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Young Jesus
The Whole Thing Is Just There

Young Jesus - The Whole Thing Is Just There

In the 1980 documentary Philip Guston: A Life Lived, the neo-expressionist talks about a painting he keeps starting over. “It looked alright - but it felt to me as if it were additions - this and that and that,” he says. “What I’m always seeking is some great simplicity where the whole thing is just there.” “That, to me, is the ideal feeling of existing,” says John Rossiter, singer and guitarist Young Jesus. “That feeling you pursue when you’re creating, when the world is opening up and things are on the cusp of beauty and revelation, but it’s just out of reach.”

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  1. 1. Deterritory
  2. 2. Saganism Vs. Buddhism
  3. 3. Fourth Zone Of Gaits
  4. 4. Bell
  5. 5. For Nana
  6. 6. Gulf