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Twerking Hitz

Various Artists - Twerking Hitz

Twerking: A dance move that involves a person shaking the hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer to shake, wobble & jiggle. - Wikipedia.

Twerking was introduced into hip-hop culture by way of the New Orleans bounce music scene. In 1993, DJ Jubilee recorded the dance tune 'Do the Jubilee All' in which he chanted, 'Twerk baby, twerk baby, twerk, twerk, twerk...' The dance has exploded in the music scene and virally across the internet, so eOne Music has now put together some of the best twerking anthems.

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"Don't Drop That Thun Thun - By The Finatticz"


  1. 1. Express Yourself - By Diplo (Featuring Nicky Da B)
  2. 2. Walk It Out - By Unk
  3. 3. Wurk Wurk Don't Stop - By Yung Nation
  4. 4. Miley Cyrus - By Ying Yang Twins (Featuring Rhythm)
  5. 5. Don't Drop That Thun Thun - By The Finatticz
  6. 6. Buss It Wide Open - By Lil Kee
  7. 7. Drop That A** - By Juvenile
  8. 8. Twerk Time - By 336 Boyz
  9. 9. Shawty Wassup - By Yung Nation
  10. 10. Get It - By Kazzie (Featuring Trinsade)
  11. 11. Walk That Walk - By Dorrough Music
  12. 12. Put On A Show - By Jay Tek
  13. 13. T.Y.B - By Booty Fade (Featuring Yung Nation)