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Winterpills - Echolalia

While their full band was busy raising kids and committed to various day jobs, Flora Reed and Philip Price of Winterpills decided it would be fun to quickly record some of their favorite cover songs while the tape rolled. What began as a small project morphed into an orchestrated, introspective transformation of a few well-known songs with each filtered through the alchemy of Flora and Philip's vocal and instrumental chemistry experiment.

Echolalia is a treasure trove filled with beloved songs picked because Price and Reed felt that they were meant to transform them.


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"One Day (Sharon Van Etten)"


  1. 1. One Day (Sharon Van Etten)
  2. 2. Time Of No Reply (Nick Drake)
  3. 3. From A Shell (Lisa Germano)
  4. 4. Open Your Eyes (Jules Shear)
  5. 5. Learning The Game (Buddy Holly)
  6. 6. We're The Same (Matthew Sweet)
  7. 7. Bye Bye Pride (The Go-Betweens)
  8. 8. Museum Of Flight (Damien Jurado)
  9. 9. Train Running Low On Soul Coal (XTC)
  10. 10. A World Away From This One (Mark Mulcahy)
  11. 11. The Wolf Is On The Hill (Beck)
  12. 12. Cry Baby Cry (Lennon/Mccartney)

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