New Releases For May 24, 2011

White Denim
For D

White Denim - For D

With For D White Denim takes several steps forward both sonically & musically. As the band put it, '...we decided that we wanted the album to sound like a band playing music, so we resolved to tracking all of the rhythm instruments live to tape.' The result is furious and frenetic, mixing classic rock, punk, folk & blues into the perfect playlist for a summer road trip.

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  1. 1. It's Him!
  2. 2. Burnished
  3. 3. At The Farm
  4. 4. Street Joy
  5. 5. Anvil Everything
  6. 6. River To Consider
  7. 7. Drug
  8. 8. Bess St.
  9. 9. Is And Is And Is
  10. 10. Keys

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 08
    Arnoldsville, GA, US Wildwood Revival 2021
  • Oct 08
    Tuscaloosa, AL, US White Denim at Druid City Music Hall
  • Mar 16
    Crystal Bay, NV, US White Denim at Crystal Bay Club Casino Crown Room
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