New Releases For October 14, 2014

The Divination Of Antiquity

Winterfylleth - The Divination Of Antiquity

Since their formation in 2007, England's Winterfylleth has conjured moods and emotions that range from vicious and violent to melodic and elegant. Pitchfork says, 'Winterfylleth's take on black metal is as cold as any Norwegian son.'

Stereogum's Michael Nelson boldly notes, 'I've never understood why Winterfylleth aren't one of the biggest black metal bands in the world.'

The band's fourth album is already generating excitement. Eight new vitriolic anthems gorged with the band's technical precision are expected to find a larger audience for the four-piece. Winterfylleth's mounting siege is full-throttle.


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"The Divination Of Antiquity"


  1. 1. The Divination Of Antiquity
  2. 2. Whisper Of The Elements
  3. 3. Warrior Herd
  4. 4. A Careworn Heart
  5. 5. Foundations Of Ash
  6. 6. The World Ahead
  7. 7. Over Borderlands
  8. 8. Forsaken In Stone

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 08
    Utrecht, Netherlands Winterfylleth with Mork at dB's studio
  • Apr 09
    Lichtenfels, Germany Ragnarök Festival 2021
  • Apr 09
    Aarhus, Denmark Royal Metal Fest 2021
  • May 13
    London, UK Winterfylleth with Mork at Boston Music Room
  • May 17
    Munich, Germany Winterfylleth with Mork at Backstage
  • May 22
    Kuurne, Belgium Throne Fest 2021
  • May 24
    Manchester, UK Winterfylleth at Rebellion Club
  • Jul 01
    Ulverston, UK Legions Ov Darkness 2021
  • Aug 11
    Walton-on-trent, UK Bloodstock Open Air 2021
  • Sep 10
    Limerick, Ireland Winterfylleth, GAEREA, and The Crawling at Dolan's Warehouse
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