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Wild North West

Vreid - Wild North West

Norwegian metal stalwarts Vreid pay tribute to their homeland with their epic new full-length, Wild North West. Inspired by both true events and pure imagination, the album takes the listener on a whirlwind of a journey, diving deep into themes of war, fear, betrayal, loss, anxiety, and madness with thought-provoking lyrics that embody human nature. It captures the Nordic heart at the core of their sound, taking cues from Norway’s rugged landscape as it ricochets between eternal darkness and the solace of bracing light.

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"Wild North West"


  1. 1. Wild North West
  2. 2. Wolves At Sea
  3. 3. The Morning Red
  4. 4. Shadows Of Aurora
  5. 5. Spikes Of God
  6. 6. Dazed And Reduced
  7. 7. Into The Mountains
  8. 8. Shadowland

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 22
    Trondheim, Norway Vreid with Djerv and THE NEW DEATH CULT at Byscenen
  • Oct 23
    Oslo, Norway Djerv, Vreid, and THE NEW DEATH CULT at Parkteatret Scene
  • Oct 30
    Kristiansand, Norway Vreid, Djerv, and THE NEW DEATH CULT at KICK Scene
  • Nov 05
    Sogndal, Norway Vreid with THE NEW DEATH CULT and Djerv at Meieriet
  • Nov 06
    Hamar, Norway Vreid, Djerv, and THE NEW DEATH CULT at Gregers
  • Apr 14
    Oslo, Norway Inferno Metal Festival 2022
  • Apr 22
    Lichtenfels, Germany Ragnarök Festival 2022
  • May 05
    Kopervik, Norway Karmoygeddon Metal Festival 2022
  • Jun 17
    Clisson, France Hellfest 2022
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