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His Blood Is Yours

Warnot - His Blood Is Yours

From the mind of Cloudscape guitarist/composer Björn Eliasson, with a host of various known vocalists, this one successfully combines symphonic, raw theatrical, doomy progressive rock/metal flawlessly. It's a darkly epic adventure ride. Choosing to work with many guest voices, Björn also sings throughout this album flavoring it with his uniquely pleasing voice.

Artwork created by progressive metal's talented Mattias Norén.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Raptures Of The Deep"


  1. 1. Raptures Of The Deep
  2. 2. The Crow Will Die
  3. 3. My Darkest Hour
  4. 4. A Late Night Dance With Death
  5. 5. Secrets Of Mythology
  6. 6. His Blood Is Yours
  7. 7. RIP
  8. 8. New York
  9. 9. The Patriot
  10. 10. I Am A Ghost
  11. 11. The Wrong Path
  12. 12. Sirens