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Vybz Kartel
Kingston Story: Deluxe Edition

Vybz Kartel - Kingston Story: Deluxe Edition

Of all the remarkable talents to arise from the dancehalls of Kingston, Jamaica during the island's first half century of independence from British rule, few have proved more compelling or controversial than Adidja Palmer, better known as Vybz Kartel. Revered on the streets of the ghetto garrisons, he has also been reviled as a scourge on society - both for his unadulterated lyrics and his unapologetic lifestyle. But one thing nobody contests is that Vybz Kartel stands head and shoulders above his peers as a lyrical genius.

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"My Crew"


  1. 1. Jamaica
  2. 2. Beautiful Girl
  3. 3. Half On A Baby
  4. 4. Go Go Wine
  5. 5. Yuh Love (Interlude)
  6. 6. Yuh Love
  7. 7. My Crew
  8. 8. Breathless
  9. 9. Mi Remember
  10. 10. Push It In
  11. 11. Win Pon Me
  12. 12. Fresh
  13. 13. Freesstyle
  14. 14. Money
  15. 15. Good Pussy
  16. 16. Ghetto Youth