New Albums & Songs for March 15, 2024 Mar 15, 2024


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out March 15, 2024


  1. ~Nois Kinds Of ~Nois

  2. 21 Savage American Dream

  3. Aborted Vault Of Horrors

  4. Adonis Rose Trio For All We Know

  5. Alfahanne Vår Tid Är Nu

  6. Alliance Alliance

  7. Andwella To Dream (Vinyl)

  8. Angelo Outlaw Axis Of Time

  9. Arve Henriksen & Harmen Fraanje Touch Of Time

  10. At War Ordered To Kill (Camouflage Vinyl)

  11. At War Retaliatory Strike (Camouflage Vinyl)

  12. Atrophy Asylum

  13. Aura Noir Dreams Like Deserts (Vinyl Reissue)

  14. Azymuth Live At Copacabana Palace (Turquoise Vinyl)

  15. Balthazar Fever (Blue Vinyl)

  16. Barbara Mandrell Precious Memories: 20 Hymns & Gospel Classics

  17. Black Curse Endless Wound

  18. Black Magic Doon

  19. Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy To The Rescue (7CD Box Set)

  20. Blink-182 Buddha (White Vinyl)

  21. Blutgott Dragongods

  22. Boeckner Boeckner!

  23. BRAT Social Grace

  24. Brother Dege Aurora

  25. Buddy Rich And Alla Rakha Rich à la Rakha (Reissue)

  26. CAKE Pressure Chief (Vinyl Reissue)

  27. Caleb Hudson Nothing Less

  28. Celtic Woman 20 (Gold Vinyl)

  29. Chapel Of Disease Echoes Of Light

  30. Charles Lloyd The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow

  31. Charles Mingus Incarnations

  32. Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare (Clear with Black Splatter Vinyl)

  33. Coil Moon's Milk In Four Phases (Reissue)

  34. COMA Fuzzy Fantasy

  35. Concrete Winds Nerve Butcherer

  36. Cory Wells Harboring The Hurt I’ve Caused (Vinyl)

  37. Crushed Extra Life - Poisonbloom (Vinyl)

  38. Current 93 In Menstrual Night (Vinyl Picture Disc)

  39. Current 93 Island (Vinyl Reissue)

  40. Dead Boys Younger, Louder And Snottyer (Green Vinyl)

  41. deadmau5 > album title goes here < (Transparent Light Blue Color Vinyl)

  42. Dean Evenson Celestial Meditation

  43. Defect Designer Chitin

  44. Devon Welsh Come With Me If You Want To Live (Orange Vinyl)

  45. Domain Life's Cold Grasp

  46. Donald Byrd A New Perspective (Vinyl Reissue)

  47. Donovan Golden Tracks (Blue Vinyl)

  48. Doris Troy Another Look

  49. DragonForce Warp Speed Warriors

  50. Drowned Procul His

  51. Emil Viklicky Za horama, za lesama…

  52. Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo Dear River (Reissue)

  53. Enforcer Live By Fire II (Vinyl)

  54. Enseishu Amami Yuta Secret God Songs

  55. Firewind Stand United

  56. For The Fallen Dreams Heavy Hearts (Black & Pink Vinyl)

  57. Fourplay Between The Sheets: 30th Anniversary (SACD)

  58. Glenn Danzig Black Aria 2 (Black, Red, White Splatter Vinyl)

  59. Grupo Irakere Teatro Amadeo Roldan Recita (Reissue)

  60. Harvey Mandel Live At The Matrix (Red Vinyl)

  61. Heavee Unleash

  62. Henning Ullen Play!

  63. Hobbs Angel Of Death Hobbs Angel Of Death (Vinyl Reissue)

  64. Iggy Pop San Francisco 1981 (Pink Vinyl)

  65. Innocence mission Small Planes (Vinyl)

  66. Irma Neumuller Introducing Irma Neumuller

  67. Issues Issues (Black & White Splatter Vinyl)

  68. Iterum Nata From The Infinite Light

  69. James Ray & The Performance Merciful Releases 1986-1989 (Red Vinyl)

  70. Jazz Artist Guild Newport Rebels (Reissue)

  71. Jethro Tull The Chateau D’Herouville Sessions (Vinyl)

  72. Joe Henderson Power To The People (Vinyl Reissue)

  73. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Live At Acton Town Hall (Vinyl)

  74. John Coltrane Giant Steps (Vinyl Reissue)

  75. John Coltrane My Favorite Things (Vinyl Reissue)

  76. John Hicks Live In Tokyo (Reissue)

  77. John Lodge Days Of Future Passed - My Sojourn (Vinyl)

  78. Junior Wells & Buddy Guy Live At Cotati Cabaret 1984 (Vinyl)

  79. Justin Moore Greatest Hits (Red Smoke Vinyl)

  80. Kane Pour The Last Wave (Vinyl)

  81. Katy Nichole Jesus Changed My Life (Deluxe Edition)

  82. Knifeplay Pearlty (Pink Vinyl)

  83. Korpses Katatonik Subklinikal Leukotomy Aphrenia Spasmophilik Lyssophobo Asphyxia (Vinyl Reissue)

  84. Lakecia Benjamin Phoenix (Vinyl)

  85. Larry Fleet Earned It (Vinyl)

  86. Leather Lung Graveside Grin

  87. Leather Strip Zoth Ommog Years 1989-1999 (Reissue)

  88. Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass Heaven's Bluegrass Band (Reissue)

