New Albums & Songs for March 25, 2022 Mar 25, 2022


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out March 25, 2022


  1. 100% Pure Poison Coming Right At You (Vinyl)

  2. 1619 Bad Ass Band 1619 Bad Ass Band (Vinyl Reissue)

  3. 8 Kalacas Fronteras (CD+DVD)

  4. A. Billi Free & The Lasso Holy Body Roll

  5. Abbath Dread Reaver

  6. Abozekry, Altunbas, Barradas & Lari Cairo Jazz Station

  7. Absent In Body Plague God

  8. Accept Too Mean To Die (Silver Vinyl)

  9. Aksak Maboul Redrawn Figures Vol. 2 (Vinyl)

  10. Albert Castiglia I Got Love

  11. Aldous Harding Warm Chris

  12. Alessandro Alessandroni A Trip Around The World (Color Vinyl)

  13. Allison They Never Come Back

  14. Allison De Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves Hurricane Clarice

  15. Alphonse Mouzon By All Means (Reissue)

  16. Alternative Guitar Summit Honoring Pat Martino Vol. 1

  17. Amaury Faye & Igor Gehenot Amaury Faye X Igor Gehenot

  18. Animals As Leaders Parrhesia

  19. Ann Peebles & The Hi Rhythm Section Live In Memphis

  20. Anton Barbeau Power Pop!!!

  21. Apollo Brown Blacklight

  22. Apollo Ghosts Pink Tiger (Vinyl)

  23. As The World Dies Agonist

  24. Asteroid No. 4 Tones Of The Sparrow (Color Vinyl)

  25. Atrophy Socialized Hate (Vinyl Reissue)

  26. Bambara Love On My Mind EP (Vinyl)

  27. Barrie Barbara

  28. Battle Axis Bones Of The Aggressor

  29. Bellows Next Of Kin

  30. Bernice Bonjourno My Friends (Vinyl)

  31. Beth Hart Bang Bang Boom Boom (Clear Vinyl)

  32. Billybio Leaders & Liars

  33. Bismarck Oneiromancer

  34. Bitumen Cleareye Shining

  35. Blink-182 Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

  36. Blue Moods Myth & Wisdom

  37. Bomber Nocturnal Creatures

  38. Bon Iver Bon Iver (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

  39. Boris Kozlov First Things First

  40. Branko Mataja Over Fields And Mountains (Color Vinyl)

  41. Bugge Wesseltoft be am

  42. Camp Cope Running With The Hurricane

  43. Captain Beyond Lost & Found 1972-1973 (Reissue)

  44. Cath Roberts Conduits

  45. Cattle Decapitation Humanure (Black Smoke Vinyl)

  46. Cattle Decapitation Karma.Bloody.Karma (White Vinyl)

  47. Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor (Clear Vinyl)

  48. Cattle Decapitation To Serve Man (Clear Vinyl)

  49. Chen Reiss Fanny & Felix

  50. Chick Corea Akoustic Band LIVE (Vinyl)

  51. Chubby And The Gang The Mutt’s Nuts (Vinyl)

  52. Circa And So On (Reissue)

  53. Circa HQ (Reissue)

  54. Confidential Devil Inside

  55. Cowboy Junkies Songs Of The Recollection

  56. Crash Taylor Retired Outlaw

  57. Crass Normal Never Was V (Vinyl)

  58. Crown Magnetar Alone In Death

  59. Current 93 If A City Is Set Upon A Hill

  60. Cydeways Cydeways

  61. Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy (Vinyl)

