New Releases For October 22, 2013

Say The Words

Wanting - Say The Words

On Say The Words, Wanting takes her piano-swept pop melodies to the next level, introducing elements of jazz and hip-hop on such tracks as Latin-groove tinged 'Time My Friend,' retro-soul 'Exit This Way,' and empowering rock-pop anthem 'STHU' short for 'Shut The Hell Up.' Rounding out the album are two breakout ballads, 'Love Ocean' and 'When It's Lonely,' sung in her native Mandarin, and upbeat 'Us Under the Sun' in Mandarin and English.


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  1. 1. Time, My Friend
  2. 2. Love Ocean
  3. 3. Us Under The Sunshine
  4. 4. STHU
  5. 5. Joker
  6. 6 When It's Lonely
  7. 7. Sing For You
  8. 8. Love Struck Me Down
  9. 9. My Little Friend
  10. 10. Exit This Way
  11. 11. Life Is A Struggle
  12. 12. Say The Words