New Albums & Songs for November 5, 2021 Nov 5, 2021


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out November 5, 2021


  1. Aaliyah Aaliyah (CD Box Set)

  2. Aaliyah One In A Million (CD Box Set)

  3. Admiral Fallow The Idea Of You

  4. Aexylium The Fifth Season

  5. Agression Greatest (Vinyl)

  6. AHI Prospect

  7. Aimee Mann Queens Of The Summer Hotel

  8. Alan Parsons The Neverending Show Live Netherlands

  9. Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen 2010 (CD+DVD)

  10. Altareth Blood

  11. Anthony Wonsey Lorrain's Lullabye

  12. Apollo Brown & Ras Kass Blasphemy (American Stain Vinyl)

  13. Arthur Russell Another Thought

  14. B.B. And The Blues Shacks Breaking Point

  15. Bad Brains Rock For Light (Yellow Vinyl)

  16. Ben Böhmer Begin Again (Vinyl)

  17. Ben Chasny The Intimate Landscape

  18. Bigger Better Sun Adjust To Wellness (Color Vinyl)

  19. Billy Joel Vinyl Collection Volume 1 (9LP)

  20. Birds Of Passage The Last Garden

  21. Black Map Melodoria

  22. Blondie Yuletide Throwdown EP (Vinyl)

  23. Bob Bradshaw Queen Of The West (Vinyl)

  24. Bob Luman Honky Tonk Man

  25. BONEHUNTER Dark Blood Reincarnation System

  26. Bonga Jean-Baptiste Boula

  27. Bornholm Apotheosis

  28. Brendan Keller-Tuberg In Spite Of It All

  29. Buster Keaton The Carl Davis Soundtracks

  30. Cadaveric Incubator Nightmare Necropolis

  31. Cancer The Sins Of Mankind (Reissue)

  32. Cannabis Corpse Tube Of The Resinated

  33. Carabobina Carabobina (Vinyl)

  34. Carrie Underwood My Gift (Clear Vinyl)

  35. Carroll Thompson Hopelessly in Love (Expanded Edition)

  36. Carthage Sicilian Wars

  37. Catherine Howe What A Beautiful Place (Yellow Vinyl)

  38. Charles Aznavour Intégrale 1948-1962

  39. Charlotte Haesen & Philip Breidenbach Ou Est l'amour

  40. Chilly Gonzales A Very Chilly Christmas

  41. Chime School Chime School

  42. Christian Sedelmyer Ravine Palace (Vinyl)

  43. City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Harry Potter (Vinyl)

  44. Cochise The World Upside Down

  45. Connan Mockasin Jassbusters Two (Vinyl)

  46. Corey Harris Insurrection Blues

  47. Corrosion Of Conformity Blind (Vinyl Reissue)

  48. Crabber Who Let The Ducks Out?

  49. Crazy Lixx Street Lethal

  50. Cyndi Lauper Merry Christmas (Color,Vinyl)

  51. Darius Jones Raw Demoon Alchemy (A Lone Operation)

  52. Dark Heart Dark Heart

  53. Daryl Mosley Small Town Dreamer

  54. Dave Holland Another Land (Vinyl)

  55. David Jisse Assis Sur Ma Valise

  56. Deana Carter Did I Shave My Legs For This? (Reissue)

  57. Debt Neglector Dirty Water (Vinyl)

  58. Deeper Shade Of Blue Twenty

  59. Demi Lovato Dancing With The Devil (Vinyl)

