New Releases For September 17, 2013

Yip Deceiver

Yip Deceiver - Medallius

Behold, the proclamation of Yip Deceiver, the tag-team all-analog dance duo, who broadcast sexxed-up jambox jaunts and light club floors ablaze at home in Athens, Georgia and beyond. Their debut album, Medallius, dishes out 11 tracks of rump-shaking, fist-pumping ecstaticism, from the minimalist Detroitstyle bassline and funktified guitar strums of 'World Class Pleasure' to the tightly-wound dance-anthem, 'Get Strict.' The sonic lovechild of producer/songwriter, Davey Pierce, and executive vibes manager, Nicolas 'Dobby' Dobbratz, Yip Deceiver fills the void for music that can stoke a party-fire and eschews cooler-than-thou posturing.

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"Get Strict"


  1. 1. Presets
  2. 2. Get Strict
  3. 3. Lover
  4. 4. World Class Pleasure
  5. 5. Go On
  6. 6. Color Me In
  7. 7. Obnoxia
  8. 8. 2nd Son Of A 2nd Son
  9. 9. Theme
  10. 10. Tops Part II
  11. 11. Double Future