New Albums & Songs for April 15, 2022 Apr 15, 2022


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out April 15, 2022


  1. A Wilhelm Scream Lose Your Delusion

  2. Abbey Lincoln Straight Ahead (Reissue)

  3. Aborted Engineering The Dead (Color Vinyl)

  4. Aborted The Archaic Abattoir (Color Vinyl)

  5. Abstracted Atma Conflux

  6. Acid King Live At Roadburn 2011

  7. Age Of Dystopia Age Of Dystopia (Vinyl)

  8. Alister Fawnwoda Milan (Vinyl)

  9. Amir Bresler House Of Arches (Vinyl)

  10. Architects For Those That Wish To Exist: Live At Abbey Road (Vinyl)

  11. Armored Saint Delirious Nomad (Reissue)

  12. Armored Saint March Of The Saint (Reissue)

  13. Armored Saint Raising Fear (Reissue)

  14. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Chippin' In (Color Vinyl)

  15. As If 10 Views From A Different Angle

  16. Aspidistrafly Altar Of Dreams

  17. Atoll Prepuce EP

  18. Balsam Range A Quindecennial Anthology (Vinyl)

  19. Bhleg Fäghring

  20. Big Yawn Pressure Acts EP (Vinyl)

  21. Black Map Melodoria (Vinyl)

  22. Bound In Fear Penance (Marble Grey Vinyl)

  23. Bouvier Blachant

  24. Brett Dennen So Much More: Deluxe Edition (Color Vinyl)

  25. Brown Fang Sherwood Pines (Vinyl)

  26. Bruno Philippe Bach: Complete Cello Suites

  27. Bullet Ride At The Gates Of Hell

  28. Caliban Dystopia

  29. Cancer Bats Psychic Jailbreak

  30. Candlebox Candlebox (Color Vinyl)

  31. Carly Cosgrove See You in Chemistry (Maroon Vinyl)

  32. Carnage Dark Recollections

  33. Cassandra Wilson Blue Light 'Til Dawn (Vinyl Reissue)

  34. Celestial Season Solar Lovers

  35. Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus (Reissue)