  60. Diablo Swing Orchestra Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole

  61. Diana Ross Thank You

  62. Dusk In Silence Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude

  63. Eagles Of Death Metal A Boots Electric Christmas

  64. Elise LeGrow Grateful

  65. Emma Ruth Rundle Engine Of Hell

  66. Ennio Morricone Cat O'nine Tails OST 50th (Vinyl Reissue)

  67. Enrique Iglesias Final Volume 1

  68. Erasure I Say I Say I Say (Expanded Edition)

  69. Eric Burdon Band Alive In America

  70. Evelyn Huber Calm

  71. Fans Of The Dark Fans Of The Dark

  72. Fornhem Stamman Fran Berget

  73. Foxx Bodies Vixen

  74. Francis Jacob I'll Just Trust Your Eyes

  75. FUR When You Walk Away

  76. Gaahls WYRD The Humming Mountain

  77. Garbage Beautiful Garbage (Reissue)

  78. Gates Here & Now EP (Color Vinyl)

  79. Georges Brassens Intégrale 1952-1962

  80. Glasvegas Godspeed

  81. Glim Spanky Sunrise Journey (Vinyl)

  82. Golden Dragon Golden Dragon (Vinyl Reissue)

  83. Great Ad... Deep Down Death (Vinyl)

  84. Green Desert Water Black Harvest

  85. Green Lung Black Harvest

  86. Grim Earth In The Throes Of Madness

  87. Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean EGO

  88. Gustaf Audio Drag For Ego Slobs (Vinyl)

  89. Hana Vu Public Storage

  90. Hanson Against The World

  91. Hard Feelings HARD FEELINGS

  92. Hawthorne Heights The Rain Just Follows Me (Vinyl)

  93. Heads For The Dead Slash 'n' Roll

  94. Helen Merrill Lilac Wine (Vinyl)

  95. Holly Humberstone Walls Are Way Too Thin

  96. Horace Tapscott Dial 'B' For Barbra (Vinyl Reissue)

  97. Horace Tapscott Live At Lobero Vol. 2 (Vinyl Reissue)

  98. Hot Mulligan I Won't Reach Out To You (Pink Vinyl)

  99. Hushdrops The Static

  100. Il Volo Sings Morricone

  101. Ilan-Ilan Kokoda

  102. Incubus (BR) Serpent Temptation

  103. Information Society ODDfellows

  104. Insane Clown Posse Yum Yum Bedlam

  105. JD Simo Mind Control

  106. Jeannie Seely & Jack Greene Together Again

  107. Jim Peterik And World Stage Tigress

  108. Jimmy Carter Blind Faith

  109. JJJJJerome Ellis The Clearing (Vinyl)

  110. Joan As Police Woman The Solution Is Restless (Vinyl)

  111. Joseph Trio Sessions Vol. 2 (Vinyl)

  112. Joshua Henry Grow

  113. JW Francis WANDERKID

  114. Keith Richards Run Rudolph Run (Splatter Vinyl)

  115. King Crimson Happy With What You Have To Be Happy About

  116. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In Melbourne (Blue Vinyl)

  117. Knife Knife

  118. Kurt Rosenwinkel Piano Solo (Vinyl)

  119. L.A. Guns Hollywood Raw: The Original Sessions

  120. Larry Coryell & Paul Wertico Tricycles

  121. Leviathan Project Sound Of Galaxies

  122. Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis Come See Me & Come Lonely

