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Waltari believe in musical rebellion, in mixing genres and creating new, refreshing sounds. Since the band was founded in Helsinki in 1986, they have embodied a pure passion for music, combined with their rebellious, anarchistic attitude. Throughout their long career, they have always remained true to themselves without following commercial trends. Global Rock shows a fresh, diverse perspective on modern metal. Singer / mastermind Kartsy Hatakka: "Rock is an attitude; an unquenched thirst to play with life until the end! This is the world Waltari was born in. Our goal is to create music that will blow our listeners away."

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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  1. 1. Postrock
  2. 2. Metal Soul
  3. 3. Skyline
  4. 4. The Way
  5. 5. No Sacrifice
  6. 6. Sick 'n' Tired
  7. 7. Boots
  8. 8. Going Up The Country
  9. 9. Orleans
  10. 10. Had It All
  11. 11. And The
  12. 12. Sand Witch
  13. 13. Beloved

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 09
    Zlín, Czech Republic Waltari at Masters Of Rock Café
  • Apr 10
    Prague, Czech Republic Waltari at Nová Chmelnice
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