New Releases For July 10, 2015

Winter Woods

Vardan - Winter Woods

The New Epoch Of Black Metal = Vardan

Vardan stands at the forefront of the modern Black Metal/Blackdoom/Atmospheric scene. Breaking expectations, bending boundaries, destroying the norm… treading new ground for the entire Black Metal genre… while all the way forging a new path that is uniquely Vardan’s. Chronologically the 12th album in the band's vast discography, Winter Woods is a blizzard of chilling misery, like shadows amongst the whiteout gloom.

Vardan creates marvelous icy-cold tunes that are chock-full of atmosphere, A powerful aid to the deep contemplation of your empty, meaningless existence" -

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"Winter Woods - Pt. 2"


  1. 1. Winter Woods - Pt. 1
  2. 2. Winter Woods - Pt. 2
  3. 3. Uroborus Black Circle
  4. 4. Cold Night Of My Soul
  5. 5. The Cry Of Dying Forests

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