New Albums & Songs for December 10, 2021 Dec 10, 2021


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In a sea of music platforms and streaming songs...
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Also Out December 10, 2021


  1. Abstract Void Wishdream

  2. Adiant Killing Dreams

  3. Aeon Station Observatory

  4. Agarthic The Inner Side

  5. Age Of Wolves Age Of Wolves

  6. Akercocke Choronzon (Reissue)

  7. Akercocke Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone (Reissue)

  8. Alan Parsons The Neverending Show: Live In The Netherlands (Vinyl)

  9. Anti-Flag Die For The Government (Reissue)

  10. Ariel B. Unwrapped

  11. Ashland Craft Travelin' Kind (Clear Vinyl)

  12. Astrakhan Retrospective

  13. Bad Religion Christmas Songs (Vinyl)

  14. Barney Wilen French Ballads (Vinyl Reissue)

  15. Bashford Greener Grasses (Vinyl)

  16. Baxter Dury Mr Maserati 2001 - 2021

  17. Beta Radio The Songs The Season Brings, Vols. 1-4

  18. Bill Charlap Trio Street Of Dreams (Vinyl)

  19. Black Mood Toxic Hippies II

  20. Bloody Falls Burn The Witch

  21. Booze & Glory The Reggae Sessions Vol 2 (Vinyl)

  22. Boris Blenn Berlin Future Lounge (Reissue)

  23. Bria Cuntry Covers Vol. 1

  24. Brkn Record The Architecture Of Oppression Part 1

  25. BT Metaversal

  26. Bush Tetras Rhythm & Paranoia: The Best Of Bush Tetras

  27. Cap Outrun High On Deception

  28. Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe Be Yourself (Vinyl Reissue)

  29. Cataleptic The Tragedy

  30. Catalyst Crime Catalyst Crime

  31. Cherokee Blood & Gold

  32. Christian Death The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 1, The Renaissance

  33. Claptone Closer (Vinyl)

  34. Claudia Thompson Goodbye To Love (Reissue)

  35. Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman Dark Fables

  36. Clyde Anthony It's Time

  37. Conjureth Majestic Dissolve (Vinyl)

  38. Copeland, King, Cosma & Belew Gizmodrome Live

  39. Curse Of Lono People In Cars

  40. Curtis Harding If Words Were Flowers (Vinyl)

  41. Daft Punk Alive 1997 (Reissue)

  42. Daft Punk Alive 2007 (Reissue)

  43. Daft Punk Daft Club (Reissue)

  44. Daft Punk Discovery (Reissue)

  45. Daft Punk Homework (Reissue)

  46. Daft Punk Human After All (Reissue)

  47. Danilo Brito & Joao Luiz Esquina De Sao Paulo

  48. DATURA4 West Coast Highway Cosmic (Splatter Vinyl)

  49. Dawn Derow My Ship: Songs From 1941

  50. Dead Best Dead Best (Yellow Vinyl)

  51. Dear Laika Pluperfect Mind (Vinyl)

  52. Deathswarm Forward Into Oblivion

  53. Destructo Demonic Possession

  54. Dirty Shrines Digital Ego (Vinyl)

  55. Doedsvangr Serpents Ov Old

  56. Doja Cat Planet Her (Deluxe)

  57. Dperd Monsters

  58. Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour of Events Select Board Mixes (Vinyl)

