New Releases For January 19, 2018

Van William

Van William - Countries

Anchored in his love of melodic song craft and infused with melancholy, Countries, Van William’s vivid and open-hearted solo album, doesn’t belong to any specific style. It’s American heartache, music that stirs up forgotten memories and feels eternal and fresh, pulling the past into the present as a way of navigating loss. An enthralling debut, Countries signals the arrival of a gifted young artist on the rise. Features “Revolution” (featuring First Aid Kit), “Before I Found You,” “Cosmic Sign” and more. Available on CD, Digital and Blue Vinyl. Worldwide tour with First Aid Kit: Jan-March, 2018.

“Debut Folk-Rock Stunner” – UPROXX

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"Revolution (Featuring First Aid Kit)"


  1. 1. Before I Found You
  2. 2. Revolution (Featuring First Aid Kit)
  3. 3. Fourth Of July
  4. 4. The Country
  5. 5. Don’t Take My Love
  6. 6. Never Had Enough Of You
  7. 7. The Middle
  8. 8. Skyward
  9. 9. You’ll Be On My Mind
  10. 10. Cosmic Sign
  11. 11. Taking Love