  89. Leviathan Project MCMLXXXII

  90. Lipz Changing The Melody

  91. Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (Color Vinyl)

  92. Liv Moon You Live In Me

  93. Lords Of Black Mechanics Of Predacity

  94. Lustmord Much Unseen Is Also Here

  95. Max Roach We Insist (Mono) (Vinyl Reissue)

  96. Maya Youssef Finding Home

  97. Melanie One Night Only - Eagle Mountain House (Gold Vinyl)

  98. Miki Something's Coming

  99. Miles Davis Volume 2 (Vinyl Reissue)

  100. Morbid Saint Swallowed By Hell

  101. Mourning Noise Mourning Noise (Cassette)

  102. MUNA Saves The World (Vinyl)

  103. Necrophobic In The Twilight Grey

  104. Night Demon Curse Of The Damned (Deluxe Reissue)

  105. Night Demon Darkness Remains (Deluxe Reissue)

  106. Night Demon Night Demon (Deluxe Reissue)

  107. Night Verses Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night (Vinyl)

  108. Nina Simone Nina's Back (Reissue)

  109. Nothing But Thieves Dead Club City (Deluxe Vinyl)

  110. Obsession Carnival Of Lies (Yellow Vinyl)

  111. Obsession Marshall Law (Red Vinyl)

  112. Obsession Methods Of Madness (White Vinyl)

  113. Obsession Order Of Chaos (Grey Vinyl)

  114. Obsession Scarred For Life (Blue Vinyl)

  115. One For All Big George

  116. Paper Wings Listen To The World Spin

  117. Pat Travers Live At Reading 1980 (Red Vinyl)

  118. Paula Cole Lo (Vinyl)

  119. Peter Asplund Out Of This World

  120. Petter Bergander Trio Watershed

  121. Phantom Orchard Hit Parade Of Tears

  122. Phish The Spectrum '97 (Live, December 2 & 3, 1997)

  123. Pillar One Love Revolution

  124. Piotr Peszat Music For Culture Wars

  125. Remy Le Boeuf 's Assembly Of Shadows Heartland Radio

  126. Richard Wilson You Can Have It All

  127. Rifforia Axeorcism

  128. Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Taylor Swift (Vinyl)

  129. Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour Soul Junction (Vinyl Reissue)

  130. Roy Brown Jump Blues

  131. Royal Flush Hot Spot (Vinyl Reissue)

  132. Royel Otis Pratts & Pain

  133. RÜFÜS DU SOL Atlas: 10 Year Anniversary Box Set (White & Blue Vinyl with Slipmat and Photo)

  134. S.A.T.S S.A.T.S

  135. Sally Steele Alone In Love 1988-1989 (Purple Vinyl)

  136. Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo (Reissue)

  137. Samson Head on (Red, White & Black Splatter Vinyl)

  138. Scott Stapp Higher Power

  139. Shelly Manne & His Men At The Black Hawk, Vol. 1 (Vinyl)

  140. Shin Sasakubo & Gabriel Bruce Catharsis

  141. Sijjin Sumerian Promises

  142. Sonic Skin Berggren: Gavia

  143. Soundtrack Coffee Talk Ep. 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

  144. Soundtrack Contra Rebirth (Vinyl)

  145. Soundtrack Exorcist Believer (Vinyl)

  146. Soundtrack Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Vinyl)

  147. Soundtrack Hitman: Codename 47 (Vinyl)

  148. Soundtrack Necropolis: Troma (Vinyl)

  149. Soundtrack Oppenheimer (Vinyl)

  150. Soundtrack Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Vinyl)

  151. Soundtrack The Invincible (Vinyl)

  152. Soundtrack Wargroove 2 (Vinyl)

  153. Space Embrace The Space

  154. Spoken Reflection

  155. Steve Howell 99 1

  156. Sum 41 Order In Decline (Hot Pink Vinyl)

  157. Surgical Strike 24

  158. The Amboy Dukes The Amboy Dukes (Lime Green Vinyl)

  159. The Damned Shadowed Tales From Mulhouse (Haze Vinyl)

  160. The Dandy Warhols ROCKMAKER

  161. The Empty Pockets Outside Spectrum (Purple Vinyl)

  162. The Fourth Wall Return Forever (Vinyl)

  163. The Grass Roots Let's Live For Today (Color Vinyl)

  164. The Inspirations The Legacy Continues

  165. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life No Name Graves

  166. The Long Winters Putting The Days To Bed (Vinyl Reissue)

  167. The Long Winters The Worst You Can Do Is Harm (Vinyl Reissue)

  168. The Long Winters Ultimatum (Vinyl Reissue)

  169. The Long Winters When I Pretend To Fall (Vinyl Reissue)

  170. The Messthetics And James Brandon Lewis The Messthetics And James Brandon Lewis

  171. The Orient Express The Orient Express (Blue Vinyl)

  172. The Telescopes Growing Eyes Becoming String

  173. The Vandals Fear Of A Punk Planet (Reissue)

  174. The Vibrators Demos 1976-1978

  175. Tierra Whack WORLD WIDE WHACK

  176. U.K. Subs A.W.O.L (Blue Vinyl)

  177. Udad Udad

  178. Vader De Profundis (Vinyl Reissue)

  179. Various Blackest Album - A Tribute To Metallica (Vinyl)

  180. Various Uptown Top Ranking - Reggae Chartbusters

  181. Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn Sorey Compassion (Vinyl)


  183. Weldon Irvine Young Gifted & Broke (Vinyl Reissue)

  184. Whom Gods Destroy Insanium
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