  123. Lou Hayter Private Sunshine (Vinyl)

  124. Lucifer For President Asylum

  125. Macaroni Birthday Macaroni Birthday Time

  126. Manu Dibango Afrovision

  127. Marta Del Grandi Until We Fossilize

  128. Martial Solal Coming Yesterday (Vinyl)

  129. Mat Kerekes Songs For Breanne (Orange Vinyl)

  130. Matthew Shipp Codebreaker

  131. McDonald & Giles McDonald & Giles (Reissue)

  132. Memoria Avenue Memoria Avenue

  133. Memphis Ukulele Band Holidays Ain’t The Same (Green Vinyl)

  134. METZ Live At The Opera House (Color Vinyl)

  135. MH Chaos MH Chaos

  136. Michael League So Many Me (Vinyl)

  137. Michael Masley Cymbalom Solos (Vinyl)

  138. Ministry Every Day Is Halloween: Greatest Tricks (Reissue)

  139. mira calix absent origin

  140. Mirours Gilded Paradise

  141. Model Home both feet en th infinite (Vinyl)

  142. MOL Diorama

  143. Mom Jeans. Best Buds (Color Vinyl)

  144. Mortiferum Preserved In Torment

  145. Mother Iron Horse Under The Blood Moon

  146. Mountain Man Made The Harbor (Vinyl)

  147. Moustache Jazz & Rock N Roll iIn France 1953-1958

  148. Mr. Bungle The Night They Came Home (Vinyl)

  149. Muenchner Rundfunkorchester Tatort: Dreams

  150. Naoko Gushima Miss.G (Color Vinyl)

  151. Nashenas Life Is A Heavy Burden

  152. NCT 127 3rd Album Repackage Favorite

  153. Neal Francis In Plain Sight

  154. Nekromantheon Visions Of Trismegistos

  155. Nessa Barrett Pretty Poison

  156. Newton Faulkner Interference (Of Light) (Vinyl)

  157. Nicky Egan This Life (Vinyl)

  158. Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella People Need People (Vinyl)

  159. Nina Simone Nina’s Blues 1959-1962

  160. No Depression Magazine Good News - Winter 2021

  161. Nokie Edwards Unplugs The Ventures (MQA-CD)

  162. Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague (Vinyl Reissue)

  163. Octarine Sky Close To Nearby

  164. Ohio Players Observations In Time (Reissue)

  165. Olga Konkova Trio Open Secret

  166. Omnioid Regurgitated Inexistential Pestilence

  167. Omnium Gatherum Origin

  168. One Step Closer This Place You Know

  169. Pablo Solo Solo Sings Simon

  170. Palace So Long Forever (Vinyl Reissue)

  171. Parcels Day-Night

  172. Patrick Shiroishi Hidemi (Vinyl)

  173. Paul Taylor And Now This

  174. Penelope Isles Which Way To Happy

  175. People Years XIV

  176. Phew New Decade (Clear Vinyl)

  177. Piano Magic Writers Without Homes (Vinyl)

  178. Pino Palladino & Blake Mills Notes With Attachments (Vinyl)

  179. Pirosaint Know Thyself

  180. Porcupine Tree On The Sunday Of Life (Reissue)

  181. Porcupine Tree Signify (Reissue)

  182. Portrayal Of Guilt CHRISTF*****

  183. Primus Green Naugahyde (Green Vinyl)

  184. Puma Blue In Praise Of Shadows (Deluxe)

  185. Pyramid Validity

  186. Queen Of Jeans If You’re Not Afraid (Color Vinyl)

  187. R. Carlos Nakai In Harmony We Journey: Best Of

  188. Raphael Fays Andalucia: 1996-2006

  189. Remy Le Boeuf Architecture Of Storms

  190. Ricardo Donoso Progress Trap

  191. Robben Ford Pure (Vinyl Box Set)

  192. Robbie Lee Prismatist

  193. Rokia Traoré Tchamantché (Vinyl)

  194. Romero Lubambo & Rafael Piccolotto Live At Dizzy's

  195. Ross From Friends Tread

  196. Runrig There Must Be A Place (Blu-ray DVD)

  197. Ryan Adams Big Colors (Red Vinyl & Bonus 7")

  198. Sam Evian You, Forever (“Sunset” Vinyl)

  199. Sarke Allsighr

  200. Schattenmann Chaos

  201. Schoolly D Cuz Schoolly D Is Crazy (Vinyl)

  202. Sexmag Sex Metal

  203. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Holiday Soul Party (Candy Cane Vinyl)

  204. Shoestrings Expectations

  205. Shooting Star Circles (Reissue)

  206. Skatenigs What Could Go Wrong?

  207. Snail Mail Valentine

  208. Snarky Puppy Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Vinyl)

  209. Sonsombre Revival

  210. Soundtrack Bridgerton (Color Vinyl)

  211. Soundtrack Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (Red & White Vinyl)

  212. Soundtrack Emmanuelle II L'Anti Vierge (Vinyl Reissue)

  213. Soundtrack Ghostbusters II (Clear Vinyl)

  214. Soundtrack Godzilla Vs. Rodan: Spiritual Voices Of Akira Ifukube

  215. Soundtrack Mambo Man (Vinyl)

  216. Soundtrack Music From Vanilla Sky (White & Orange Vinyl)

  217. Soundtrack The Crow (Vinyl Reissue)

  218. SPECTRES Hindsight

  219. SpiritWorld Pagan Rhythms

  220. Stabbing Westward I Am Nothing

  221. Starz Live: Agora (Vinyl)

  222. Stephen Christian Spirited

  223. Steve Conte Bronx Cheer

  224. Steve Earle I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (Red Vinyl)

  225. Steve Earle Townes (Clear Vinyl)

  226. Steve Earle Townes: The Basics (Gold Vinyl)

  227. Steve Earle Washington Square Serenade (Metallic Gold Vinyl)

  228. Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) The Low Highway (Butter Cream Vinyl)

