New Albums & Songs for February 11, 2022 Feb 11, 2022


In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
Get the hottest releases delivered to you each week

Also Out February 11, 2022


  1. Adam Larson With Love, From Chicago

  2. Aly & AJ Touch Of The Beat (Vinyl)

  3. Amorphis Halo

  4. Amos Lee Dreamland

  5. Angels & Airwaves I-Empire (Silver Vinyl)

  6. Angels & Airwaves We Don't Need To Whisper (Color Vinyl)

  7. Apes Lullabies For Eternal Sleep (Vinyl)

  8. Atrocity Unspoken Names

  9. Axe Axe (Color Vinyl)

  10. Big Al And The Heavyweights Love One Another

  11. Big Thief Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

  12. BIzarre Invocation Codex

  13. Bo Burnham INSIDE (The Songs)

  14. Bruce Soord & Jonas Renkse Wisdom Of Crowds (Vinyl)

  15. Cat Stevens Harold And Maude Soundtrack (Reissue)

  16. Charlotte Greve Sediments We Move (Vinyl)

  17. Chris Potter Rituals

  18. Clever 1 Kevlar Ski Jacketz

  19. Cold War Kids New Age Norms 2

  20. Cool Sweetness Sextet Shoehorn Shuffle

  21. Cornell Dupree Doin' Alright (Vinyl)

  22. Cruzados She's Automatic

  23. Crystal Ball Crysteria

  24. Cult Of Luna The Long Road North

  25. Curtis Godino And The Midnight Wishers The Midnight Wishers (Vinyl)

  26. Damian Marhulets Constellation Machine

  27. Dan Andriano & The Bygones Dear Darkness

  28. Dan Sartain Arise, Dan Sartain, Arise (Vinyl)

  29. Danzig Danzig 5: Blackacidevil (Vinyl)

  30. Dark Millennium Acid River

  31. Dave B. Bleu (Vinyl)

  32. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Cold As Weiss

  33. DJ Mitsu The Beats Dream Crews (Vinyl)

  34. Dream Unending Tide Turns Eternal (Vinyl)

  35. Dustin Lynch Blue In The Sky

  36. Dusty Locane Untamed

  37. Emily Yacina Remember The Silver (Vinyl)

  38. Ethan Iverson Every Note Is True

  39. Fenne Lily On Hold (Vinyl)

  40. Fort Romeau Beings Of Light (Vinyl)

  41. Frank Turner FTHC

  42. Gifted Gab Cause & Effect (Vinyl)

  43. Gina Leslie No, You're Crying

  44. Golden Earring On The Double (Vinyl Reissue)

  45. Haiku Hands Haiku Hands (Vinyl)

  46. Hangman's Chair A Loner

  47. Holy Hive Holy Hive (Vinyl)

  48. Horde Of Two I Knew I Was A Rebel Then

  49. Isolated Gate Hapax Legomenon (Vinyl)

  50. Jakob Magnusson Jack Magnet (Vinyl Reissue)

  51. Jason Mraz Lalalalovesongs

  52. Jlin Embryo (Vinyl)

  53. Joe Nichols Good Day For Living

  54. John Hadfield John Hadfield's Paris Quartet

  55. John Mayall Road Show Blues (Red Marble Vinyl)

  56. Jon Hopkins Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Vinyl)

  57. Kanye West Donda (Deluxe Version)

  58. Katatonia Brave Murder Day (Vinyl)

  59. Katatonia Dethroned & Uncrowned (Vinyl)

  60. Kenny G New Standards (Vinyl)

  61. Kevin Hearn There And Then (Vinyl)

  62. Kill Alters Armed To The Teeth L.M.O.M.M.

  63. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In Sydney 2021 (Vinyl)

