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Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler Walker Jr. - WWIII

Wheeler Walker Jr. embarks on his third album, appropriately named WWIII. Wheeler's first album, Redneck Shit, made fans of Joe Rogan and Reba McEntire. and thanks to its raging success, Wheeler released Ol' Wheeler just a year after. Wheeler Walker Jr. has recently gotten married to Mrs. Wheeler. Please expect to see her as a part of this album as she is incredibly important to Wheeler's wife, as well as their son, WW III.

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"I Like Smoking Pot (A Lot)"


  1. 1. Save Some Titty Milk For Me
  2. 2. I Like Smoking Pot (A Lot)
  3. 3. Even When
  4. 4. Fuck You With The Lights On
  5. 5. I Sucked Another Dick Last Night
  6. 6. Still Ain’t Sick Of Fucking You
  7. 7. All The Pussy You Will Slay
  8. 8. Anal & The Dishes
  9. 9. Addicted
  10. 10. Rich Sumbitch
  11. 11. Fuckin’ It Up

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