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My Krazy Life

YG - My Krazy Life

My Krazy Life is a collaboration between Pu$haz Ink and Jeezy's Atlanta-based CTE label. The relationship came to fruition after Jeezy came to Los Angeles and witnessed the movement that YG and DJ Mustard had created with their new West Coast rap sound.

Jeezy has since taken YG under his wing, establishing a mentorship that played a dynamic role in influencing the direction of the album. The mixtapes were the manifestations of YG and DJ Mustard's unique and cutting edge sound that caught radio, record labels and fans by storm. When asked about the inspiration for his new music on My Krazy Life, YG replied, 'Me and Mustard are the new Dre and Snoop.'

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"My Nigga (clean)"


  1. 1. Momma Speech Intro
  2. 2. Bpt
  3. 3. I Just Wanna Party
  4. 4. Left, Right
  5. 5. Bicken Back Being Bool
  6. 6. Meet The Flockers
  7. 7. My Nigga (clean)
  8. 8. Do It To Ya
  9. 9. Me & My Bitch
  10. 10. Who Do You Love? (Featuring Drake)
  11. 11. Really Be
  12. 12. 1Am
  13. 13. Thank God
  14. 14. Sorry Momma

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 12
    Las Vegas, NV, US Day N Vegas 2021
  • Dec 18
    Los Angeles (LA), CA, US OhGeesy and YG at Catch One
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