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Unified Highway
Unified Highway

Unified Highway - Unified Highway

In 2014, Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany invited producer Amp Live to formally record together. For the first time, the musicians found themselves in a studio environment with no distractions and a singular focus. Now, their paths - along with a myriad of musical genres riding shotgun - intersect in Unified Highway. The duo’s self-titled debut explores this intersection via a fascinating fusion of reggae, electronic, hip-hop, alternative, and soul siphoned into unforgettable songs.

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"My Space"


  1. 1. The Beginning
  2. 2. Unified
  3. 3. My Space
  4. 4. Distraction (Featuring Garrett Douglas)
  5. 5. Stand Proud (Featuring Shana Halligan, Tahir Panton & Keznamdi)
  6. 6. Cuatro Veinte
  7. 7. My Only (Featuring Busy Signal)
  8. 8. Rainy Day In Autumn
  9. 9. Same Thing Coming (Featuring Zion I & The Grouch)
  10. 10. Losing My Religion
  11. 11. We Can’t Fall (Featuring Courtney Panton Jr.)
  12. 12. Never The Same (Featuring Sophia Scott)
  13. 13. Highway