  64. Lannds Lotus Deluxe (Vinyl)

  65. Lewis OfMan Sonic Poems

  66. Luis Fonsi Ley De Gravedad

  67. Lynda Randle Pilgrim Journey

  68. Malignant Altar Realms Of Exquisite Morbidity

  69. Man Evolution (6CD Box)

  70. Markus Burger The Vienna Sessions

  71. Mcnally Waters Bang Bang

  72. Meg & Drinkin' Hoppys Sha Ba Da Swing Tokyo (Vinyl)

  73. MF Doom Special Herbs: The Box Set (Cassette)

  74. Mohammad Reza Shadjarian Iran: Persian Classical Music

  75. Moonchild Starfruit

  76. Naked Gypsy Queens Georgiana (Vinyl)

  77. Near Death Condition Ascent From The Mundane

  78. Necrophobic Hrimthursum (Reissue)

  79. Nick Frater Earworms (Vinyl)

  80. Night Shop Forever Night

  81. Nina Simone Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits And Remixes

  82. Nneka Love Supreme

  83. Noltem Illusions In The Wake

  84. Ole Borud Soul Letters

  85. Ophelias Bare Bodkin

  86. Orlando Weeks Hop Up (Vinyl)

  87. Paper Route Empire Long Live Young Dolph

  88. Paul Draper Cult Leader Tactics

  89. Pénélope Antena Beamorose (Vinyl)

  90. Perry Porter Bobby Ro$$ (Vinyl)

  91. Pino Palladino & Blake Mills Notes With Attachments (Vinyl)

  92. Planningtorock Gay Dreams Do Come True (Vinyl)

  93. Plattenbau Shape

  94. Pretty Archie Pretty Archie

  95. Priscilla Block Welcome To The Block Party

  96. Rick Braun Rick Braun

  97. Rivers Of Nihil The Work (Vinyl)

  98. Rob Burger Marching With Feathers

  99. Robby Krieger In Session

  100. Roc Marciano Ekphrasis

  101. Saint Etienne Foxbase Alpha (Vinyl Reissue)

  102. Sara Rachele Heartstrings

  103. Schwarzer Engel Sieben

  104. Shame Drunk Tank (Color Vinyl)

  105. Shark Island S'Cool Bus (Deluxe Edition)

  106. Shiva Burlesque Mercury Blues + Skulduggery

  107. Shpongle Are You Shpongled? (Vinyl)

  108. Soul Jazz Records Presents Life Between Islands - Soundsystem Culture: Black Musical Expression In The UK 1973-2006

  109. Soulwax Much Against Everyones Advice (Vinyl)

  110. Soundtrack Army Of The Dead (Vinyl)

  111. Soundtrack Attack On Titan: Season 1 (Vinyl)

  112. Soundtrack Attack On Titan: Season 2 (Vinyl)

  113. Soundtrack The Viking Path

  114. Soundtrack Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Vinyl)

  115. Spirit Was Heaven's Just A Cloud

  116. Stander Vulnerable (Vinyl)

  117. Stefan Pasborg Ritual Dances

  118. Stormkeep Tales Of Othertime (Vinyl)

  119. Taking Meds Terrible News From Wonderful Men (Vinyl)

  120. Tally Hall Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Vinyl)

  121. Ted Coleman Band Taking Care Of Business (Vinyl)

  122. Temple Of Void Lords Of Death (Vinyl)

  123. The Delines The Sea Drift

  124. The Glands The Glands (Green Vinyl)

  125. The Lore Family The World Needs A Song

  126. The Pillows FLCL (Vinyl)

  127. The Pretty Reckless Going To Hell (Vinyl Reissue)

  128. This Wild Life Ever Blossom

  129. toe New Sentimentality (Yellow & Clear Vinyl)

  130. toe songs, ideas we forgot (Pink & Green Vinyl)

  131. toe the future is now (Purple & Blue Vinyl)

  132. Tyrant Legions Of The Dead (Blue Vinyl)

  133. Tyrant Too Late To Pray (Bloody Grave Vinyl)

  134. Various Bio Rhythm 3: Re-Indulge (Vinyl)

  135. Various Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, Vol. 2

  136. Vitalic O.K. Cowboy (Vinyl)

  137. Voivod Synchro Anarchy (Vinyl)

  138. Wooden Glass Live (Vinyl Reissue)

  139. Worm Foreverglade (Vinyl)

  140. Zeal & Ardor Zeal & Ardor
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