New Releases For September 29, 2017

The Great Distraction

Vessels - The Great Distraction

The Great Distraction is electronic quintet Vessels’ fourth studio album. Featuring collaborations with the Flaming Lips, John Grant, Vincent Neff (Django Django), and Larkin (Sky Harkin), The Great Distraction proves Vessels’ most ambitious record to date and marks further evolution of a band always exploring new electronic avenues of expression.

"sprawling electronic rock" - FADER

"a cosmic fairway of crystalline synths and jittering drumbeats" - Stereogum

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"Deflect The Light (Featuring The Flaming Lips)"


  1. 1. Mobilise
  2. 2. Deflect The Light (Featuring The Flaming Lips)
  3. 3. Position
  4. 4. Radiart
  5. 5. Deeper In A Sky (Featuring Harkin)
  6. 6. Gløwer
  7. 7. Trust Me (Featuring Vincent Neff)
  8. 8. Everyone Is Falling
  9. 9. Radio Decay
  10. 10. Erase The Tapes (Featuring John Grant)