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Voodoo Swing
Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars

Voodoo Swing - Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars

Voodoo Swing marries the vintage to the modern and the primitive to the sophisticated in their seventh album, Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars on the indie Electric Lotus Label.

Voodoo Swing remains faithful to retro roots music and traditional American rock 'n' roll, painting rich contemporary nuances with greasy touch of darkness. They stretch their sound beyond more blues, bluegrass, honky-tonk as well as loads of talented guest musicians.

'Powerhouse trio from Phoenix, these guys are what rock & roll (whatever you call it) is all about.' -The Grestch Pages (April 2012)

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"My Rockabilly Martian Gal"


  1. 1. That Happens
  2. 2. Down At The Oak
  3. 3. Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos And Scars
  4. 4. When Death Comes A Callin'
  5. 5. My Rockabilly Martian Gal
  6. 6. Seein' Dooble Boogie
  7. 7. I'm Your Honey Bee
  8. 8. The State I'm In
  9. 9. Damn I'm Dumb
  10. 10. Cruisin' With My Baby
  11. 11. If You Ever Want To Come Home
  12. 12. Tell Her Hi For Me
  13. 13. Lost Yesterdays
  14. 14. Chasin' The Devil's Hot Rod
  15. 15. Hot Rod Hymn