  229. Steve Earle & The Dukes Ghosts Of West Virginia (Blue & Black Vinyl)

  230. Steve Earle & The Dukes GUY (Orange & Red Vinyl)

  231. Steve Earle & The Dukes Terraplane (Gold Vinyl)

  232. Steve Roach & Michael Stearns Beyond Earth & Sky

  233. Steve Tyrell Shades Of Ray: The Songs Of Ray Charles

  234. Stoneburner Apex Predator

  235. Strange As Angels Chrystabell Sings The Cure (Vinyl)

  236. Sue Saad And The Next Seconds

  237. Sultans Of String Sanctuary

  238. Suzanne Santo Yard Sale (Vinyl)

  239. Syberia Seeds Of Change (Vinyl)

  240. Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso (Pink Vinyl)

  241. T. Buckley Frame By Frame

  242. Terry Draper The Other Side

  243. The Black Keys El Camino (Super Deluxe Edition)

  244. The Brief Encounter Introducing (“Smoky Mountain” Vinyl)

  245. The Dark The Beginning And The Living End

  246. The Everly Brothers One Night At The Royal Albert Hall (Reissue)

  247. The Great Kat Wagner, Goddess, Chopin And Shredderrific

  248. The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F.: The Found '77 Masters

  249. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion With Monsters & Gods

  250. The Muslims Fuck These Fuckin Facists

  251. The Reds, Pinks And Purples Anxiety Art (Blue Vinyl)

  252. The Steel Wheels Everyone A Song, Vol. 2

  253. The Vandals 25th Annual Christmas Formal (DVD)

  254. The Velveteers Nightmare Daydream (Vinyl)

  255. The Verve Pipe Threads

  256. thoughtcrimes Tap Night (Vinyl)

  257. Three Tremors Guardians Of The Void

  258. Thy Art Is Murder Hate (Color Vinyl)

  259. Tigran Hamasyan A Fable (Vinyl)

  260. Titus Showers Titus Showers

  261. Tom Principato Down The Road Studio Recordings

  262. Tommy James Rock Party

  263. Trade Secrets These Other Lives

  264. Treiyer Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime)

  265. Various Covered Dead Or Alive: Tribute To Bon Jovi (Reissue)

  266. Various Death In Gothenburg (Vinyl)

  267. Various Erased Tapes 20・・---0 (Vinyl)

  268. Various Hallowscream: The Night Of Murder, Witches, Spooks

  269. Various Holidays Rule (Red Vinyl)

  270. Various It's A Good, Good Feeling: Latin Soul Of Fania (Vinyl)

  271. Various Les Musiques Des Caraibes, Du Vaudou Au Ska

  272. Various Matchbox Bluesmaster Series, Vol. 5

  273. Various Merry Christmas, Baby (Reissue)

  274. Various Merry Xmas Darling

  275. Various Psychobilly Christmas

  276. Various Punk Tribute To Metallica

  277. Various Southern Rock Christmas

  278. Various The Boxer, The Bluesman & The Jazzman 1921-1962

  279. Various The Frémeaux Blindtest

  280. Various Winter Tales

  281. Veik Surrounding Structures (Clear Vinyl)

  282. Vile Creature Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (White Vinyl)

  283. Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas (Cassette Reissue)

  284. Vivien Goldman Next Is Now

  285. Voytek Soko Sokolnicki Cinematic Voice

  286. Wanda Jackson Encore (Vinyl)

  287. Winter Eternal Land Of Darkness

  288. xPT's Parachute Revisited (Vinyl)
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