jealous Lover & What’s Your Damage? (Red Vinyl)

  51. Jennifer Hudson Respect Soundtrack

  52. Jeremy Garrett Wanderer's Compass

  53. Jeremy Stephens How I Hear It

  54. Jim O’Rourke Terminal Pharmacy

  55. Joan Armatrading Consequences

  56. Joan Shelley Electric Ursa (Purple Vinyl)

  57. Joan Shelley Ginko (Sea Green Vinyl)

  58. Joey Cape A Good Year To Forget

  59. John Denver Poems, Prayers & Promises (Vinyl Reissue)

  60. John Ellis, Adam Levy, Glenn Patscha Say It Quiet

  61. Joy Orbison Still Slipping Vol. 1

  62. Jungle Loving In Stereo

  63. Killing Face The Madness

  64. Kim Wilde Pop Don't Stop: Greatest Hits

  65. King Crimson Elements Tour Box 2021

  66. Lars Gullin 1955-56 Vol.1 With Chet Baker (Reissue)

  67. Lil Skies Unbothered (Vinyl)

  68. Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness

  69. Lucinda Chua Antidotes (Vinyl)

  70. Luke Hemmings When Facing Things We Turn Away From

  71. Manegarm Nordstjarnans Tidsalder (Reissue + Patch)

  72. Mark Murphy Midnight Mood (Reissue)

  73. Media Jeweler The Sublime Sculpture Of Being Alive

  74. Mountain Movers World What World (Purple Vinyl)

  75. Nadja Luminous Rot (Vinyl)

  76. Nicki Minaj Beam Me Up Scotty

  77. Nickodemus Endangered Species (Vinyl)

  78. Nina Simone Little Girl Blue (Reissue)

  79. No Depression Magazine Ghosts - Fall 2021

  80. Pachyman The Return Of... (Vinyl)

  81. Pearl Jam No Code (Vinyl Reissue)

  82. Prism Quartet Heritage - Evolution Vol. 2

  83. Procrastinate Discography 2014-2019

  84. Queen Latifah All Hail The Queen (Red Vinyl)

  85. REO Speedwagon Hi Infidelity (Color Vinyl)

  86. Rot Away Nothing Is Good (Vinyl)

  87. Ruby Rushton Gideon’s Way (Vinyl)

  88. Sally Decker In The Tender Dream

  89. Samia Scout

  90. Scritti Politti Anomie & Bonhomie (Reissue)

  91. Scritti Politti Cupid & Psyche 85 (Reissue)

  92. Sepultura Sepulquarta

  93. Sheryl Crow Live From The Ryman And More

  94. Silverstein When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Yellow Vinyl)

  95. Slaughter To Prevail Kostolom

  96. Soundtrack Free Guy (Orange Vinyl)

  97. Soundtrack Ghostbusters II (Reissue)

  98. Soundtrack The Lost Boys (Red Vinyl)

  99. Soundtrack The United States vs. Billie Holiday (Gold Vinyl)

  100. Suzie Ungerleider My Name is Suzie Ungerleider

  101. Ten Years After Naturally Live (Deluxe Edition)

  102. The Cold Stares Heavy Shoes

  103. The Day Of The Beast Indisputably Carnivorous (Color Vinyl)

  104. The Devil And The Almighty Blues TRE (Vinyl)

  105. The Killers Pressure Machine

  106. The Monty Alexander Trio Live! At The Montreux Festival (Reissue)

  107. The Poets Of Rhythm Discern - Define (Vinyl Reissue)

  108. The Ugly Kings Strange, Strange Times

  109. The Weather Station All Of It Was Mine (Reissue)

  110. Thelonious Monk Quartet Live In Stockholm 1961 (Reissue)

  111. TobyMac Live In Denver (CD+DVD)

  112. Tom Kitt Reflect

  113. Tommy Bolin Whirlwind

  114. Tony Coe & John Horler Dancing In The Dark

  115. Tori Amos Under The Pink (Vinyl Reissue)

  116. Tracy Lawrence Hindsight 2020, Vol 2: Price Of Fame

  117. Trash Boat Don't You Feel Amazing?

  118. Travis 12 Memories (Vinyl Reissue)

  119. Unreqvited Beautiful Ghosts

  120. Various Modern Love

  121. Various Southern Soul Club Jams 3

  122. Various Southern Soul Music Volume 4

  123. Various Truth To Power Project (Vinyl)

  124. Various Unrivaled Groove Vol. I (Vinyl)


  126. Willie Nile The Day The Earth Stood Still

  127. Yes Songs From Tsongas 35th Anniversary Concert (Vinyl)

  128. Yoon Ji-Young Road Home (White Vinyl)
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