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Wayman Tisdale
The Fonk Record

Wayman Tisdale - The Fonk Record

Wayman Tisdale - Collegiate hoops star, all-star NBA pro, world-renowned contemporary jazz bassist and... undercover funkateer?

Yes, Wayman lived a rich and varied life, but most people never learned of his longing to play funk music. Some lucky-ass fans got a glimpse into his alter-ego of 'Tiz' onstage, but the rest of us knew him simply as a gentle giant of music and life. Tiz is the six-foot-eight (in platforms and full 'fro) swaggering funk master who led The Fonkie Planetarians on this release. Features George Clinton and George Duke, as well as the late Ali Woodson from The Temptations.

TAGS: Funk | Jazz | R&B


  1. 1. The Introduction
  2. 2. Let's Ride [Featuring George Duke]
  3. 3. This Fonk Is 4u [Featuring George Clinton]
  4. 4. Spread Tha Butta
  5. 5. Tiz Phone Call
  6. 6. Sunshine
  7. 7. Neck Bones
  8. 8. If U Really Want To Know (I Like It Fonk-Kaa)
  9. 9. Every Now And Then
  10. 10. Been Here Before Featuring Ali Woodson
  11. 11. Wayman's Gotta Do It

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