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Unhuman Disease
Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo (Reissue)

Unhuman Disease - Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo (Reissue)

Over the span of 17 years and seven albums, Native American black metal institution Unhuman Disease have earned the status of US metal royalty. This is the reissue of the long out of print black metal masterpiece, Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo, which has been unavailable since 2012. In anticipation of the band’s February 2021 release, The Ritual Fire Still Burns, this is the first in a series of reissues to be unleashed through 2021, and which includes 2009’s Into Satan's Kingdom, Black Creations Of Satan, and 2013’s Glorification Of Satanas.

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"Doctrine Of The Black Arts"


  1. 1. Perverse Invocation Of Demons
  2. 2. Darkest Night
  3. 3. The Sinister Calling
  4. 4. Temple Of Beleth
  5. 5. Doctrine Of The Black Arts
  6. 6. Black Coffin Curse
  7. 7. Ruins Of Bone And Ash
  8. 8. Void Of The Reborn
  9. 9. Down To The Altars...Of Hell
  10. 10. Senza Vita
  11. 11. Perverse Invocation Of Death

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