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We Are The West
The Golden Shore

We Are The West - The Golden Shore

As vast and indefinable as the West itself, the intrepid sound stylists of LA-based We Are The West reach beyond the setting sun to create an eclectic symphonic landscape. The band’s debut album, The Golden Shore, presents a vision of endless possibility and sonic adventure that must be heard to be seen, calling the listener to explore the familiar and embrace the unknown.

“Transcendent." Performer Magazine

"Distinct, rich, and full of emotion." Music Connection

"Deeply human and intensely creative." Folk Rebellion

“An ambitious trip through upbeat pop, psychedelic folk, chamber music and planes of time.” Pasadena Weekly

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"The Golden Shore"


  1. 1. Siren
  2. 2. The Golden Shore
  3. 3. For Me, For You
  4. 4. Sea Of Light (Dirty Ditty)
  5. 5. More Machine Than Man
  6. 6. Crops
  7. 7. Luck Of The Sailor
  8. 8. Any Day Of The Week
  9. 9. From The Bower
  10. 10. The Watchers
  11. 11. Tonight's Tonight