  62. Dante Fox Roots Of Great White

  63. Darden Smith Western Skies

  64. Daryl Hall & John Oates Marigold Sky (Reissue)

  65. Dave Hause Blood Harmony (Vinyl)

  66. De Press Block To Block (Reissue)

  67. De Press Body Manifest (Reissue)

  68. De Press Product (Reissue)

  69. Del Shannon Singles Collection

  70. Dennis Bovell The DuBMASTER: The Essential Anthology

  71. Destroyer Labyrinthitis

  72. Diego Rivera Mestizo

  73. Don Bronco Amazing Things (Vinyl)

  74. Don Leisure Shaboo Strikes Back (Vinyl)

  75. Donner Hesitant light

  76. Duke Early Instrumentals (Vinyl)

  77. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Nightclub Daydreaming

  78. Eero Koivistoinen Altered Things (Vinyl)

  79. Eisfabrik Life Below Zero

  80. Elvin Jones Remembrance (Reissue)

  81. Erik Tagg Rendez Vous (Vinyl Reissue)

  82. Eternal Tapestry Beyond The 4th Door (IOrange Vinyl)

  83. Ex Norwegian Spook Du Jour (Vinyl)

  84. Ex-Void Bigger Than Before

  85. Extinction A.D. Culture Of Violence

  86. Eyes Set To Kill DAMNA EP

  87. Fil Caporali & Tom Bourgeois Moanin' Birds

  88. First Fragment Gloire Éternelle (Color Vinyl)

  89. Flotsam And Jetsam Iron Tears & Metal Shock

  90. Folly Group Human And Kind (Clear Vinyl)

  91. Freakons Freakons

  92. Freestyle Fellowship Inner City Griots (Vinyl)

  93. Frijid Pink Frijid Pink (Color Vinyl)

  94. Fucked Up Do All Words Can Do (Vinyl)

  95. Gabriel Kahane Magnificent Bird

  96. Gauntlet Rule Plague Court

  97. Get Well Soon AMEN

  98. Ghost Opus Eponymous (Turquoise Sparkle Vinyl)

  99. Ghost Bitch Blood And Honey (Cassette)

  100. Goldfrapp Felt Mountain (Reissue)

  101. Graham Day The Master Of None

  102. Gregor Barnett Don't Go Throwing Roses In My Grave (Vinyl)

  103. Guerilla Toss Famously Alive

  104. Hardcore Superstar Abrakadabra

  105. Harvey Mandel Snake Box

  106. Haunt Burst Into Flame (Color Vinyl)

  107. Haunted Shores Void

  108. He Is We Treehouse

  109. Heart Of The Dragon Ensemble The Art Of The Chinese Xiao & Hulusi

  110. Hellwitch Omnipotent Convocation (Reissue)

  111. Hiroshi Yoshimura Green (Vinyl Reissue)

  112. Holy Toy Close All Doors (Vinyl)

  113. Homeboy Sandman There In Spirit

  114. Hooded Menace Fulfill The Curse (Reissue)

  115. Ian Noe River Fools And Mountain Saints

  116. Ibibio Sound Machine Electricity

  117. Ignite Ignite

  118. Ihor Tsymbrovsky Come Angel

  119. Incite Wake Up Dead

  120. Isik Kural In February

  121. Ivo Neame Glimpses Of Truth (Vinyl)

  122. J-Rad Cooley Yard Sale

  123. Jeremy Garrett River WIld

  124. Jeremy Pelt Soundtrack

  125. Jim Brickman Disney On Piano: The Disney Songbook Vol. 2

  126. Jim Hall It's Nice To Be With You - Jim Hall In Berlin (Reissue)

  127. Joell Ortiz Autograph

  128. John Berry Find My Joy

  129. John Valenti Anything You Want (Vinyl Reissue)

  130. John Zorn Perchance To Dream

  131. Juanita Euka Mabanzo

  132. Junior Dugas I'll Be Your Man

  133. Karen Dalton In My Own Time (50th Anniversary Edition)

  134. Kenny Rogers The Love Of God (Deluxe Edition)

  135. Kevin Devine Nothing's Real, So Nothing's Wrong (Purple Vinyl)

  136. Kindsight Swedish Punk

  137. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In London ‘19 (US Fuzz Club Box Set) (Color Vinyl)

  138. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In Melbourne ‘21 (US Fuzz Club Box Set) (Color Vinyl)

  139. Kvaen Great Below

  140. L.A. Guns Fistful Of Guns: Anthology 1985-2012 (Reissue)

  141. Laibach WIR SIND DAS VOLK: Ein Musical Aus Deutschland

  142. Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart Perpetual Pendulum

  143. Leon Vynehall Fabric Presents Leon Vynehall

  144. Leslie West Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West

  145. Lionel Hampton Alive & Jumping (Reissue)

  146. Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment (Reissue)

