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Velvet Crush
Pre-Teen Symphonies

Velvet Crush - Pre-Teen Symphonies

When Rhode Island’s Velvet Crush appeared on the scene in the early 1990s, they were obviously a force to be reckoned with. Signing with England’s Creation Records, it was 1994’s Teenage Symphonies To God that put them on the map. Co-produced by the legendary Mitch Easter, it opened America’s eyes to what those over the pond were so wild about. Pre-Teen Symphonies is a collection of 16 recordings previously available in a very limited quantity from the band’s own Action Musik label. Eight demos (including one for the classic single “Hold Me Up”) and eight tracks recorded live in 1994 at Cabaret Metro in Chicago.

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"Hold Me Up"


  1. Pre-Teen Demos:
  2. 1. Hold Me Up
  3. 2. My Blank Pages
  4. 3. Time Wraps Around You
  5. 4. Not Standing Down
  6. 5. Turn Down
  7. 6. This Life Is Killing Me
  8. 7. Weird Summer
  9. 8. Star Trip
  10. Live At Cabaret Metro, Chicago:
  11. 9. Windows Of The World
  12. 10. My Blank Pages
  13. 11. Ash And Earth
  14. 12. Time Wraps Around You
  15. 13. Atmosphere
  16. 14. This Life Is Killing Me
  17. 15. Hold Me Up
  18. 16. Remember The Lightning