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Unhuman Disease
Glorification Of Satanas (Reissue)

Unhuman Disease - Glorification Of Satanas (Reissue)

Over the span of 17 years and seven albums, Native American black metal institution Unhuman Disease have earned the status of US metal royalty. The band’s long out of print sixth album, Glorification Of Satanas, receives a well overdue reissue featuring new cover art and an exclusive bonus track. It is one of a series of reissues to be unleashed through 2021 and will also include both of 2009’s Into Satan's Kingdom and Black Creations Of Satan. Unhuman Disease will also release their highly anticipated new album And The Ritual Fire Still Burns... in May of 2021.

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"Horde Of The Goat"


  1. 1. Glorifier Of Satanas
  2. 2. Unto The Father A Sacrifice
  3. 3. Thy Infernal Pact
  4. 4. Devilworshipping Black Metal
  5. 5. Beyond The Flames Of His Kingdom
  6. 6. Destruction Of Holy Lands
  7. 7. Diabolic Holocaust
  8. 8. Horde Of The Goat
  9. 9. Black Cold Hate
  10. 10. Under Satan's Command
  11. 11. The Serpent’s Eyes (Bonus Track)

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