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Whitney Shay
Stand Up!

Whitney Shay - Stand Up!

Stand Up! - it’s not just an album title, it’s an order, forcing anyone who hears Whitney Shay’s brand of rocket-fueled R&B onto the dance floor. A flame-haired stick of dynamite in a sparkling dress, this San Diego phenomenon has made a record for dancing, drinking and dreaming, with songs to soundtrack the peaks and punches of life. “I make high-energy soulful rhythm ‘n’ blues,” she explains, “that makes people dance and feel something deep inside.”

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"Stand Up!"


  1. 1. Stand Up!
  2. 2. Someone You Never Got To Know
  3. 3. Equal Ground
  4. 4. P.S. It’s Not About You
  5. 5. I Thought We Were Through
  6. 6. Far Apart (Still Close)
  7. 7. You Won’t Put Out This Flame
  8. 8. Tell The Truth
  9. 9. Boy Sit Down
  10. 10. I Never Meant To Love Him
  11. 11. Getting In My Way
  12. 12. Change With The Times