New Releases For November 4, 2014

William Close

William Close - Holidays

Holidays is the latest release from William Close featuring the Earth Harp, the largest stringed instrument on the planet.

Invented by Close, the body of the instrument rests on the stage and the strings travel out over the audience attaching to the back of the theatre, turning the theatre, concert hall, architecture or landscape into the instrument. The long strings are played with violin rosin covered gloves, with Close running his hands along the strings to create beautiful cello-like tunes.


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"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Featuring Lily Kershaw)"


  1. 1. Carol Of The Bells
  2. 2. Ave Maria
  3. 3. We Three Kings (Featuring Gareth Dunlop)
  4. 4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Featuring Lily Kershaw)
  5. 5. Moonlight Over Bethlehem
  6. 6. Greensleeves
  7. 7. River (Featuring Landon Pigg)
  8. 8. Snowfall
  9. 9. Silent Night
  10. 10. Little Drummer Boy
  11. 11. Earth Prayer
  12. 12. Holy Night
  13. 13. Noche De Paz