  59. Eard De Rerum Natura

  60. Eddie Money Take Me Home Tonight: The Best Of (Pink Vinyl)

  61. Eddie Seaman Cave Of Gold

  62. Edge Of The Blade Distant Shores

  63. EFYD Like Shadows

  64. Eleanor Buckland You Don't Have To Know (Vinyl)

  65. Electric Eye Horizons (Vinyl)

  66. Electric Looking Glass Somewhere Flowers Grow (Color Vinyl)

  67. Elizabeth S Gather Love

  68. Ember Sun On Earth And Heaven

  69. Enuff Z'nuff Enuff Z'Nuff's Hardrock Nite (White Vinyl)

  70. Ergholae Somptator Mille Vertiges Fondent Sur Les Âmes Vides

  71. Erik Shicotte Miss'ry Pacific (Vinyl)

  72. Espoo Big Band Blood Red

  73. Fela Kuti Box Set 5 (7LP Vinyl Box)

  74. Filth Is Eternal Love Is A Lie, Filth Is Eternal (Vinyl)

  75. Fleischer Knochenhauer

  76. Foetal Juice Gluttony (Vinyl)

  77. Forrest Fang Forever Cascades

  78. Four Year Strong Brain Pain (Vinyl)

  79. Fu Manchu A Look Back: Dogtown & Z Boys

  80. Fucked Up David Comes To Life (Yellow Vinyl)

  81. Funeral Praesentialis In Aeternum

  82. Galaxy On The Shore Of Life

  83. Ghost Bath Self Loather (Vinyl)

  84. Gladiators 1983 – The Nighthawk EP (Vinyl Reissue)

  85. Godflesh Godflesh (Reissue)

  86. Grade 2 Graveyard Island: Acoustic Sessions (Vinyl)

  87. Grand Cadaver Into The Maw Of Death

  88. Green Carnation The Acoustic Verses (Reissue)

  89. Green Day BBC Sessions

  90. Grizzlor Hammer Of Life (Vinyl)

  91. Gryff Calypso Drip FM (Vinyl)

  92. Gut Disciples Of Smut

  93. Gutalax Shit Happens

  94. Halfnoise Motif (Vinyl)

  95. Harry Bertoia Sonambient (11LP Vinyl Box)

  96. Hawkwind Dust Of Time: An Anthology

  97. Helm Axis (Vinyl)

  98. Herbie Nichols The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 1 & 2 (Vinyl)

  99. Hollow Tower

  100. Hollow Ship Future Remains Deluxe Edition

  101. Ill Considered Liminal Space

  102. Indigo De Souza Any Shape You Take (Color Vinyl)

  103. Intricated Apocalyptic Metamorphosis

  104. Ivo Neame Glimpses Of Truth

  105. James White And The Blacks Melt Yourself Down

  106. Jeff Parker Forfolks

  107. Jeff Tweedy Love Is The King - Live Is The King


  109. Jim Peterik And World Stage Tigress - Women Who Rock The World (Vinyl)

  110. Jimmy Smith Home Cookin' (Vinyl Reissue)

  111. Joe Bonamassa Now Serving: Royal Tea: Live From The Ryman (Vinyl)

  112. John Adorney The Bells Of Distant Stars

  113. John Wort Hannam Long Haul (Vinyl)

  114. Joke Lanz & Dieb 13 Musical Education

  115. Katatonia Brave Murder Day (Reissue)

  116. Katatonia Dethroned & Uncrowned (Vinyl)

  117. Keaton Henson Fragments EP (Vinyl)

  118. Kenny Cox Introducing Kenny Cox... (Vinyl Reissue)

  119. King Krule You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down

  120. Kurt Elling SuperBlue Featuring Charlie Hunter (Vinyl)

  121. Kylie Minogue DISCO: Extended Mixes (Vinyl)

  122. L.A. Guns Checkered Past (Color Vinyl)

  123. Lady Gaga Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary (Vinyl)

  124. Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray Sanba Yo Pran Pale DJ Koze Remix (Vinyl)

