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ZhuZhu Pets
ZhuZhu Pets Meet The Beatles

ZhuZhu Pets - ZhuZhu Pets Meet The Beatles

ZhuZhu Pets Meet The Beatles is a family-fun recording featuring the singing voices of the world famous ZhuZhu PetsĀ®, respectfully and playfully paying homage to the world's most famous rock band, the Beatles. A high quality, highly entertaining romp through the 12 hit songs made famous on the bands' debut 1964 release, Meet The Beatles, plus a 6-song bonus medley. A must-have on family vacations, this album promises pure enjoyment for the whole family and promotes cross-generational music bonding and family sing-alongs with kids, their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

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"Zhuzhu Pets Beatles Medley"


  1. 1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  2. 2. I Saw Her Standing There
  3. 3. This Boy
  4. 4. It Won't Be Long
  5. 5. All I've Got To Do
  6. 6. All My Loving
  7. 7. Don't Bother Me
  8. 8. Little Child
  9. 9. Till There Was You
  10. 10. Hold Me Tight
  11. 11. I Wanna Be Your Man
  12. 12. Not A Second Time
  13. 13. Zhuzhu Pets Beatles Medley