  36. Charles Webster Born On The 24th Of July (Color Vinyl)

  37. Chase Atlantic BEAUTY IN DEATH (Clear With Red Blobs Vinyl)

  38. Cher 3614 Jackson Highway (Reissue)

  39. Chip Z'Nuff Strange Time (Reissue)

  40. Choir Of King's College Cambridge Now The Green Blade Riseth

  41. Chuck Berry Live From Blueberry Hill (Vinyl)

  42. Cisco Swank & Luke Titus Some Things Take Time

  43. Cobra Starship Hot Mess (Color Vinyl)

  44. Cremation Lily Dreams Drenched In Static (Vinyl)

  45. Crisix Full HD

  46. Crystal Viper The Last Axeman

  47. Daft Punk ALIVE 1997 (Vinyl Reissue)

  48. Daft Punk Homework (Vinyl Reissue)

  49. Dan Nicholls Mattering And Meaning (Vinyl)

  50. Daniel Casimir Boxed In (Vinyl)

  51. Dario Lessing Frequency

  52. Darkher The Buried Storm

  53. Daryl Hall & John Oates No Goodbyes (Reissue)

  54. Dave Bainbridge Celestial Fire

  55. David Gates Falling In Love Again (Reissue)

  56. David Gates First (Reissue)

  57. David Quinn Country Fresh

  58. Dead Tongues Dust (Vinyl)

  59. Deadmau5 Faxing Berlin (Vinyl)

  60. Deha & Marla Van Horn Earth And Her Decay (Vinyl)

  61. Dirk Serries Epitaph, Live At Roadburn Redux 2021 (Vinyl)

  62. Don Leisure Shaboo Strikes Back (Vinyl)

  63. Doro Classic Diamonds (Black White Marble Vinyl)

  64. Down By Law Lonely Town (Reissue)

  65. Dr. Dog Be The Void Anniversary Edition (Red Vinyl)

  66. Earthen Sea Ghost Poems

  67. Egregore The Word Of His Law

  68. Eleven76 Occhio Occhio (Vinyl)

  69. Elisabeth Melander Notes From Within

  70. Enuff Z'Nuff Seven (Reissue)

  71. FM Thirteen (Vinyl)

  72. Freddie Steady Revue Dandy

  73. From Autumn To Ashes Holding A Wolf By The Ears (Vinyl Reissue)

  74. George Thorogood The Original: George Thorogood

  75. Geri Allen Trio Twenty One (Vinyl Reissue)

  76. Greyhaven This Bright And Beautiful World

  77. Guy Gerber Pyramid Of The Moon (Vinyl)

  78. Haruomi Hoson & Vampire Weekend Watering A Flower 2021 (Vinyl)

  79. Haruomi Hosono Flying Saucer 1947 (Vinyl)

  80. Haruomi Hosono Music For Films 2020-2021 (Vinyl)

  81. Hiromi Silver Lining Suite (Vinyl)

  82. Hostilities NØ COWARDS

  83. Hvob Too (Vinyl)

  84. Igor Gehenot Amaury Faye X Igor Gehenot

  85. Incandescence Le Coeur De l'Homme

  86. Ivo Perelman Quartet Magic Dust

  87. J3 Opus 1

  88. Jack Francis Jack Francis

  89. Jean Luc Ponty Aurora & Cosmic Messenger (Reissue)

  90. Jean Luc Ponty Open Mind & Fables (Reissue)

  91. Jenny Berkel Pale Moon Kid (Clear Vinyl)

  92. Jerry Paper Free Time (Vinyl)

  93. Joe Cocker Luxury You Can Afford (Reissue)

  94. Joel Futterman And Chad Fowler Timeless Moments

  95. Joel Ross The Parable Of The Poet

  96. Johh Zorn Spinoza

  97. John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman (Vinyl Reissue)

  98. John Craigie Mermaid Salt

  99. Johnny Ray Daniels Whatever You Need

  100. Josie Cotton Everything Is Oh Yeah (Reissue)

  101. Joyride! Miracle Question (Vinyl)

  102. Jp The Wavy Wavy Tape 2 (Vinyl)

  103. Justin Golden Hard Times And A Woman

  104. Kaitlin Butts What Else Can She Do (Vinyl)

  105. Kalandra Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended)

  106. Kansas Somewhere To Elsewhere (Reissue)

  107. Karen Dalton In My Own Time: 50th Anniversary Edition

  108. Knight Area D-Day II: The Final Chapter

  109. Kottonmouth Kings Long Live The Kings (Deluxe Edition)

  110. Kristian Bezuidenhout Beethoven: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 3

  111. Ledisi Sings Nina (Vinyl)

  112. Lee Hwangdae Shinkirou: Special Edition (Vinyl)

  113. Lenny Bruce Lenny Bruce Is Out Again (Blue Vinyl)

  114. Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' In New York (Reissue)

  115. Louie Gonnie Yesterdays Dream Echo Into Tomorrow

  116. M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (Orange Vinyl)

  117. Mahito The People Chinmoku No Tsugini Utsukushii Asa (Vinyl)

  118. Mamas Gun Cure The Jones (Vinyl)

  119. Manegarm Ynglingaättens Öde

  120. Mark Knopfler The Studio Albums 1996-2007

  121. Master Master (Reissue)

  122. Master On The Seventh Day God Created... Master (Reissue)

  123. Mathieu Robert Callada: Around Mompou

  124. Matthew Shipp And Chad Fowler Old Stories

  125. Max Roach We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite (Reissue)

  126. Melvin "Noks" Ukachi Ofege As One: I Am OK (Vinyl Reissue)

  127. Mental Cruelty Purgatorium (Reissue)

  128. Michael Schenker Group Heavy Hitters (Color Vinyl)

  129. Mick Chillage Variants Of Perception

  130. Midnight Oil Resist (Vinyl)

  131. Mike Holober & Balancing Act Don't Let Go

  132. Miles Okazaki Thisness

  133. Momus Smudger

  134. Mondo Cozmo This Is For The Barbarians

  135. Monsters Du Hesch Class, Ig Bi Trasch (Vinyl)

  136. Monuments In Stasis

  137. Morteza Mahjubi Selected Improvisations From Golha, Vol. 1

  138. Nazareth Surviving The Law

  139. New Horizon Gate Of The Gods (Vinyl)

  140. Nik Turner Space Fusion Odyssey

  141. Nik Turner Space Gypsy (Color Vinyl)

  142. Nik Turner, Simone House & Steve Hillage Space Gypsy (Red Marble Vinyl)

  143. Njoi Collected (Color Vinyl)

  144. Off Land Excursion

  145. Opal Canyon Tomorrow To The Sea

  146. Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling, Andreas Werliin Ghosted (Vinyl)