  125. Lambchop I Hope You're Sitting Down - Jack's Tulips (Vinyl Reissue)

  126. Lancy Falta Lancy Lot

  127. Land Of Gypsies Land Of Gypsies

  128. Larry Fleet Stack Of Records (Vinyl)

  129. Les Claypool's Duo De Twang Four Foot Shack (Gold Nugget Vinyl)

  130. Lil Lotus Error Boy (Color Vinyl)

  131. Lilys Better Can’t Make Your Life Better (Vinyl Reissue)

  132. Lincoln A Constant State Of Ohio (Vinyl)

  133. Lizard Music Arizone! (Vinyl)

  134. Loney Hutchins Buried Loot: Demos From The House Of Cash & Outlaw Era 73-’78

  135. Lontalius Someone Will Be There For You (Vinyl)

  136. Lontalius Surrender (Vinyl)

  137. Lordi Lordiversity (Vinyl)

  138. Lucifer's Friend The Last Stand

  139. Lunar Vacation Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp (Vinyl)

  140. Lycia Cold

  141. Lys Silent Woods

  142. M Sage The Wind Of Things (Vinyl)

  143. Madball Legacy (Color Vinyl)

  144. Makthaverskan For Allting (Color Vinyl)

  145. Mandy, Indiana ...EP (Vinyl)

  146. Marc Bolan & T. Rex The Alternative Singles Collection

  147. Margo Guryan 29 Demos (Gold Vinyl)

  148. Marie Osmond Unexpected

  149. Mark Knopfler The Studio Albums 1996-2007

  150. Matt Berry Gather Up (Vinyl)

  151. Matt Caskitt & The Breaks Welcome Home (Vinyl)

  152. Matthew Shipp Codebreaker (Vinyl)

  153. Meitei KOFU II

  154. Mercury Circle Killing Moons

  155. Mercury X Imprisoned

  156. Michael Hurley The Time Of The Foxgloves

  157. Midnight Satanic Royalty (2CD+DVD) (Reissue)

  158. Ministry Moral Hygiene (Vinyl)

  159. Mitchell Tony Hot Endless Summer Nights

  160. Monsta X The Dreaming

  161. Moor Jewelry True Opera (Vinyl)

  162. Moor Mother Circuit City (Vinyl)

  163. Moor Mother Fetish Bones (Clear Vinyl)

  164. Morphine Cure For Pain (Deluxe Vinyl)

  165. Moses Sumney Live From Blackalachia (Green Vinyl)

  166. Mouth Congress Waiting For Henry

  167. My Morning Jacket Okonokos (Color Vinyl)

  168. Mykki Blanco Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep (Vinyl)

  169. Napalm Death Diatribes (Reissue)

  170. Narrow Head Satisfaction (Vinyl)

  171. Nate Smith Kinfolk 2: See The Birds (Vinyl)

  172. Natti Natasha Nattividad

  173. Naughty By Nature Naughty By Nature (Color Vinyl)

  174. Neville Staple From The Specials & Beyond

  175. Nidhoeggr Arise

  176. Oceanhoarse Dead Reckoning

  177. Oddgeir Berg Trio Christmas Came Early

  178. Ophis Spew Forth Odium

  179. Paramore All We Know Is Falling (Silver Vinyl)

  180. Paul Gilbert 'TWAS (Vinyl)

  181. Pepper Pink Crustaceans And Good Vibrations (Vinyl)

  182. Perfect Plan Live At Sharpener's House

  183. Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell Dark Measures

  184. Piel A.K.A. Ma

  185. Pyrexia Gravitas Maximus

  186. Raizer Resurrection

  187. Rapture Malevolent Demise Incarnation

  188. Razed In Black Oh My Goth (Vinyl)

  189. Rejjie Snow Baw Baw Black Sheep (Vinyl)

  190. Reuben Wilson Love Bug (Vinyl Reissue)

  191. Rid Of Me Traveling

  192. Riki Gold (Vinyl)

  193. Rival Sons Pressure & Time (Reissue)

  194. Roger Matura Roter Mohn

  195. Rohn Lederman Venus Chariot

  196. Saga Detours Live (Vinyl Reissue)

  197. Saga Full Circle (Vinyl Reissue)

  198. Samantha Barks Into The Unknown

  199. Sarah Vaughan Anthology

  200. Scandroid Dreams Of Darkness, Visions Of Light

  201. Scowl How Flowers Grow

  202. Second Reign Gravity

  203. Seething Akira Dysfunctional Wonderland

  204. Selvans Dark Italian Art

  205. Sentinel Beast Depths Of Death

  206. Shaggy Christmas In The Islands (Vinyl)

  207. Shakatak The Collection

  208. Siamese Home

