New Releases For August 14, 2012

Various Artists
Joey's Song Volume 2!

Various Artists - Joey's Song Volume 2!

Because music was the centerpiece of Joey's world, there is no better way for us to raise money in his name than through music. The Foundation is releasing a series of CDs called Joey's Song. The CDs feature rare and unreleased songs by major recording acts from around the world. In addition, Joey's Song For Kids features children's music, most recorded specifically for Joey's Song.

Omnivore Recordings is quite proud to have played a part in producing the Joey's Song releases, and of what they've accomplished thus far to raise money for epilepsy research and advocacy. You can learn more at The Joseph Gomoll Foundation.

Please help us in supporting Joey's Song and get some great music in return.

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"Seven Year Ache (Live From Zone C) - Rosanne Cash"


  1. 1. Lying (The Long-Play Version) - Sam Phillips
  2. 2. No Surprise - Willie Wisely
  3. 3. No Water No Wood - Mark Olson
  4. 4. Seven Year Ache (Live From Zone C) - Rosanne Cash
  5. 5. New Orleans - Peter Bradley Adams
  6. 6. Loud Boy - The Small Ponds
  7. 7. In The Canyon (Live) - Gary Louris
  8. 8. Once (Live) - Mark Erelli
  9. 9. Love - Star & Micey
  10. 10. Jesse Likes Birds - Carrie Elkin
  11. 11. Far Too Far - Trespassers William
  12. 12. Carefree - Holly Beth Vincent
  13. 13. Love Knows No Borders - Giant Sand
  14. 14. Under The Waves (Live Studio Recording) - Pete Droge
  15. 15. Hastings-On-Hudson (Summer 2000) - Mark Kozelek