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Vivian Cook
The Long Shot

Vivian Cook - The Long Shot

When you see Vivian Cook play live you’ll hear a woman with a voice you won’t forget, backed by a killer rock ’n’ roll band. Her lyrics and melodies would have you believe she’s twice her age of 24. That’s because she’s lived a lot of life in those short years. She grew up in Palo Alto, CA, and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Theatre and Theology. Vivian then moved to Los Angeles to record The Long Shot, named after the subject of the e-mail Vivian sent to gold record producer R. Walt Vincent asking if he would like to work with her.

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  1. 1. Know-It-All
  2. 2. Whatever
  3. 3. Hazy
  4. 4. Take Me To The Water
  5. 5. Just Kids
  6. 6. Train Conversations
  7. 7. Truth
  8. 8. Down To Frat
  9. 9. More
  10. 10. Nights End
  11. 11. Farewell L.A.