  147. Loop Sonancy

  148. Luzifer Iron Shackles

  149. Madball Legacy (Vinyl)

  150. Maia Friedman Under The New Light

  151. Mallinder, Benge Campbell Clinker (Expanded)

  152. Manu Dibango Africadelic

  153. Maren Morris Humble Quest

  154. Margolnick Margolnick (Vinyl)

  155. Mark Turner, Jason Palmer, Joe Martin, Jonathan Pinson Return From The Stars

  156. Martha Skye Murphy & Maxwell Sterling Distance On Ground

  157. Mathieu Robert & Mario Ganau Callada: Around Mompou

  158. Matisyahu Matisyahu

  159. Matt Goss The Beautiful Unknown

  160. Mayday Parade What It Means To Fall Apart (Vinyl)

  161. Maynard Ferguson The Lost Tapes Volume Three

  162. Megalon Pandora's Box (Vinyl)

  163. Meitei Kofū II (Vinyl)

  164. Michael Lemmo Blue Comet

  165. Michael Leonhart Normyn Suite

  166. Michael Romeo War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2

  167. Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Oscillate Wisely 10th Anniv) (Silver Vinyl)

  168. Mikel Poke & Chill (Color Vinyl)

  169. Mind Patrol Milking The Masses

  170. Ministry Live Necronomicon (Reissue)

  171. Mirage Glass Beams EP (Color Vinyl)

  172. Monstereo In The Hollow Of A Wave

  173. Nas King's Disease II (Gold Vinyl)

  174. Natalie Cole Unforgettable...With Love: 30th (Vinyl)

  175. Necrophobic Death To All (Reissue)

  176. Night Demon Year Of The Demon

  177. Nite Voices Of The Kronian Moon

  178. Noice Bedarande Barn Av Sin Tid (Vinyl)

  179. Norman Brown Let's Get Away

  180. Nouvelle Vague This Is Not A Best Of

  181. Oberhofer Smothered (Vinyl)

  182. Oingo Boingo Only A Lad (Green & White Vinyl)

  183. One Flew West The Blue (Vinyl)

  184. Ornette Coleman Genesis Of Genius: The Contemporary Albums

  185. P.E. The Leather Lemon (Vinyl)

  186. Pailhead Trait (Vinyl)

  187. Paradise Lost Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos

  188. Peter Davison Glide

  189. Piledriver Metal Inquisition (Reissue)

  190. Polyphia Renaissance (Vinyl)

  191. Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere (2CD+Blu-ray DVD)

  192. Porcupine Tree On The Sunday Of Life (Vinyl)

  193. Professor Tip Top Lanes Of Time

  194. Puma Blue In Praise Of Shadows: B-Sides And Live Versions (Vinyl)

  195. Raccoon Tour The Dentonweaver (Orange Vinyl)

  196. Reality Disco Party (Vinyl Reissue)

  197. Reptaliens Multiverse (Blue Vinyl)

  198. Richard Marx Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More (Vinyl)

  199. Richard Thompson A Collection Of Unreleased And Rare Material 1967-1976 (Vinyl Reissue)

  200. Roxy Coss Disparate Parts

  201. Run The Jewels Run The Jewels (Orange Vinyl)

  202. Run The Jewels Run The Jewels 3 (Gold Vinyl)

  203. Ruth B. Moments In Between (Vinyl)

  204. Sammy Burdson Background Action (Vinyl Reissue)

  205. Sammy Burdson Dramatic Tempi (Vinyl Reissue)

  206. Samson Head On (Yellow Vinyl)

  207. Samson Survivors (Milky Clear Vinyl)

  208. Sanhedrin Lights On

  209. Sankt Otten Symmetrie Und Wahnsinn

  210. Sea Girls Homesick (Vinyl)

  211. Shamblemaths Shamblemaths II

  212. Shpongle Are You Shpongled? (Vinyl Reissue)

  213. Simone Dinnerstein Undersong

  214. Six By Seven Then, Now And Neil (Color Vinyl)

  215. Sly5thAve & Roberto Verastegui Agua De Jamaica (Vinyl)

  216. Soilwork A Predator's Portrait (Orange Vinyl)

  217. Soulline Screaming Eyes

  218. Soundtrack Carrie (Orange Vinyl)

  219. Soundtrack Clifford The Big Red Dog (Vinyl)

  220. Soundtrack Desperados III (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  221. Soundtrack Gears Of War (Vinyl)

