New Releases For May 27, 2014

Young And In The Way
When Life Comes To Death

Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death

When Life Comes To Death is the newest album from YAITW. It is their eleven song war between the pain of living and the magnetic pull of death. Embattled opener 'Betrayed By Light' emerges from darkness first, setting an ominous tone with haunting buzz-saw guitars, vicious vocals, and crushing d-beat drumming. While YAITW embrace demon speed and emotional dynamics in nihilistic hymns 'Be My Blood,' 'Take My Hand,' 'We Are Nothing,' and more. All leading to closers 'Shadow of Murder' and 'Embrace Extinction,' that together play as an aural eclipse of truly epic proportions.

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"Be My Blood"


  1. 1. Betrayed By Light
  2. 2. Fuck This Life
  3. 3. Be My Blood
  4. 4. Self Inflicted
  5. 5. Loved And Unwanted
  6. 6. We Are Nothing
  7. 7. Final Dose
  8. 8. Weep In My Dust
  9. 9. Take My Hand
  10. 10. Shadow Of Murder
  11. 11. Embrace Extinction