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Wildcat! Wildcat!
No Moon At All

Wildcat! Wildcat! - No Moon At All

Wildcat! Wildcat!'s debut full-length, No Moon At All, ties the trio's indie-pop anthems into a cohesive widescreen vision.

Packed with the Los Angeles-based band's uplifting musicality and angelic harmonies, the ten-track album, which features production from M83's Morgan Kibby, represents both a major artistic leap and the culmination of the group's rise since 'Mr. Quiche' and their initial run of buzzy singles.

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  1. 1. Tower / W.O.H.L
  2. 2. Garden Grays
  3. 3. Up & Beyond
  4. 4. Hero
  5. 5. End Of The World Everyday
  6. 6. Holloway (Hey, Love)
  7. 7. Circuit Breaker
  8. 8. Nothing Below
  9. 9. Sentimental
  10. 10. Marfa