  222. Soundtrack Gears Of War 2 (Vinyl)

  223. Soundtrack Gears Of War 3 (Vinyl)

  224. Soundtrack Going Under (Vinyl)

  225. Soundtrack House Of The Dead (Vinyl)

  226. Soundtrack House Of The Dead 2 (Vinyl)

  227. Soundtrack In Other Waters (Vinyl)

  228. Soundtrack Resident Evil 4 (Vinyl)

  229. Soundtrack Ys: Origin (Color Vinyl)

  230. Spice Let There Be Spice (Vinyl Reissue)

  231. Stéphane Grappelli Violinspiration (Reissue)

  232. Stephen Sondheim Sondheim Unplugged, Vol. 1

  233. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited The Flawless Ms Drake (Vinyl)

  234. Suicide Surrender: A Collection

  235. Sun Ra It's After The End Of The World (Reissue)

  236. Suzanne Santo Yard Sale (Vinyl)

  237. Suzanne Vega Close-Up Series Volumes 1-4 (Vinyl)

  238. Svante Sjoblom Before It Breaks

  239. Tangerine Dream Great Wall Of China

  240. Tanya Tagaq Tongues (Vinyl)

  241. Telefis A Haon

  242. The Bogie Band The Prophets In The City (Vinyl)

  243. The Count Basie Orchestra Basic Basie (Reissue)

  244. The Flower Kings By Royal Decree

  245. The Hanging Stars Hollow Heart

  246. The High Strung HannaH (Vinyl)

  247. The Home Team Slow Bloom

  248. The House That Bradley Built The House That Bradley Built (Orange Vinyl)

  249. The James Hunter Six With Love

  250. The Late Ones The Fourth Quarter (Color Vinyl)

  251. The Lazy Eyes SongBook (Vinyl)

  252. The Lovecraft Sextet Nights Of Lust

  253. The Mary Veils Esoteric Hex

  254. The Muslims Gentrifried Chicken (Vinyl)

  255. The Parrots Dos (Color Vinyl)

  256. The Sand Band All Through The Night (Vinyl)

  257. The Staple Singers Coming Home: The Early Recordings

  258. The Vertex Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Vinyl)

  259. The White Stripes Elephant (Vinyl Reissue)

  260. The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan (Vinyl Reissue)

  261. The Wilder Blue The Wilder Blue

  262. Theon Cross Intra I (Vinyl)

  263. Those Who Bring The Torture Cosmos Osmosis

  264. Thunderor Fire It Up

  265. Tigran Hamasyan Red Hail (Vinyl)

  266. Tinariwen Amassakoul (Indigo Vinyl)

  267. Tinariwen The Radio Tisdas Sessions (White Vinyl)

  268. Tindersticks PAST IMPERFECT the best of tindersticks '92 - ’21

  269. Tom Principato It’s Tele Time! A tribute To Roy Buchanan & Danny Gatton

  270. Two Another Back To Us

  271. Vacuum Vacuum (Red Vinyl)

  272. Varathron The Lament Of Gods (Reissue)

  273. Various College Music Presents: Back On Track (Vinyl)

  274. Various My Friend: A Tribute To Rusty Young

  275. Various Nahma: A Gulf Polyphony (Vinyl)

  276. Various Sky Dust Drifter (Vinyl)

  277. Various Song Education 3 (Vinyl)

  278. Various Under The Bridge

  279. VR Sex Rough Dimension

  280. Wallows Tell Me That It’s Over

  281. Warpath Disharmonic Revelations

  282. Weatherstate Never Better

  283. Willie Hutch Season For Love (Vinyl Reissue)

  284. Within Silence Gallery Of Life (Vinyl)

  285. Wormwitch Heaven That Dwells Within (Vinyl)

  286. Xyla Ways (Vinyl)

  287. Yasuaki Shimizu Kiren

  288. Young Prisms Drifter
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