  147. Otis Spann Otis Spann Is The Blues (Reissue)

  148. Pailhead Trait (Vinyl)

  149. Paradise Lost Tragic Illusion Vinyl Reissue)

  150. Pat Matshikiza And Kippie Moketsi Tshona! (Vinyl)

  151. Pere Ubu Nuke The Whales 2006-2014 (Vinyl Box Set)

  152. Petey Lean Into Life (Vinyl)

  153. Pike vs. The Automaton Pike vs. The Automaton (Vinyl)

  154. Pimps Of Joytime Reachin' Up

  155. Pinnick Gales Pridgen Pinnick Gales Pridgen

  156. Poison Rose Little Bang Theory

  157. Porcupine Tree The Sky Moves Sideways (Vinyl Reissue)

  158. Premonitions Premonitions (Vinyl)

  159. Primer Incubator (Vinyl)

  160. Prince Daddy & The Hyena Prince Daddy & The Hyena

  161. Quaker Wedding Total Disarray (Vinyl)

  162. Redshark Digital Race

  163. Renaissance Academy Of Music 1974

  164. Riding Shotgun Nightfalls (Color Vinyl)

  165. Ronnie Atkins Make It Count (Vinyl)

  166. Ronnie Romero Raised On Radio

  167. Rufus Du Sol Bloom (Vinyl)

  168. Sam O.B. Just A Slice (Vinyl)

  169. Samuel Ljungblahd Right Now

  170. Savak Human Error

  171. Saves The Day Under The Boards (Sea Glass Vinyl)

  172. Scenic Incident At Cima (Vinyl+CD)

  173. Seether Vicennial - 2 Decades Of Seether (Vinyl)

  174. Selah Sue Persona

  175. Semblant Vermilion Eclipse

  176. Shpongle Tales Of The Inexpressible (Vinyl)

  177. Sir Edward Power Of Feeling (Vinyl)

  178. Skold Dead God

  179. Soundtrack Malignant (Color Vinyl)

  180. Soundtrack Outlander: Season Six

  181. Soundtrack Profumo Di Donna

  182. Soundtrack The Scary Of Sixty-First (Red Vinyl)

  183. Soundtrack The Wedding Singer (White Wedding Vinyl)

  184. Soundtrack Yakuza 0: Deluxe (Vinyl)

  185. Spanish Love Songs Brave Faces Etc.

  186. Sparks The Sparks Brothers Soundtrack (Vinyl)

  187. Stalk-Forrest Group St. Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings (Reissue)

  188. Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman Live (Reissue)

  189. Stephen Sondheim Assassins: Off-Broadway Cast Recording

  190. Steven Malcolm Tree

  191. Stone Broken REVELATION

  192. Sullivan Squad Anangokaag - When The Stars Are Out

  193. Sweet Level Headed Tour Rehearsals 1977 (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  194. Taeko Ohnuki Grey Skies (Vinyl Reissue)

  195. Tau Presents Dream Awake: Live At Roadburn Redux 2021

  196. Televangel & Child Actor Respawn (Vinyl)

  197. The Answer Lies In The Black Void Forlorn (Vinyl)

  198. The Boxmasters Help…I’m Alive

  199. The Infamous Stringdusters Toward The Fray (Vinyl)

  200. The Nighthawks Established 1972

  201. The Police Greatest Hits (Vinyl Reissue)

  202. The Psychedelic Freaks Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind (Vinyl)

  203. The Real McKenzies Float Me Boat

  204. The Reds, Pinks And Purples Summer At Land’s End (Green Vinyl)

  205. The Upside Downers Rockin' At Golden Bull (Vinyl)

  206. The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground: A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes (Vinyl)

  207. The Vernon Spring What's Going On (Vinyl)

  208. The Weather Station What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know EP (Vinyl)

  209. The White Buffalo On The Widow's Walk (Reissue)

  210. These Arms Are Snakes Duct Tape & Shivering Crows

  211. Timothy J. Fairplay Free Andromeda (Vinyl)

  212. Tin Machine Tin Machine II (Color Vinyl)

  213. Tom Bourgeois Moanin' Birds

  214. Tsunami Bomb Trust No One (Blue Vinyl)

  215. UK Subs Endangered Species (Deluxe Edition)

  216. Various If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now

  217. Various Longing For The Shadow: Ryukoka Recordings 1921-1939

  218. Various Music for kō (Vinyl)

  219. Various Pure Fire - The Ultimate Kiss Tribute (CD+DVD)

  220. Various Saturno 2000 - La Rebajada De Los Sonideros 1962 - 1983

  221. Various Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III (Vinyl)

  222. Various We Are The Children Of The Sun

  223. Viande L'abime Dévore Les Ames

  224. Vince Staples Vince Staples (Vinyl)

  225. Vitalii Kyianytsia Last Day Of Spring

  226. Vundabar Devil For The Fire (Vinyl)

  227. Wayne Powell Octet Plays Hallucination (Vinyl)

  228. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It The Best Of Fuzzbox Reimagined

  229. Wheeler Walker Jr. Sex, Drugs & Country Music

  230. Wilderun Epigone (Vinyl)

  231. Years After Years After

  232. Zachary Williams Dirty Camaro (Vinyl)

  233. Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto Alucinolândia
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