New Releases For June 25, 2013

Watermelon Slim & The Workers
Bull Goose Rooster

Watermelon Slim & The Workers - Bull Goose Rooster

Watermelon Slim is one of the most popular bluesmen in the world today with over 20 Blues Music Award nominations, including wins for Band of the Year and Album of the Year.

After releasing two country music CDs, and a duo CD with Super Chikan, Slim has been reunited with his band - the Workers. The result is a stunning mix of original blues songs covering a mix of topics from US foreign policy to trucking; a jazz duet with Danielle Schnebelen - lead vocalist with Trampled Under Foot; a terrific new country song, and some amazing covers.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Tomorrow Night"


  1. 1. Tomorrow Night
  2. 2. Bull Goose Rooster
  3. 3. Over The Horizon
  4. 4. Vigilante Man
  5. 5. A Wrench In The Machine
  6. 6. I'm A King Bee
  7. 7. Prison Walls
  8. 8. Blue Freightliner
  9. 9. Scratch My Back
  10. 10. I Ain't Whistling Dixie
  11. 11. Take My Mother Home
  12. 12. The Wobble
  13. 13. Trucking Class
  14. 14. Northwest Passage
  15. 15. The Foreign Policy Blues
  16. 16. Words Are Coming To An End