  209. Signum Draconis The Divine Comedy: Inferno

  210. Sister Hazel Before The Amplifiers 2

  211. Smoke DZA Homegrown (Yellow Vinyl)

  212. Sodom M-16 (20th Anniversary Edition)

  213. Soma Headed For The Zeros

  214. Soundtrack Coffee Talk (Vinyl)

  215. Soundtrack Cyrano

  216. Soundtrack Flag Day (Vinyl)

  217. Soundtrack GODFALL: Fire & Darkness (Vinyl)

  218. Soundtrack Medici - Masters Of Florence

  219. Soundtrack Unforgotten (Clear Vinyl)

  220. Soundtrack Willy's Wonderland (Color Vinyl)

  221. Stabbing Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught

  222. Stacey Kent Songs From Other Places (Vinyl)

  223. Stephanie Lambring Autonomy (Vinyl)

  224. Stephen Schwartz Stephen Schwartz's Snapshots - Musical Scrapbook

  225. Steve Conte Bronx Cheer (Vinyl)

  226. Stoneman The Dark Circus 2004-2021

  227. Stray Kids Christmas Evel (Holiday Special)

  228. Substance Abuse Overproof

  229. Suicide Of Society War Investment

  230. Sun Crow Quest For Oblivion (Vinyl)

  231. Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I Am Dreaming (Vinyl)

  232. Swirlies They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons (Vinyl Reissue)

  233. Terra Hypercube

  234. The Freeze Rabid Reaction (Vinyl Reissue)

  235. The Korgis Kartoon World

  236. The Long Blondes SomeoneTo Drive You Home (Color Vinyl)

  237. The Meteors In Heaven (Reissue)

  238. The Monkees Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones LTD. (Color Vinyl)

  239. The Murder Of My Sweet A Gentleman's Legacy

  240. The New Pornographers Mass Romantic (Red Vinyl + 7")

  241. The Seafloor Cinema In Cinemascope With Stereophonic Sound (Vinyl)

  242. The Shivas Feels So Good - Feels So Bad

  243. The Tea Party The Tea Party (Reissue)

  244. Theocracy As The World Bleeds (Color Vinyl)

  245. This Wild Life Ever Blossom (Vinyl)

  246. Tiffany I Think We're Alone Now

  247. Tiffany Pieces Of Me (Deluxe Edition)

  248. Timo Lassy Trio (Vinyl)

  249. Tkay Maidza Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3 (Vinyl)

  250. Toby Keith Peso In My Pocket (Vinyl)

  251. Todd Rundgren A Wizard A True Star (Color Vinyl)

  252. Unearth III: In The Eyes Of Fire (Color Vinyl)

  253. Vahrzaw The Trembling Voices Of Conquered Men

  254. Various Back In Black (Redux)

  255. Various Best Of AC

  256. Various Ellas: Mujeries En La Musica

  257. Various Gritty '60s Garage & Punk

  258. Various Oi! The Albums: Vol 2: The Link Years

  259. Venom Prison Samsara (Vinyl)

  260. Vincent Neil Emerson Fried Chicken And Evil Women (Vinyl)

  261. Vis-A-Vis Di Wo Ho Ni (Vinyl Reissue)

  262. Vis-A-Vis The Best Of Vis-A-Vis In Congo Style (Vinyl Reissue)

  263. Vomit Spell Vomit Spell

  264. Walk The Moon Heights (Vinyl)

  265. We Are The Catalyst Perseverance

  266. While She Sleeps You Are We (Clear & Blue Vinyl)

  267. Whit Dickey, William Parker, Matthew Shipp Village Mothership (Vinyl)

  268. Whitehorse Strike Me Down (Vinyl)

  269. Winter Pale Horse

  270. Wo Fat The Gathering Dark

  271. Xasthur Defective Epitaph (Vinyl Reissue)

  272. Xasthur Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (Vinyl Reissue)

  273. Xasthur Ominous Fates (Vinyl Reissue)

  274. Xasthur Portal Of Sorrow (Vinyl Reissue)

  275. Xasthur Subliminal Genocide (Vinyl Reissue)

  276. Yoshinori Sunahara Lovebeat (Reissue)

  277. Youth Lagoon The Year Of Hibernation (10th Anniversary Vinyl)

  278. YUNGMORPHEUS & Eyedress Affable With Pointed Teeth

  279. Zelbo In My Dreams

  280. Zornheym The Zornheim Sleep Experiment
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