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I Go Missing In My Sleep

Wilsen - I Go Missing In My Sleep

I Go Missing In My Sleep – Wilsen’s debut full-length album – was born during these snatched moments of still, that you can find in the short window between closing time and the early-morning commuters. Ensconced in a tiny rented apartment in Brooklyn, Tamsin Wilson would sit, wait for the twilight and then begin moulding her day’s thoughts into fragments of song. From the opening creep of “Centipede,” a shuffling, eerie masterpiece that questions self-honesty, through the multi-layered fan-favorite “Garden,” buoyant on a bed of intricate finger-picking, and onto the climatic “Told You,” this is a record of detailed perfection.


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  2. 1. Centipede
  3. 2. Garden
  4. 3. Kitsilano
  5. 4. Heavy Steps
  6. 5. Otto
  7. 6. Light Between The Leaves
  8. 7. Dusk
  9. 8. A Parting
  10. 9. Emperor
  11. 10. Final
  12. 11. Told You

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