New Releases For September 4, 2012

Wax Poetic
On A Ride

Wax Poetic - On A Ride

The sixth incarnation of Wax Poetic is finely focused on lyrics and mood and the more traditional song structures firmly entrenched in the Americana vein. The music still has echoes of the Nublu sound, but is in fact a very distinctly American record steeped in the traditions of all that encompasses. Multitalented singer, songwriter, and guitarist Gabriel Gordon builds seamlessly on the driving, atmospheric sounds Ersahin has created, as do newcomer, vocalist Sissy Clemens with her smoldering and reflective compositions. Norah Jones, Natalie Walker and Jovanotti also make a special appearance on the new album to round out the various vocal flavor.

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"No Escape (Featuring Sissy Clemens)"


  1. 1. No Escape (Featuring Sissy Clemens)
  2. 2. Good And Evil (Featuring Gabriel Gordon)
  3. 3. Tonight (Featuring Sissy Clemens)
  4. 4. Fall Away (Featuring Norah Jones)
  5. 5. Beautiful (Featuring Natalie Walker)
  6. 6. East Side (Featuring Gabriel Gordon)
  7. 7. Time Moves On (Featuring Jovanotti)
  8. 8. Warm Night (Featuring Natalie Walker)
  9. 9. Solitude (Featuring Gabriel Gordon)
  10. 10. On A Ride (Featuring Sissy Clemens)